Drunken Kong Discuss Landmark High In Japan Stream

Oct 08, 2020
Drunken Kong Discuss Landmark High In Japan Stream
On Tuesday we were proud to bring you a breathtaking Drunken Kong live stream for the High In Japan series. Shot at the Hill Of The Buddha on the island of Hokkaido, the famous landmark provided an incredible atmosphere for techno stars Drunken Kong to deliver a cinematic set. The Buddhist shrine is a 44 foot statue surrounded by a man-made rotunda covered in 150,000 lavender plants, and we were excited to chat with Drunken Kong about how their surroundings impacted their track selection. Read on to get an inside look at their experience, favorite tracks, and more!
Dee, Kyoko, thanks for joining us today to celebrate your incredible set from Hill Of The Buddha in Hokkaido. 
Thank you so much for having us today. Happy to know you enjoyed our set.  
Does the location hold any special significance to you? How did you decide to record the set there?
To be honest, we never knew about this location until we had the opportunity to do the stream here with High In Japan. Although we never knew about this place, we had always been a big fan of Tadao Ando, a legendary architect here in Japan. His works have always been amazing with a great balance of creativity and modern touch.  
Tell us some more about the inspiration that the setting provided to you during your set and how that was reflected in your music selection.
Our music selection was totally different from our usual sets. We chose tracks that were less aggressive in style and focused more on tracks that had a smooth flow. We felt this worked well with the location.  
Can you compare and contrast playing a DJ set for a crowd versus in an empty historical landmark? Peak time driving techno in the daytime by itself can be hard to pull off ;)
It was a completely different experience. We always had the image of the statue of the Buddha while we were selecting the tracks for this set. We couldn't play many of the tracks that we would play for a crowd, it just didn't match the energy of the location. Our concept here was something easier on the listening side and something with a smooth flow.  
Can you highlight three tracks included in the set and why they stand out to you?
Blaktone - “Last Train” (Ambient Mix). This track’s vocal was something that stood out for us and matched perfectly with the location.
Shaun Moses - “Weird Pleasures.” We have been a big fan of Shaun Moses’s work and this one is one of our favorites!
Drunken Kong - “Certain Reason” (Christian Smith Remix). This remix is simply awesome! Christian took the original feel of the track and created a driving powerful version. This track is one of our favorites this year!!  
What did it mean to you to start on this historic project from the High In Japan team?
It was a great honor for us to be involved in this project. We have always wanted to do a DJ set in a very Japanese setting to show the world the real beauty of Japan and this project was the perfect opportunity for this. Playing under the statue of Buddha is something we always wanted to do someday. 
How have you been handling this period of COVID? What have been some of your other highlights during this time? Do you have any advice for other artists out there?
Well to be honest, we haven’t had many highlights during the COVID period since there wasn't much going on, but we are happy that we were able to do some great streams for Tronic. The Tronic 25th Anniversary Stream with Beatport was definitely one that stood out for us and we were very happy with the reaction. This stream that we did for High in Japan will also be a highlight for us! Very rare to do a stream in a special location like this!

For advice, I guess the best thing now is to hang in there, be positive, and try to do the best given the situaiton. Doing DJ mixes/podcasts, live streams and releasing music. These are the things that we can still contribute to the current global scene. 
What direction do you see techno – as a whole genre as well as your own sound – heading in the future in the absence of consistent gigs? 
Definitely techno is changing. The tempo of tracks are definitely increasing and we are seeing a lot of old trance and hard house style being incorporated. For us, it gets a bit too much when it's overdone, it starts to sound similar between artists since many of them use the same synth sound. Technology is moving forward which means there can be more possibilities and originality to a sound. We always try our best to focus on being different and unique.  
Over the past several months, there have been loads of standout remixes for your originals. Do you have a favorite remix?
Thank you so much. We are very happy about the remixes. It’s hard to pick a favorite since each remix has their own style and energy. The Secret Cinema remix of our track “The Tree” really stood out for us since we really liked the original version. For us, it was something that was touching and beautiful and Secret Cinema did his magic in recreating this in his own unique way. This really inspired us.  
Anything else that you’d like to share?
We have some more releases coming up. First, on October 12th, we have a remix coming out on Tronic. We did a remix for a Detroit influenced track by Jules Wells & Mason Rubinstein. We also have a remix that we did for Ken Ishii which is scheduled to be out in November. Be sure to check these out!! 
Make sure you follow High In Japan on YouTube and watch out for their next steam featuring Ken Ishi! 
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Full tracklist info available at Drunken Kong @ High In Japan Hill of the Buddha, Sapporo, Mixmag 2020-10-06
Blaktone - Last Train (Ambient Mix) [SINCOPAT]
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Shaun Moses - Weird Pleasures [OCTOPUS BLACK]
vilgotlava (45.1k)
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Drunken Kong - Message
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Drunken Kong - Certain Reason (Christian Smith Remix) [TRONIC]
vilgotlava (45.1k)
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Ken Ishii - Bionic Jellyfish (Drunken Kong Remix)
vilgotlava (45.1k)
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Desna - Jugar (SUDO Remix) [SET ABOUT]
vilgotlava (45.1k)
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Noir - Autophagy [NOIR]
vilgotlava (45.1k)
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Drunken Kong - Where We Start [TRONIC]
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Drunken Kong - The Tree (Secret Cinema Remix) [TRONIC]
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