PBR Streetgang's Year To Remember

Jun 05, 2018
PBR Streetgang's Year To Remember
PBR Streetgang are enjoying a monumental year! With the release of the Late Night Party album earlier this year on Skint and their first ever BBCR1 Essential Mix under their belts, there was no better time to celebrate with the British duo! Get to know them and their sound in their Spotify takeover and read on to get an inside look at all the excitement!
What’s up guys! How’s 2018 been going for you so far?
What’s up! 2018 has been a really solid year for us, one of our strongest to date. The album obviously dropped at the beginning of the year and recently we’ve managed to remix the likes of Kylie as well as have our first Essential mix – so happy days all round!

Let’s talk about the new album Late Night Party Night on Skint Records, some absolute tunes in there! Tell us more on how the album came to be, and what were some of your favorite moments working on it together?
Thanks! We’d been talking about making an album for a number of years, so when we finally sat down to start the process, there was almost this frenzy/release of instant writing that flowed. I think we were totally ready for it, both of us probably had a bank of subconsciously stored up ideas so the timing was perfect! We made the majority of it in a five to six-week period. Bouncing off one another with nothing particularly over-thought, it was all pretty organic and fun.

You guys have collectively worked with some pretty legendary acts before, like X-Press 2 and most recently Ron Basejam a.k.a. Jim Baron from Crazy P. How does it feel chalking up your success alongside such accomplished artists?
It’s great, obviously! You strive to try and work with the people you respect, your heroes – that’s the dream. As you mentioned, we’ve been really lucky over the years to work with Xpress 2 and Jim from Crazy P. Dani Moore and Mattie Safer who featured on the album are also both amazing. More recently we remixed Kylie which was pretty surreal, and a few years ago the same with Bryan Ferry – the tick list box is starting to fill up nicely!

Love the fact that your music has such a wide range of styles, from ambient to funk to techier cuts. What inspires you to create such a diverse range of music as opposed to sticking with a specific sound like most producers these days?
Thank you... I guess that’s just our style. We both listen and collect a wide range of music. That eclectic characteristic is apparent when we’re playing, we like to chop and change, flow into different styles – it’s what we’ve always done. So you could say making music is really just an extension of that and us.

You both have also been throwing some epic parties under Lost Property. What inspired you to start with Lost Property and what are some upcoming plans for the concept?
We followed an ‘old school’ path which entails putting on parties, being a resident, and working your way up the ladder (so to speak) – so putting on parties is very much part of our past. We spent a number of years promoting events in Leeds, which has a rich heritage of club culture and we still enjoy that side of things! Lost Property is also the name of an under the radar vinyl label we are connected to. We also use it as a brand for parties, whereby we take over smaller venues to either play all night or invite friends to play alongside us. We dress out the space in a New York ‘Loft Party’ style with balloons, mirrors balls, and install a rotary mixer. The next one will be in Leeds on Saturday, the 29th of September.

What have been some of the biggest highlights and proudest moments in your career?
Hard to pick but here it goes… releasing our first record on Red Music many moons ago; closing Space terrace Ibiza for the ‘We Love’ closing party in 2014; remixing Kylie; and managing to keep up running our ‘Asylum’ brand for 10 years!

And finally, what else of recent has you excited?
Well we just dropped our remix of Kylie, and we just had a massive Paul Woolford remix from one of the tracks from the album, "Montu," and an Essential mix – so we're going strong!
You can buy or stream your copy of PBR Streetgang's remix of Kylie Minogue - "Stop Me From Falling" here!!
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 #Artist - Title (Remix)
Full tracklist info available at PBR Streetgang - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix 2018-05-26
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Loom [A&M]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
2x 0x 0x
Jimi After - Wild Billy [THRONE OF BLOOD]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
1x 0x 2x
In Flagranti - In The Silver White Box [GOMMA]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
1x 0x 1x
Sapho - Carmel [DJ HISTORY]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
Bottin - Discocracy (Hannulelauri Remix) [ESKIMO]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
Force Of Nature - Sequencer [MULE MUSIQ]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
Bernard Fevre - Restless (Bonar Bradberry Remix) [LOST PROPERTY]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
Knight Action - R-Trax (Special Mix) [LET'S DANCE]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
No Smoke - Koro Koro [WARRIORS DANCE]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
6x 0x 0x
The Revenge - Voodoo Cocktail [ROAR GROOVE]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
2x 0x 1x
Kramer Dashwood - What Has Been Joined By God' (Ron Hardy Ghost Mix) [PGH]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
Melé - Larry's Beat [UTTU]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
6x 0x 0x
Todd Terry pres. Swan Lake - Don't Stop (No Pares) (Tee Re-edit) [INHOUSE]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
Artist Deleted - Track Deleted (Vyvyan Remix) [ME ME ME]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
2x 0x 1x
PBR Streetgang ft. Matty Safer - Everything Changes (Tuff City Kids Acid Remix) [SKINT]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
4x 0x 0x
Tornado Wallace ft. Sui Zhen - Today (I:Cube Aujord'hui Beats) [RUNNING BACK]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
2x 0x 0x
Joe Zawinul - The Harvest (Joaquin Bayara Citizens Versions) [SACRED RHYTHM MUSIC]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
Cratebug - Acid Train [CRATEBUG EDITS]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
AB/DC - This Feelin' (Man Power Remix) [SOUTHERN FRIED]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
Sparks - Tryouts For The Human Race (Gavin Herlihy Bootleg Edit) [VIRGIN]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
Spencer Parker - Shape Fascination (DJ Deep Dub) [WORK THEM]
Selecta (23.2k)
3x 0x 1x
PBR Streetgang ft. Ron Basejam - Montu (Paul Woolford Remix) [SKINT]
muke (7.8k)
4x 0x 1x
Prince - Positivity [PAISLEY PARK]
Pjanoo (408.1k)
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