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MOUNT & Emdey Bring "Venus" Into 2020

May 11, 2020
MOUNT & Emdey Bring "Venus" Into 2020
Austrian and German producers MOUNT and Emdey join us for an in-depth look into their collaboration “Venus,” a remake of a classic. The guys share the story of how they came to work together, which resulted in a massive track and is sure to see the duo return for future tracks. 
Hey guys, thanks for joining us today. Can you please introduce yourselves? How long have you been working as DJs/producers and what have the evolutions of your careers been like to this point? 
MOUNT: Hey guys, I’m Patrick Falkner a.k.a. MOUNT and I come from the beautiful countryside of Tirol, Austria. At the age of 13, my father gave me an e-guitar as a gift and I’ve been making music ever since. Professionally, I’ve been producing music for around 8 years and DJing live for over 5 years. 
From age 13 to 17, I was playing in different punk bands and learned a lot during that time. I moved to Vienna when I was 22 and met a producer there, who taught me a lot about music production. I was really into this whole “producing thing.” Fast forward to 2015, after years of practicing I released my first record called “Something Good.” The song went viral really fast on SoundCloud and later on Spotify. From there, I’ve continued making music and produced remixes for great artists like Broods, M83 and Tom Odell, to name a few. This year, after connecting with Marvin (Emdey) I was really hyped for his idea to cover “Venus,” so we started working on this song together. 
Emdey: Heyho my name is Marvin Dörsam and I am from Hanover in Germany. I’ve been working as a DJ and Producer for more than 15 years now. I started making music when I was 12 years old. Growing up I was always keen to learn about music and I have played multiple instruments, mostly keyboard. 
I had my first remix release at the age of 17 out on Ministry of Sound. FUN FACT: My mother negotiated for me and had to sign the contract as I was 17 and not of legal age to enter into contracts. 
I’ve been producing music and DJing under a few different names, and most of you may know me under MD Electro. We signed the project in 2016 to Armin van Buuren’s renowned label, Armada Music. Over the years, I’ve continued producing and growing under MD Electro – with a lot of remixes and singles on different labels including Sony, Discowax, Warner Music and Polydor. Now in 2020, I’ve decided that the time is right to start a new chapter and also change my artist name to Emdey. I felt that MD Electro didn’t really fit my brand anymore as my sound has continued to evolve and I’m now focusing more on pop / house music.
When did you first meet, and how did you come together to work on “Venus”? 
MOUNT: We met online and really liked each other’s music. I really liked his record “Prima Ballerina,” so I just wrote him a message on Facebook and asked if he would be interested in working together. Marvin replied immediately and thanked me for the message. 
Emdey: Yeah ha, I told him that I really like his music and actually discovered him on the radio a few years ago. “Something Good” is still one of my favourite tracks and I often play it in my live shows. We got on very well, so I decided to tell him about my idea to cover “Venus” and sent him a really really rough demo. Patrick took a listen and just said “It’s great. Let’s start working!”
What was the inspiration for this track? Did you learn anything from each other as you worked on this track together? 
Emdey: My friend and manager Shaun Bate sent me a Karaoke version of “Venus” three years ago and said, “Why don’t you try to cover this track, it could work.” To be honest, I had no clue how I could transform this track into a dance song, so the idea was laying around for a very long time. After two years I tried it again but still with no satisfying results. For me, the song only really came together after working with Patrick on it.
MOUNT: Sometimes you need a different view on a project and it’s best to leave it there for now. It’s a good thing that we worked together on this song. We complemented each other very well, I’m more the “musician” and Marvin is more the technical enthusiast when it comes to music production. So, we learned quite a lot from each other. 
How would you describe your overall style as an artist? How would you describe your approach to DJ sets? 
MOUNT: Generally, I like every kind of electronic music, but mostly I’m into deep house and house music and this is what I am also playing in my DJ sets.
Emdey: Yeah me too, I like every genre of electronic music. Sometimes I get my influences through drum n’ bass, sometimes through techno or trance, but as a DJ I tend to play future house, tropical house, deep house and a bit of techno. To be honest, I can’t quite define the exact style of Emdey yet, but if I had to, at this stage… I would say Emdey is a mix of pop, UK house and tropical house. 
For each of you, what was one of the best shows you've attended and what made it so special? 
MOUNT: Ah that’s easy :) One of my first shows in 2016. It was in El Guna in Egypt and the special thing about it was: It was one of my first pool party shows and soooo far away from home, a country in another continent I’ve never been before. Great experience.
Emdey: For me, one of the best shows I’ve attended was definitely the Donauinselfest 2016 in Vienna. It was on an Island in the middle of Vienna and there were so many people. Around 15,000 people just in front of the stage on this island and pure summer feelings. It was just great! 
Do you guys have any upcoming music that you can tell us about? 
MOUNT: We’re working on a bunch of new tracks at the moment and you can definitely be excited for upcoming songs in the near future. We have planned a club mix for “Venus” which will be released very soon. And my next single is almost finished. For now, we wanna focus on “Venus” and the promotion for the record. Since “Venus” was our first project together and we had never worked in this capacity before, we hadn’t really thought about how we would proceed. Since we complemented each other very well, we will definitely continue working together.
Emdey: There’s nothing more to say, AGREE!
What are some of the next goals and objectives as an artist as you look further into 2020 and beyond?
MOUNT: I want to try to reach more and more people with my music, continue releasing new music and of course having fun making music and playing cool gigs in the future.
Emdey: My next goals are to release tons of new music, grow my fanbase while making them smile, and of course always move forward and progress musically as a DJ and producer. 
Obviously times are pretty tough right now, but is there anything that has you excited for the months ahead? 
MOUNT: We’re looking forward to a time after COVID-19 for sure! We really miss partying with friends and fans or eating in our favourite restaurants. Also, we’re excited to finally meet in the studio and make music together once the travel restrictions are over. I already booked a flight to Berlin to meet Marvin but it got canceled a few days before the lockdown. So, we’re sticking to Skype producing sessions for now. We hope the restrictions will be over very soon and looking into a great future. 
Connect with MOUNT: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with Emdey: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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