Sep 07, 2021

Crusy's 'Back To Touring' Exclusive Mix

Crusy has been on a tear in the studio over the past year and a half, and his Exclusive Mix puts his incredible output on full display. Turn it up for a listen to his Mainstage Techno remix of “Love Tonight” together with Danny Avila, his Swedish House Mafia - “It Gets Better” Bootleg, and loads of brand new IDs! Our interview highlights those tracks, forthcoming releases on Stereohype and Perfect Havoc, his return to live shows, collaborating with Maserati, and so much more. Let’s go!
Crusy, thanks so much for joining us with a massive Exclusive Mix! Talk to us about how you approached crafting this set and how it compares to a Crusy live set at the moment.
Hey guys! It’s a pleasure to be here again! I think during the last 18 months I’ve felt that I am more comfortable in the clubby side of music. The scene is slowly becoming more and more mature, and I feel myself maturing in that direction too so I felt it was the right time to focus on developing what I think I am best at, which is that darker side of house music. I’ve been working very hard on developing a new sound for me  and my followers and making loads of music. Accordingly, 70-80% of my sets are filled with my own songs, remixes and edits. During any set I try to keep the energy quite high, mixing 2-3 tracks all the time if possible and playing all of my own stuff. 
There’s loads of big tracks to highlight, so let’s start with some unreleased tunes. You’ve got a new single coming on Stereohype this winter. How’s the excitement to release on James Hype’s label and what makes the track special to you?
James is, in my opinion, one of the best DJs technically and music selection wise out there right now, so it is a pleasure to be able to release a song on his imprint! I worked a lot on that song for two to three months, sending the track back and forth to Stereohype’s team, but I was not able to test it until the other weekend in Slovakia so I didn’t know exactly what the reaction would be. I thought it could be a banger on the dancefloor, but I wasn’t sure, you know? Luckily it worked so well and we all feel it is ready to be released now. Stereohype’s team is one of the kindest ones out there so they made it very easy. I’m super happy to work with them.
Another big ID is a track coming on Perfect Havoc. What can you tell us about that release?
This one is a very special track, and something I've been working on for almost half a year now. Usually I make music inspired by how my life happens and my personal experiences. Everything started with that feeling that I needed to do something emotional, something that explained how my life was going. My manager Stefan put me in contact with a girl named Lubó, a sensational singer & songwriter, and we made this song together. We are still working on the final version together with the guys from PH, so, although I played a short cut of the song today, you’ll need to wait to hear the final version.
Your bootleg of “Love Tonight” with Danny Avila has seen some huge support. Talk to us about bringing some elements of techno to a more mainstream audience with your remix.
That remix is definitely one of my highlights of 2021. This remix has a long long story behind it. The funny thing is that this version was made almost a year before, and every single time I played it or showed it on social media a lot of messages arrived asking about the release date, so that was the moment we knew it was something else. Danny and I have been friends for quite a long time and it was this year when our sounds started to converge. I think we both got older haha. We wanted something that felt serious, but energetic at the same time, and I’ve been producing techy for quite a long time so together we decided to combine this clubby stuff into a big room format, and that is how this mixture of sounds happened.
Danny Avila · Shouse - Love Tonight (Danny Avila & Crusy Remix)
What impact has the return of Swedish House Mafia had on you?
They have always been THE GUYS. I have a special feeling for what they do. For all of them, but especially for Steve. He played my song “Bangkok” with Jose de Mara for a year in 2016 and that made me appear in the music scene, so I will be always grateful for that. Speaking about them together, everything they do is special. Not only because of the music itself (which is amazing), but also because of the energy they put into the scene, and because of the hype they imprint on everything. I think they are the only true rock stars of electronic music.
What elements of “It Gets Better” really stand out to you, and how do you feel you’ve made the track your own in your bootleg?
I always loved the track, though I didn't understand it during the first listen. I loved the first version they played, but now I think that it was maybe too 2015ish, so with this new version I knew that I needed to tweak it to play it in my sets. The vocals are amazing and it gave me that kind of “Prodigy” sound, so I decided to make something techy & acid based. I wanted to maintain the chord progression, but in a very subtle way, and I wanted to put my tech touch on it. This past weekend I had the opportunity to test it in Slovakia and it absolutely went off, so I am very happy with the result, hope you are too!
As you’ve hinted at in a few answers, you were back on a big stage for the first time a few weeks ago in Slovakia. How did it feel to get back behind the decks? How did the post pandemic crowd compare to a pre pandemic crowd?
I think each of us says this every time we play for a big and energetic crowd, but this time it was the truth – it was the best night of my career. Not just because of being 18 months without a big show, but because people there are crazy thankful. I’ve played six times in Slovakia and they are always amazing. I love that country, but this time I felt goosebumps the entire set. Must say thank you to everyone who came to support, it was something else. I feel like people are more energetic now; after the pandemic we have realized even more that we only have one life, so we want to live it and experience it, because you never know which party or which nice time with your loved ones will be the last. We just want to live the moment.
Switching gears, you’re working on some really exciting brand collaborations with cars. What can you tell us about your projects?
Apart from music, cars have always been my side hobby. Since I was three years old I was reading the brands and models with my dad in the street, so I think that these collaborations are very natural. I wanted to give my followers more info about me, I wanted them to know exactly how I am. And cars are a very important part of my life, so I upload a lot of car content. That’s how this collaboration started. A person from the Maserati team was at one of my shows and liked my set, so after the show we started to talk about life, cars, things… and it happened. In the next months I am preparing more collaborations with car related magazines and I will keep collaborating with Maserati. Some months ago we shot the Maserati Ghibli spot for the socials and we have some cool actions with the brand prepared in the near future, new reviews and even more content mixing music and cars!
And as we wrap up summer, what’s keeping you excited and motivated on a daily basis? 
I try to keep myself motivated by having a very strict routine. Every day, I workout to stay healthy, go to the studio, prepare the upcoming shows when we have them and talk with my manager Diego and my booker Stefan about the next steps. We try to focus on what we have done that day and how we can improve the career. 
What are you most excited for this fall?
Talking about what’s coming, I want to see how the club scene evolves, and I can’t wait for you to hear all of the new music I have ready! I am so looking forward to seeing normality coming back, I truly think that the best times of the music scene are ahead of us. 
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Full tracklist info available at Crusy - 1001Tracklists Exclusive Mix 2021-09-07
Shouse Love Tonight (Danny Avila & Crusy Remix) Artwork
Shouse - Love Tonight (Danny Avila & Crusy Remix) FREE/HELL BEACH
76 system
Crusy Dirty Cash Artwork
Crusy - Dirty Cash SPINNIN'
5 Zinderlong (116.3k)
Swedish House Mafia It Gets Better (Crusy Remix) Artwork
Swedish House Mafia - It Gets Better (Crusy Remix) SSA/REPUBLIC
7 system
Crusy vs. Dots vs. Gorgon City & PAX - All I Need vs. Alive (Crusy Edit)
1 Zinderlong (116.3k)
Crusy & Döts All I Need Artwork
Crusy & Döts - All I Need KRYTERIA (SPINNIN')
PAX & Gorgon City Alive Artwork
PAX & Gorgon City - Alive REALM
Esther Bronchal Satisfaction Artwork
Esther Bronchal - Satisfaction BE ONE
3 system
Basement Jaxx Where's Your Head At (Acappella) Artwork
Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At? (Acappella) XL
290 system
Zombie Nation Kernkraft 400 Artwork
Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 EPM
1460 system
Crusy Party People Artwork
Crusy - Party People STEREOHYPE
68 sndvl (71.1k)
6 Pre-Save 5
Crusy - Cake
2 sndvl (71.1k)
Pre-Save 5
Lee Cabrera & Kevin McKay Gimme Gimme Artwork
Lee Cabrera & Kevin McKay ft. Bleech - Gimme Gimme POLYDOR
86 system
Save 5
BURNS Talamanca Artwork
582 system
Save 5
3 Pre-Save 1
Darude Sandstorm (Vintage Culture & Zerky VIP) Artwork
Darude - Sandstorm (Vintage Culture & Zerky VIP) FREE/NEO RECORDS
43 system
Pre-Save 1
Crusy Smoke Artwork
Crusy - Smoke CONFESSION
68 system
Save 1
Nicky Romero Still The Same Man Artwork
Nicky Romero ft. Nilson & John Christian - Still The Same Man TOOLROOM
152 system
Save 1
Mike Vale vs. Faithless vs. Green Velvet - No Good vs. Insomnia vs. Flash
1 system
Faithless Insomnia (Acappella) Artwork
Faithless - Insomnia (Acappella) MINISTRY OF SOUND
Save 1
Green Velvet Flash Artwork
Green Velvet - Flash YETI
Save 1
Mike Vale No Good (Start The Dance) Artwork
Mike Vale - No Good (Start The Dance) GLASGOW UNDERGROUND
Save 1
Danny Avila - The Underground
9 sndvl (71.1k)
Pre-Save 1
3 Pre-Save 2
UMEK Intricately Artwork
UMEK - Intricately 1605
28 system
Save 2
Chantal The Realm (Acappella) Artwork
Chantal - The Realm (Acappella) HIGH FASHION DIGITAL
91 system
Pre-Save 2
UMEK & Cosmic Boys Evolution Artwork
UMEK & Cosmic Boys - Evolution 1605
116 system
Save 2
Robin S Show Me Love Artwork
581 system
Save 2
RÜFÜS DU SOL Innerbloom Artwork
304 system
Save 2
Underworld Born Slippy (Andrew Meller Reincarnation Remix) Artwork
Underworld - Born Slippy (Andrew Meller Reincarnation Remix) JBO
9 system
Pre-Save 2
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