Yuga & Gary Caos - "Naked Funky"

May 17, 2017
Yuga & Gary Caos - "Naked Funky"
Italian stars Yuga and Gary Caos have teamed up for a groovy house hit, “Naked Funky.” Released at the start of the month on Kaisen Records, the two had been discussing a collaboration ever since Yuga heard Gary Caos playing his legendary track “Rock The Casbah” during ADE. Both guys joined us to share the story behind “Naked Funky” and give us some insight into their production process.
Do you remember the first time you guys met or the first time you heard the other’s music? What was your first impression?
Yuga: Yes, we were at ADE in Amsterdam two years ago and I was in a club where the DJ suddenly dropped “Rock the Casbah,” my biggest Tradelove record, and I was curious to know who was playing it – it was Gary!
Gary Caos: I was playing at a club and some random guy appeared at the DJ booth saying, “Thanks for playing my track man” – it was Yuga and we partied!
How did you come to work together on “Naked Funky”?
Gary Caos: When two artists have got something in common they always try to get a collaboration in place, but most of the time it is difficult due to different factors like time, location etc. So we finally collaborated and produced “Naked Funky.”
Yuga: Yes, we realized that not only do we have hairstyle in common (his is definitely better than mine), but also a similar taste in music, so we just started to have regular catch ups and share music with each other.
What was the initial inspiration and sketch like of the track?
Yuga: We were sharing many tracks, samples and examples of how we wanted our record to sound until we found exactly that.
Gary Caos: Yes we found the vocal sample and literally said, “this is it,” and we decided to start working on it.
Can you take us through the production process of the collab, highlighting any significant points or changes to the track?
Yuga: Sure. After we decided to work on that sample, we went down to the studio to bring the tune up. We decided to work in tandem, regularly catching up so that we could update and influence each other's work. 
Gary Caos: Both of us worked on the track sharing the same belief – making something groovy and definitely funky! In the final track you can enjoy a mixture of stems coming from my project and Yuga's.
Yuga: At the end we decided we loved Gary's work so much that we decided to do a Gary Caos mix version!
Have you been using “Naked Funky” in your sets and what’s the reception been like?
Yuga: Hell yes! I’ve road tested it many times already. It works really well to keep the crowd up, always tried mid-set. It’s a bomb!
Gary Caos: Yes of course, the break works really well, the vocal is sexy and powerful, then when the drop kicks in and you look at the crowd, you understand you have done a great job!
What did you like most about working with the other or what did you learn most from this collaboration?
Gary Caos: I particular liked Yuga's approach in choosing sounds and shaping the track, testing every little change during the weekend (test and learn approach forever).
Yuga: Gary is an eclectic, experienced producer. I really enjoyed working with him, especially getting his passion for crossovers and always trying to go above and behind fixed rules and concepts.
Looking into your sets at the moment, what are two must plays artists and why?
Yuga: Popcorn Poppers and Luca Debonaire are definitely must haves in your set.
Gary Caos: Leandro da Silva and The Cube Guys are definitely doing an awesome job – great tracks to stuff your set with!
What has you excited about the upcoming European summer?
Yuga: We have many upcoming projects including a collab with Luca Debonaire on Kaisen Records. We just opened our Summer Season with the Room Beats un-party in Ibiza (of course Gary's one of us :)) and we have many more awesome parties to play at and hot music to release. Stay tuned!
Gary: Crazy good summer ahead with a lot of productions and collaborations plus a lot of gigs. Can't wait!
Make sure to grab your copy of “Naked Funky” on Beatport today!
Connect with Yuga: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with Gary Caos: Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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