Catching Up With Idol Founder King Joshua

May 13, 2020
Catching Up With Idol Founder King Joshua
Today we’re joined by an artist who’s crushing it on both 1001Tracklists and Beatport, earning major support on “Professional Widow.” Giuseppe is a multi-faceted DJ and producer who also runs the Idol brand, where he has found himself performing among some of the most famous artists in Ibiza. 
Hey Giuseppe, thanks for joining us today! For any readers who might not be familiar with you and your music, can you introduce yourself? How long have you been in the music industry and what has the progression of your career been like through your eyes?
Good morning 1001Tracklists and friends, thanks for having me today! I’m Italian, I live in Liguria and I’ve been a DJ since the 90s - the old school years, when we played with vinyl. Then life took me on other roads, but music has always been an important part of my life and I've always had the goal of making my musical project dreams come true. So for five years, I’ve been focused on my desire to have fun and entertain with my music.
Over time, I found friends and collaborators who allowed me to realize the satisfaction I feel in creating music or playing in a club. In the first two years of my artist career, I refined and actualized my idea of music by searching for references and influences that reflected my idea of music. I have to say that melodic techno always gave me strong emotions and I can consider myself a fan, but house music has always been mine. So, in these first two years I tried to mix what I like with what best suits me, growing and refining my musical identity.
At the moment, I’m working on growing artistically. I believe that in music we should never consider ourselves satisfied. 
As the founder of both Idol in Ibiza and Idol Records, can you give us a taste of what it's like running both while also balancing your own artist career? What are some of the challenges in finding time for everything, and are there any tricks that you've picked up over the years?
Idol is an ambitious brand. With this project, I work with a team composed of people who are experts in management, marketing, public relations and discography. Thanks to Idol, I've shared the console with some of the most important representatives of house and techno music such as Timo Maas, Nakadia, Technasia, wAFF, Max Chapman, Andrea Oliva, Mathias Kaden and so on. For me this was a launching pad on which I developed my path and created friendships and networks. In fact Idol has established strong connections with important clubs on the European scene such as Sankeys, Eden, Panama AMS and Cocoricò, etc.
Can you tell us about your Idol parties? What was it like to have a residency last year at Eden in Ibiza?
Describing how you are in Ibiza is always very obvious, because it is the classic case of a place where you never know what to expect. Every time you land in Ibiza it is as if you landed for the first time, it is a location that takes you with its charm and its way of experiencing the world of the night.
Playing at Eden meant reaching one of my goals: playing in one of the Top 100 clubs in the world, which certainly has its effect. I still remember the change in console with the great Orbital.
While the ongoing crisis is surely throwing a wrench into your party plans, are there any future projects that you're now focused on?
For this summer we had already planned a series of very important parties and festivals around the world because the intent is to take the next step in my artistic career. Unfortunately, this situation doesn’t allow us to realize any of this, but it allows me to refine the details for the restart, focusing more on listening to new music, finding new inspirations and reprogramming everything that was already planned, moving it to 2021.
Your new track “Professional Widow” is picking up major DJ support and is also flying high in the Beatport Top 100! How's it feel watching this track perform so well?
“Professional Widow” is the result of the work I’ve done in the first two years, which allows me to realize an idea of music that has an impact on the dance floor, a sound that makes me recognizable in the current record market. I’m happy that my DJ colleagues appreciate “Professional Widow.” Seeing all of the feedback and comments makes me smile! But the road is still long and I hope that it continues this way on its path, giving me more smiles.
Can you tell us about how you made “Professional Widow”? Where'd the idea to cover the 90s classic originate from?
The 90s are my years, where I was expressing myself freely and had my first DJing experiences. So the 90s influence on the classic track is not only a tribute to my past, but is the musical influence that I would like to keep on my records and DJ sets.
And lastly, though the times are challenging and uncertain, what are you most excited for in the summer months ahead?
They will be months of study, dedicated to redesigning the open projects in Ibiza, the production of festivals in Italy, and a tour in Latin America.
You can grab your copy of "Professional Widow" on Beatport today! 
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