MR.BLACK Talks New Music & KSHMR Collab

Nov 27, 2017
MR.BLACK Talks New Music & KSHMR Collab
MR.BLACK has been on a roll in 2017, moving from strength to strength across his productions. He’s found a magic combination bringing his psy trance roots to electro, big room and progressive house. His just released remix of Tiësto and Sevenn’s “Boom” is a perfect example and the remix has seen loads of festival plays, insane stream numbers and sits at the top of the Beatport Big Room chart. He’s built smartly on the momentum of his heavily supported Revealed release “Hu Ha” and has fresh material in the works with one of those supporting artists, KSHMR. The two have an ID floating around the site and just this past weekend they were in the studio together in Israel. With so much excitement around his productions, there was no better time to catch up with MR.BLACK.
What did you think of “Boom” when you first heard it and what made you want to remix it?
The first time I heard “Boom” was like love at first sight. It gave me this feeling that you’re hearing something good and fresh and I immediately wanted to play the track at my shows and in my sets. With that said the track needed slightly more energy to fit perfectly in my sets, so I decided to give my remix this more mainstage feeling while maintaining the magic of the original and I’m super happy with the result.

You began to touch on this, but could you expand on what elements of the original you wanted to preserve and how you feel you’ve made the track your own?
The combination of both the vocal alongside the bassline was the motif I needed to crack in the track. The original is super groovy so I wanted to combine a different groove in each drop with a different energy. In the break I’ve tried to maintain the magic of the buildup as it was very festival-oriented and just to change the melody into something more energetic.

How has the track been fitting in your DJ sets and what’s the reception been like? Do you have a favorite memory playing it?
The track fits perfectly in my sets. I always try to be versatile during my shows BPM-wise and also mixing between different genres of tracks. Obviously psytrance is a major part in my career as I’ve started (long before the MR.BLACK project) with psytrance, hence this is the reason I’m trying to bring this psy flavor into most of my tracks, whether it’s progressive or electro. One of my favorite memories is when I played a 60,000-person street party in Jerusalem. The reaction was insane and I’ve uploaded it to my Facebook page, the crowd went nuts!

What does returning to release on Musical Freedom and having the support of Tiësto mean to you?
Tiësto is one of the reasons I started making music a long time ago. I’ve been a fan of his work and journey for years now and every time he accepts, supports, or touches one of my creations I get excited all over again!

In both your and KSHMR’s sets, there is an ID collab popping up more and more! What can you tell us about that track and working together with Niles?
It all started when KSHMR started playing my track “Hu Ha” in his shows. Moreover he’s the biggest producer in this genre and he’s an inspiration in general, so it was very flattering to have support from such a monstrous producer. I sent him a message on Twitter thanking him for his support on the record and the rest is history! Working with him was a pleasure, I’ve loved every part he added to the production, and we can’t wait to share the final results with you soon!

Looking deeper into your sets at the moment, who are two must artists?
It’s tough to mention two so I’ll double it up to four – Teamworx, Warriors (my other psytrance project), KSHMR and Tiësto.

What’s on the horizon for MR.BLACK in 2018? What are two goals of yours that you’d like to accomplish next year?
My main goal for 2018 is to get my music heard and exposed to as many listeners as possible! I’ve got some interesting collaborations lined up and I’m trying to develop my style and sound to distinguish myself even more. It’s not an easy task, but it’s not impossible either :)
You can download or stream your copy of MR.Black's “Boom” remix today!
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