May 23, 2017

Bingo Players & Oomloud - "Tic Toc"

Newly formed Dutch mystery duo Oomloud have teamed up with Bingo Players to deliver “Tic Toc,” a punchy electro house track out now on Hysteria Records. With “Bust This” and “No.1 Disco” already solidified as dancefloor hits, “Tic Toc” continues Maarten’s run of big Bingo Players club tracks this year, and the fresh sounds brought to the table by Oomloud are evident. The guys have uniquely have crafted a club record around the clock sample and simple “tic toc” vocal that fits perfectly into Bingo Players sets. We caught up with all of the guys to get a deeper look at the collab and the sounds to expect from Oomloud in the future!
Oomloud, can you guys introduce yourselves and talk a little about your musical background?
OomloudWe have known each other for a long time in this industry when we worked on our own careers, and although we share a passion for house/club music, we never had the opportunity to sit down in the studio. Earlier this year we finally had the chance and from the start the chemistry was there and it has already resulted in eight records, three of which have already been signed.
Maarten, do you remember the first time you heard Oomloud’s music and what caught your attention?
Bingo PlayersYes, the guys came to me with these demos and I was really feeling them! Especially the groove and new sounds was something I was looking for in my sets, because it’s kind of hard to find 4/4 straightforward club records nowadays! This was a breath of fresh air I badly needed.
What led to this collaboration? Maarten, you don’t normally do collabs, so must be something special or significant there?!
Bingo PlayersWell, I was feeling their demos and I wanted to try something together since I’ve known Rutger for such a long time now. It also helps that the guys are living in the same area, so we could meet often.
Can you guys talk a little about the inspiration and production process for “Tic Toc”? How did you decide on the sample and the ticking clock idea?
Oomloud: We had this draft with the clock sample, but we felt there was something missing. Working with Bingo Players opened up ideas that turned out to suit the project perfectly.
Bingo Players: When I heard their breakdown, which already had the clock in it, I thought: this needs a vocal like the “tic toc you don’t stop” line from Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh.
Maarten, how have you been using the track in your sets and how’s it been going down?
Bingo Players: The feedback has been really great! I usually play it halfway through my set and people naturally start waving their hands from left to right. Exactly the thing I was hoping for!
Oomloud, was does it mean to you guys to have the support of Bingo Players and to release on his label Hysteria?
OomloudWe would never have thought that our first release would be with Bingo Players. They are a huge inspiration for us and we know them very well. So their support means a lot to us!
For both of you, what was your biggest takeaway from this production? Whether it’s something you learned production wise, something you learned about yourself, or simply that you just had a ton of fun making the track together, etc.?
Oomloud: Because we’re no strangers to each other the process went very fast. We immediately knew what we wanted to do.
Bingo Players: I learned some neat tricks from the guys I never thought about myself. I don’t do collabs that often, but this is one of the things I missed.
What’s something that each of you are looking forward to this summer?
Oomloud: We hope to release more music this summer and can’t wait for the release of our upcoming EP on Hysteria.
Bingo Players: Looking forward to playing outdoor venues in the sunny weather!
Bingo Players & Oomloud - “Tic Toc” is available to buy/stream on your platform of choice today!
Connect with Bingo Players: Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with Oomloud: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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