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Dec 07, 2021

Frank Nitty Puts His Groove On "Bandolera"

American producer Frank Nitty is known widely for the grooves that you can hear in all of his productions, and today we go in depth on a couple of his recent hits. We discuss his remix of Joan Cases - "Bandolera" on Juicy as well as his latest original, a collaboration with Jon Suarez titled "Rabbit Hole." Frank's excitement shines through in our interview, so enjoy as you get to know the latest from his world! 
Hey Frank, thanks for joining us today! As we wrap up 2021, what have been some of your highlight moments from the year?
Hello and thank you. This year has been fantastic, and it seems like things are getting back to normal. I played a couple of shows here and there. I would have to say my highlight for this year was my release on Cartel. It felt so good to be back releasing with a label that I consider family. With all the years of friendship and hospitality, it's been a great wave to touch back with my friends since the world has kind of been frozen, now it's in the thawing stage haha.
You've just released an awesome remix of Joan Cases - "Bandolera." When did you first hear the original and what were your impressions of it? How did the remix opportunity come about?
I was in the middle of a conversation with Robbie Rivera about a project I was working on and he sent me the original. He and I were pretty excited about it since my sound has always been Latin tech vibes. He was like, "I know you're gonna crush it." I heard the vocal and boom I was hypnotized, it lured me in. I spoke with Joan – great guy, very humble dude – and what an honor to be allowed to remix on Robbie's label. The Juicy crew and I have a great relationship. We always talk about the up and up and how to take this music stuff to the next level. It's always good to be surrounded by positive vibes.
Take us through the remix – what elements did you want to preserve, and what did you want to do differently to put your twist onto it?
I knew that I had to keep this vocal, but I wanted to give it more power. Such as the break and the way the build comes in the second break, the horn was my Nitty thing, hahah, noticed? In all of my Nitty tracks I usually add horns or off note patterns. The guitar smashed, but I knew coming into this remix that the main cake was the vocal, such a bomb the original. And I hope everyone loves the Nitty remix too.
A few weeks ago you also released an original collaboration with Jon Suarez titled "Rabbit Hole." Tell us about this one – what was it like working with Jon on the track and how did you go from the first idea to the final production?
Jon and I go way back. Love this guy, super talented. We met in New York one night when he approached me and we just hit it off. We've spent lots of time talking music and how the dance community has evolved. He always talked about doing a trippy track. I came up with this idea of how we can do something cool but have old school techno rave vibes. I started with the melody and drums and I told him the direction I would like it to be and he agreed. 
So Jon came up with the trippy vocal and bassline, and the song has been smashing the clubs and we also had fun with it during our release days. Jon is easy to work with and I'm excited for him. He is gonna bring some fire in the future, I see tons of potential in him. Shouts to Ahmad and Jon, the best guys in NYC, I love my NY friends.
Do you have any new tunes in the works that you can tell us about?
Yes it's in the works now… I have this solid Latin Cuban influenced track coming soon on one of Kryder's labels. I also have another one with Les Castizos brothers called "Libertad," and two more that are done. But still in the process of releasing and lastly one fresh remix on Juicy from a great artist called 68 Beats. All in the 2022 catalog, can't wait to share them all with you. I know two or three tracks will be out during Miami Music Week.
Who are some artists that you're closely following and frequently playing in your sets? What makes these artists stand out to you?
Aside from John Suarez, I am definitely looking forward to Sedar Bindöl, Di Martino, Mark Vox, Gadom, Skiavo & Méndez, Retinue & Kimpasso. They have all been sending me promos and what catches my ear is the groove elements they work in their productions. You can definitely hear the fine detail of arrangements with vocals and other subtle elements that make the tracks come to life.
And lastly, what has you most excited as we look ahead to 2022?
2022 is gonna be amazing! Looking at plenty of new gigs here in the US and releases with several labels. I'm also definitely looking forward to Miami Music Week, where I might be throwing my own event with several artists I'm affiliated with. Looking forward to seeing all of my friends and fans. It's been a while so it's gonna be surreal to be back in motion, make new memories and meet new friends. That is the one thing I love about this music – the memories we make. We have tons of fun and crazy moments, and I can't wait to have this again in 2022. 
You can grab your copy of Frank Nitty's remix of Joan Cases - "Bandolera" on Beatport today! https://www.beatport.com/track/bandolera/15902259 
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