On The Rise: VILDA

Jul 22, 2019
On The Rise: VILDA
Belgian producer and DJ VILDA has burst onto the scene in 2019 with a flurry of releases on French indie imprint Sidekick Music. With four big tracks out already, there was no better time to sit down with Bastian for his first interview! Get an inside look at his musical background and influences, productions, future plans, and much more!
Bastian, thanks for joining us today, we’re really excited to catch up with you! Can you introduce yourself and your project for those who may not be familiar? How long have you been producing music and what was the impetus to start releasing music as VILDA this year?
Hi guys, thanks for having me today! I’m excited too since this is my first interview, so glad to do it with you guys!!

My name is Bastian, I turned 30 a few months ago (sigh), I’m from Belgium and I’ve been making music since I was a kid but got seriously into it a few years ago under the VILDA alias. I always felt I had to take my time to shape my music until it reflected exactly what I want it to be. I finally decided that the time was now and so you’re hearing the releases today!
You’ve put together a very impressive string of releases in 2019. What have been a few highlight achievements of those for you?
What an amazing feeling to receive so much feedback from friends, artists and industry professionals! Hearing your track supported on the radio by producers I look up to like Lost Frequencies, Bingo Players, and Tritonal was completely new to me and it felt really great. Honestly, that already enlightened 2019 for me.
“We Own The Night” is your new single and it’s already picking up some nice momentum! Take us through the production of the track going from initial inspiration/sketch to final tweaks. What’s your favorite element in the production?
Usually I start by playing some keys and chords, then build up around it. Once the music makes sense to my ears, I’ll try to identify and make the most of a certain feeling or emotion. Trying out different rhythms and layers of sounds, synths or messing with samples, and end with the whole song structure. If I’ve done right, the song title and what you feel listening to it should make perfect sense.
How do you feel that “We Own The Night” represents your sound and the direction that we can expect your music to head in the future?
To me music has always been feelings without the use of words, i.e most of my music is instrumental. I always loved melodies that take you somewhere else – it’s a body thing, a soul thing. I don’t think any other description represents my music more than that – enjoy a drink, have fun and dance like nobody's watching.
Classic scenario with “We Own The Night,” I really loved the contrast from the guitar that gives some kind of summer sunset feeling before the synths drop and lets you into the night, your night.
I like to get out of my comfort zone, exploring new things in music, but that is definitely the core direction that you can expect in the future!
You’ve been releasing a lot with the French indie imprint Sidekick. What do you like most about working with the label and what makes them the right fit for you and your music?
I think it’s really simple – they are as passionate about music as I am. The first time I met them, I immediately felt that we were connected and had the same vision about music. Let’s not also forget that music is also a business, and their way of seeing things and their professionalism in that matter was really what made me definitely say that if I want to grow in this industry, it will be with them.
Talk to us about your Belgian roots and how the music scene there has influenced your career so far. 
Belgium is of course a lot more than chocolate, fries and beer, but it is also a complex country, with three official languages and as many cultural influences. To me that’s what makes the richness of it, it’s the reason Belgium has a great dance music culture and history.
One famous example would be Belgium New Beat influence on techno, but also you can see Belgian influence in the more recent harder styles or electro scene with great DJs, producers, and festivals who put Belgium on the map worldwide. Those have all influenced the way that I see music and how I create it.
Who are a few other artists you are drawing inspiration from currently and why?
I get inspired by a lot of artists, emerging or already well implanted, some for their unique style, others for their productions skills. So it’s difficult to just name a few, but if I have to pick a few: Axwell, The Shapeshifters, Mark Knight, Calippo, Fabich, Arno Cost, CID and Don Diablo.
Do you hope to turn this project into a touring DJ project as well?
I’ve always considered myself more as a producer than a DJ, nevertheless if in the future I can share my love for music and have a great time with people at parties, then it’s a big yes!
I remember DJing at Daydream Festival in Belgium which was a great feeling and lined up next is Sidekick Music Label Night in South France, next October. 
Can you share a few goals for the VILDA project you’d like to achieve over the next year?
My goal for the next year would be to confirm the unexpected start of this year – more music and sure enough work with other artists to share and blend our vision to get something new out of it.
And lastly, in the immediate future, what can we expect from VILDA in the second half of the summer?
I have a lot of tracks in the pipeline which I can’t wait to share with all of you! Especially my first collaboration with a very talented singer that you can expect after the summer.
You can buy/stream your copy of VILDA - "We Own The Night" on your platform of choice today. https://smarturl.it/vilownthenight
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