Sep 24, 2021

Get To Know: Martinbeatz

We're joined by French DJ/producer Martinbeatz, who has been on fire with a really unique live DJ set series from French castles. He's been busy in the studio as well, and his latest track is a tech house banger titled "Waddle." In our interview Martinbeatz also discusses how get got started with his career and gives us a sneak peak at what's to come! 
Hey Clément, thanks for joining us today! To get things started, can you tell us about yourself? When did you get started with a career in music and what made you want to pursue this career? 
Hello 1001Tracklists, my name is Clément. I am a 28 year old French DJ / producer under the alias Martinbeatz. I've been a DJ for six years and a music producer for three years, I have now made a living from this job for three years.
When I had just finished my studies to become a PE teacher, I left everything to make this passion my profession. It requires a lot of work on a daily basis, but it is well worth it!
I have always been immersed in electronic music culture since I was a teenager. With my friends, we went all the time to see DJs in clubs and then at festivals. I then bought my first turntables to play in my room, then at parties with friends, at private parties, weddings, clubs and finally festivals!
I got started with music production late, but I fell in love with it. It really allows me to express my creativity, to assert my style. And there is nothing more enjoyable than performing your productions in front of an audience!
You have a really cool DJ mix series called Martinbeatz Sessions, where you're filming from French castles with sick production. Where did this idea come from? 
Besides being a house music lover, I am also passionate about video production. Often being a DJ for private parties in castles, I wanted to showcase these magical places.
This video series Martinbeatz Sessions creates a symbiosis between French heritage and electronic music through an immersive live video.
And to be honest, I am like a child when I enter a magnificent castle! It's a huge privilege every time a castle accepts this ambitious and quirky video project.
How do you choose where you'll perform for Martinbeatz Sessions, and what are some of the challenges in organizing and executing the series?
We are constantly on the lookout for castles with spectacular architecture, gardens or location. The objective is then to sublimate them with aerial videos.
The challenge is great with each video shoot: highlight this historic monument by sharing an intense live musical event. The challenge is also logistical: shooting an hour-long live video outdoors is complex! A huge thank you to Florent, my videographer, who does a great job.
You're also DJing on vinyl in every mix, quite a rarity these days. Tell us about the decision to take this approach. When did you learn to DJ on vinyl and what makes this the right path for you? 
I wanted to make it harder for myself ;) After learning to mix on CD decks, I took on the challenge of mixing on vinyl. I learned on my own. After long hours of training, I learned the technical basics and have loved it ever since. I am gradually becoming a vinyl collector! Mixing on vinyl turntables arouses the public's curiosity every time. 
Can you tell us three artists who you're closely following and playing in your sets? What makes each stand out to you? 
Chris Lake is, in my opinion, one of the best producers in music today. His recent discography is flawless. Chris is a huge inspiration to me. His tech house style is recognizable by everyone. He's also an example of tenacity and passion: he's been popular in the electro scene for about five years, but he's been producing music for 20 years.
Fisher is the perfect example of the modern star DJ. He was able to grow a huge audience thanks to his tech house style and especially thanks to his quirky personality. He shows other artists that music is only one element in an artist's success – branding is just as important. He is an entertainment and social media genius.
CamelPhat have little in common with Fisher. They are quite discreet on social media and are not very expressive, but their music is soooo good! They have become huge tech house / melodic house headliners, focusing only on the quality of music production. They played a big role in bringing house music to a wider audience. "Cola," "Breathe" and "Panic Room" have become house music hymns.
I also love Biscits, KREAM, James Hype, Dom Dolla, Chapter & Verse, John Summit, Martin Ikin, Eli Brown, Gorgon City, ZHU, Sonny Fodera and many more artists.
You've got a brand new track out named "Waddle." What was the inspiration for this track, and how did you take it from the initial idea to the final production that we hear today?
"Waddle" is a tech house track created to for festival crowds. I started with the vocal “I love my house music” and then I created a powerful drop with a deep and driving bassline. I released this track on my new label Martinbeatz Club. New releases are coming very soon!
What goals do you have for Martinbeatz for the remainder of this year and in 2022? 
Create and play house music, share good vibes by releasing new sounds and recording more DJ Sets. The goal will be to be booked in major events and festivals in France, and why not in Europe! Several new episodes of Martinbeatz Sessions are already scheduled for 2022 in splendid locations. And finally, I want to develop the Martinbeatz Club label by signing talented producers. You can now send your demos here:
And lastly, as we approach the fall and winter, what has you excited for the months ahead? 
After a busy summer full of parties, I can't wait to get back into music production. I'm going to have a new studio, which will be much more spacious. I can't wait to start the work and then compose new songs and record many live mixes this winter.
You can stream or download Martinbeatz - "Waddle" on your platform of choice today! 
Connect with Martinbeatz: Website | Spotify | Instagram | YouTube
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