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Sep 08, 2021

Soul Central Are Back With "Matador"

Today we're joined by legendary DJ and production duo Soul Central. The guys behind the famous hit "Strings Of Life" are back with a brand new release on Be Yourself Music titled "Matador." They share an interesting inspiration behind the track and give us great insight into their lives at the moment! 
Hey guys, thanks for joining us today! First off, how's the year been going for both of you so far, and what have been some of your personal and/or musical highlights in 2021? 
I am currently locked down in Vietnam and Matt has enjoyed his fair share of lockdowns in Ibiza so we have been working remotely which is cool. Personal highlights have been just being able to keep producing great music without being in the same room together.

It's been 20 years since you started out together. Can you talk about what it means to you to have been on this journey together for such a long time and to still be going so strong today?
It means we have seen a lot of things come and go, pleasure leaves too early and pain too slow. We have seen the arrival of the digital age in music. We still press vinyl, but 30 years ago that’s all we were doing, pressing vinyl. The digital world became our friend, enabling us to make music at home instead of big expensive studios. Then it turned around and bit us in the hand, it was a double-edged sword. The rules have changed, we accept them, and it’s “play on,” as far as Soul Central are concerned.

As many people know, you're the duo behind the legendary track "Strings Of Life." Can you talk about what the track means to you? 
It means so much as it was a game changer for us. It catapulted us from being underground producers running a small independent label and pressing white labels to a global DJ/production team remixing top ten hits.
Can you tell us the story of how "Strings Of Life" was created? When you were working on it, did you know that you were onto a hit? 
Absolutely not. It was a case of plugging in and just recording it in an afternoon then pressing some white labels, with great feedback from people like Frankie Knuckles and Greame Park.

How would you describe your musical tastes and the styles and sounds that inspire you today?
They are so varied, it ranges from electronica to gospel music….we just dig good music, we are not interested in genres too much.

What's it like working with one another in the studio and on your productions? What do you think is the biggest strength that the other brings to the table? 
The truth. Honesty is the best policy. If something isn’t right, we can say that and kick it out. The best part is when we both start buzzing on an idea, BIG SMILES.
Let's jump into your new release, "Matador" on Be Yourself Music. Can you tell us how this track came about, from start to finish? What was the inspiration behind it?
The inspiration was Picasso and his 1945 lithograph artwork, "The Bull (Le Taureau)." We are really into his work and Henri Mattise, and often find inspiration from art and not just from music. We built this harmony based on the Phrygian mode, the 3rd mode of the major scale that sounds very… very Spanish for lack of a better word. The label, Be Yourself, immediately got the vibe and we were very excited to sign it to them as they are a great label.
And lastly, where do you see yourselves headed from here and how do you think the next couple of years are looking for you?
I hope we can continue to connect with people and through our releases.
You can stream or download Soul Central - "Matador" on your platform of choice today!
Connect with Soul Central: Spotify | Facebook | Instagram
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