Botnek Bring Together All Styles Of House

Nov 06, 2017
Botnek Bring Together All Styles Of House
Always witty, honest, and informative, it was a pleasure to catch up with Botnek as the guys celebrate their latest releases “Inside The Groove” and “Freaky.” The duo take us inside their influences and inspirations as their music has become a refreshing blend of all styles of house music.
Both of your most recent productions seem rooted in all styles of house music, combining elements of bass, future and tech house. Can you talk about creating your own unique sound that incorporates aspects of each?
I think we’re just inspired by a lot of different styles right now and trying all kinds of ideas. We don’t sit down to make a tune with a plan to blend sounds, but I guess we’re just becoming the sum of all the influences we have right now.
Who are some artists you are looking at for inspiration? Are there any reference tracks that stand out in your mind?
We both are really feeling the groovier bass house stuff that’s been coming out lately. Confession Records’ newest compilation is incredible, as well as a lot of what Box Of Cats and This Ain't Bristol are putting out. Been really feeling the DJ Kicks series as well. Lone and Daniel Avery DJ Kicks in particular.
“Inside The Groove” features some fittingly weirder sounds, so can you talk about how the track came to be?
There’s a main synth lead that comes in halfway through that’s super super weird and sounds like some sort of circus music, but I think the anchor of the tune is that vocal. One day I (Gordon) was jogging to a mix and just started saying that line in my head over and over for whatever reason. I got back and we made the demo and it was just one of those tunes where all of the elements came together in less than an hour and we just didn’t overthink it at all.
While “Inside The Groove” keeps the shoulders and hips moving, “Freaky” really seems like it could destroy late night dancefloors. Was that a part of the initial vision for the track?
So that song came together the exact opposite of “Inside The Groove.” At first it was a full on tech house tune, then we added a really techno sounding bassline, then we added the vocal. Then we got rid of everything but the vocal, more and more demos, and finally we found this version that we completely loved for how weird the main bass sound is! Kinda throwback electro house and fidget house vibes that we still love.
Can you talk about how the vocal factored into the production? And if they are your own vocals, do you feel processing your vocals can be a little bit freaky when you hear what they can become ;)?
Haha I see what you did there. Yeah we’ve spent too much time as producers sampling things we couldn’t clear and listening through uninspiring vocal samples, so we just started recording our own. And yeah this vocal for “Freaky” really does sound kinda wild. It was an accident in the effects we were adding and it made us laugh at how weird my (Gordon's) voice now sounds.
Looking into your sets right now, aside from these two tracks, what’s another must play at the moment?
It’s not the newest track, but that Will Clarke “Booty Percolatin'” track always always goes down hard. So damn simple but really really fun to mix in.
Keeping things light in the spirit of you guys and Halloween, what do you think has been your best Halloween costume ever?
Gordon: Hahah ok one year as a little kid I went as a bunch of grapes. My mom just taped a bunch of green balloons all over my body. That costume lasted up until I sat down on a couch and half of them all popped at once and I scared the shit out of myself.
Erick: I think I peaked in primary school as a pumpkin haha.
What’s on the horizon for Botnek as we head from fall into winter?
Right now we’re really inspired with building a catalog of new music, and a world of characters for this exciting new Botnek universe we’re making. We’re also looking to expand that world with our love of craft beers. We’ve started building partnerships with some of our favorite breweries, and looking to throw events and brew beers together. That’s really particularly exciting and can’t really say much more about it right now!
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