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Apr 16, 2020

Vintage Culture's On A Roll [Exclusive Mix + Interview]

During this trying time worldwide, you would be hard pressed to find a DJ putting out more content than Vintage Culture. Championing his craft, he’s delivered near daily live sets from locations all around his home to keep fans worldwide entertained with spirits high and keeping safe at home. His roll doesn’t just stop there as on the production front, he’s finding more inspiration then ever during this time. With loads of exciting IDs appearing in his sets and a release schedule lined up already through 2021, there was loads to discuss in our interview!
Lukas, thanks for joining us amid quite a tumultuous time. It’s easy to see that you are one of the most active artists showcasing your DJ skills with a diverse range of sets for your Digital Week episodes. Talk to us some more about the output of sets that you’re able to deliver and the inspiration behind the series.
The world has been thrown into a very difficult situation; something we've never seen in our lifetime and hopefully won't ever see again. My hope is to display to friends and fans that we are in this together. If I may provide some entertainment and encouragement while we go through this, I'm happy to try. It's also important to keep my fans safe. If I can encourage them to stay at home by watching a new performance, I'm going to do that.
Your sets have featured a range of locations in and around the house. Have any been particularly fun for you? How are you finding the location influencing your track selection for the sets?
Keeping a sense of humor now is a challenge. So I've done one DJ set from the kitchen while cooking dinner, another DJ set in the backyard with only my dog, Bentin, in the audience.
Other new DJ sets are focused on my upcoming material – including a 10 hour live YouTube set last week.
Looking deeper at those sets as well as your 1001Tracklists Exclusive Mix and Digital Festival set, what are three must play tracks or artists in those sets and why?
I'm very proud of my recent release "Slow Down" with upcoming Brazilian producer, Slow Motion. We remixed the song "Slow Down" together and the reaction is amazing. "Slow Down" streamed over 250,000 on the first night. Now we are over 1 million streams in a few days. The vocal performances by Maverick Sabre & Jorja Smith are soulful and smooth. "Slow Down" is truly a step forward in my productions.
I'm also proud of my work with Adam K.  We've released three very strong tracks together: "Pour Over," "Save Me," and "Deep Inside Of Me." As a collaborator, Adam K pushes me to do my very best and to keep growing, musically. With Adam I've done some of my best work and I look forward to more great music with him this year.
The third to highlight would be "In The Dark," a song that I produced together with Fancy Inc. This song reached number #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Charts in the USA. In March, "In The Dark" was certified Double Platinum in Brazil. I'm currently producing a new song with Fancy Inc with the same vocalist, George Morgan. Definitely watch out for Fancy Inc in 2020!
As you mentioned, you’ve just released your remix of “Slow Down.” Talk to us some more about that. What elements of the original did you want to preserve and how do you feel you’ve made the track your own?
It was essential that we kept the spirit and the vibe of these amazing vocals by Maverick Sabre & Jorja Smith. Their performances are soulful and emotional. We wanted to make the music to keep fans moving while listening to these singers. We spent a lot of time working on the perfect groove for these vocals. We needed to build a rhythm track which would complement the vocals, without distracting from their performances.
What can you share with us about the rest of the 2020 release schedule? There are a lot of fresh IDs coming from you in the mixes and we caught the new Fancy Inc collab!
My release schedule from April 2020 to February 2021 is almost completely full. Seriously.
Surprisingly, this has been one of the most creative times of my life. I'm working with outstanding songwriters from around the world (online and virtually of course). Each day I feel like I'm getting closer to my true sound.
As the current situation of the music industry continues to escalate, what’s your perspective on how to tackle the forthcoming months as an artist/producer? Do you have any advice for all of the creators at home? 
My advice would be, do whatever it takes to survive this. Be humble, there is strength in humility. Be strong, when this is over, you will be closer to achieving your goals. Be kind, not everyone has the same advantages as you do. Remember, everyone is going through their own pain. Someday this will be over, be proud of yourself when we make it through this.
As we look ahead, what is keeping you excited on a daily basis and is there any particular date on your calendar that you’re looking forward to?
On a daily basis, what keeps me excited is trying to help the people in my community, in my town, in my city. I'm taking all of my energy and strength to help the people around me. Everyday doctors and nurses go to their hospitals and risk their lives. Each day people go without water and food. What inspires me now, is to help the same people who have helped me.
A big step for me was to work with my partners at the festival So Track Boa as a platform for a fundraising campaign. We've raised over 600,000 R$ for those most at risk to the pandemic. Those who sometimes don’t even have a house or food to live in, and live in shelters or in the streets. They are the focus of the campaign that we named as So Track Doa.
You can buy/stream Vintage Culture's remix of "Slow Down" on your platform of choice today! https://spinninrecords.com/releases/slow-down-feat-jorja-smith-vintage-culture-slow-motion-remix
You can find more information on the So Track Doa charity here: https://www.kickante.com.br/campanhas/so-track-doa
Connect with Vintage Culture: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
short link 1001.tl/8qkw5u
This tracklist contains identical tracklist(s) (parts)
Rompasso Paradise (Vintage Culture Remix) Artwork
Rompasso - Paradise (Vintage Culture Remix) SPINNIN'
30 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Duke Dumont The Power (Vintage Culture & Volkoder Remix) Artwork
Duke Dumont ft. Zak Abel - The Power (Vintage Culture & Volkoder Remix) EMI
63 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber vs. Local Dialect & Gorgon City - Bad Poseidon Guy (Claptone Edit) REALM / INTERSCOPE
17 Maiconnm (7.4k)
Local Dialect Poseidon (Gorgon City Remix) Artwork
Local Dialect - Poseidon (Gorgon City Remix) REALM
Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber bad guy Artwork
Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber - bad guy INTERSCOPE
Purple Disco Machine My House Artwork
Purple Disco Machine - My House OFF REC.
77 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Marie Davidson Work It (Soulwax Remix) Artwork
Marie Davidson - Work It (Soulwax Remix) NINJA
253 vilgotlava (60.7k)
ALT-J Breezeblocks (Tinlicker Remix) Artwork
ALT-J - Breezeblocks (Tinlicker Remix) ANJUNABEATS
93 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Mont Blvck Letting Go (Franky Rizardo Remix) Artwork
Mont Blvck - Letting Go (Franky Rizardo Remix) GARI
23 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Emanuel Satie vs. Roberto Rodriguez Ride Your Body (Sabb Afterdark Mix) Artwork
Emanuel Satie vs. Roberto Rodriguez ft. Max'C - Ride Your Body (Sabb Afterdark Mix) COMPOST / DFTD
57 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Roberto Rodriguez Ride With Me Artwork
Roberto Rodriguez ft. Max'C - Ride With Me COMPOST
Emanuel Satie Your Body Artwork
Emanuel Satie - Your Body DFTD (DEFECTED)
Vintage Culture & Adam K Save Me (JØRD Remix) Artwork
Vintage Culture & Adam K ft. MKLA - Save Me (JØRD Remix) SPINNIN'
23 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Vintage Culture & Bruno Be Human (Bruno Be Edit) Artwork
Vintage Culture & Bruno Be ft. Manimal - Human (Bruno Be Edit) SONY
10 jocanog (767)
Vintage Culture & KRIEGER Need U Artwork
Vintage Culture & KRIEGER - Need U FREE
18 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Vintage Culture & Adam K Deep Inside Of Me Artwork
Vintage Culture & Adam K ft. MKLA - Deep Inside Of Me SPINNIN'
83 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Cassian Magical (Cassian Remix) Artwork
Cassian ft. Zolly - Magical (Cassian Remix) ROSE AVENUE
25 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Mihai Popoviciu The Swindle Artwork
Mihai Popoviciu - The Swindle POKER FLAT
22 vilgotlava (60.7k)
ATFC No Victim Song Artwork
ATFC ft. Hannah Williams - No Victim Song DEFECTED
34 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Ntjam Rosie Sailing Out (Slow Motion & Gabe Remix) Artwork
Ntjam Rosie - Sailing Out (Slow Motion & Gabe Remix) SPINNIN' DEEP
26 CooleMusik1 (1.2k)
Vintage Culture - ID
1 Guest
Pre-Save 1
Vintage Culture & Adam K Pour Over Artwork
Vintage Culture & Adam K - Pour Over (Acappella) SPINNIN'
23 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Save 1
Pre-Save 1
Gabe Joker (Vintage Culture Remix) Artwork
Gabe - Joker (Vintage Culture Remix) REPOPULATE MARS
7 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Save 1
Maverick Sabre Slow Down (Vintage Culture & Slow Motion Remix) Artwork
Maverick Sabre ft. Jorja Smith - Slow Down (Vintage Culture & Slow Motion Remix) SPINNIN' DEEP
361 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Save 1
Lipps, inc. Funky Town (JØRD Remix) Artwork
Lipps, inc. - FunkyTown (JØRD Remix)
6 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Pre-Save 1
Felguk Work That Body Artwork
Felguk - Work That Body (Acappella) SPRS (SPINNIN')
94 sndvl (65.3k)
Save 1
Vintage Culture & Rooftime I Will Find (Make U Sweat & Fabio Serra Remix) Artwork
Vintage Culture & Rooftime - I Will Find (Make U Sweat & Fabio Serra Remix) SPINNIN' REMIXES
15 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Save 1
Vintage Culture Bros Artwork
Vintage Culture - Bros SPINNIN'
70 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Save 1
Nytron & Lucas Arr Shotgun Bass (Vintage Culture Remix) Artwork
Nytron & Lucas Arr - Shotgun Bass (Vintage Culture Remix) SNIPPET
2 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Save 1
Eddie Amador House Music (Robosonic Remix) Artwork
Eddie Amador - House Music (Robosonic Remix) YOSHITOSHI
88 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Save 1
Beanfield Tides (Carl Craig C's Movement Number 1) Artwork
Beanfield ft. Bajka - Tides (Carl Craig C's Movement Number 1) COMPOST
18 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Save 1
Tiësto & Vintage Culture Coffee (Give Me Something) Artwork
Tiësto & Vintage Culture - Coffee (Give Me Something) MUSICAL FREEDOM
276 jocanog (767)
Save 1
Vintage Culture & Fancy Inc In The Dark Artwork
Vintage Culture & Fancy Inc - In The Dark SPINNIN'
208 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Save 1
Vintage Culture, FractaLL & Rocksted Super Bowser Artwork
Vintage Culture, FractaLL & Rocksted - Super Bowser SELF RELEASED
12 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Save 1
BONDI Caught In Between (Vintage Culture & Gabe Remix) Artwork
BONDI - Caught In Between (Vintage Culture & Gabe Remix) SELF RELEASED
23 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Save 1
Vintage Culture & Gabe Creep Artwork
Vintage Culture & Gabe ft. Bondi - Creep PIRATE WOLF RECORDS
16 vilgotlava (60.7k)
Save 1
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