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EDX's Exclusive Mix

Jul 18, 2017
EDX's Exclusive Mix
2017 is a very special year for Maurizio Colella as he celebrates his 25th anniversary DJing as EDX. The ultra talented producer is enjoying another incredible year, with each of his releases receiving loads of love from fans and fellow DJs alike. We took some time to talk with Maurizio about those releases, highlighted by “All I Know,” “Bloom,” and the Acapulco At Night remix of HAEVN’s “Finding Out More.” We also got an in depth look into the music and experiences keeping EDX motivated. Enjoy his mix and join us in congratulating Maurizio in celebrating 25 years of EDX! 
How did you approach your Exclusive Mix and how does it compare to your live sets?
I tried to keep a balance between my weekly NoXcuses podcast mixes and what I play in clubs and/or festivals. My live sets are mostly a little more dedicated to the dancing crowd but in general I would say the vibe mostly stays the same. I always simply try to keep the mixes fresh and sexy.  

Can you highlight three tracks or artists included in your mix and what makes them stand out to you?
These three from the mix:
1. I’ve always been a huge fan of Junior Jack, his new original “Wonder” is amazing, it’s a great record with a warm feel to it. The remix package is great too and I am happy that I have this in my mix.
2. “Kulawarga” is a super fresh tune by Tommy MC, which is killing it in my live shows: summery, fresh and sexy, the way I love it.
3. “Feel The Rush” is still one of my favourites of 2017 and it’s making damage out there on the dance floor.
And on top of those three:
1. I really love the latest release by Croatia Squad, his remix for Vintage Culture and Chemical Surf – “Feeling Good” is a killer on the dance floor.
2. Nora En Pure’s “Tears In My Eyes” is simply a beautiful deep house gem once again!
3. “Eivissia” by Fort Arkansas is the perfect tune for this summer, Ibiza is calling.
4. And have you heard my new tune “Don’t Call It Love” with Jonas Blue? Check it out, it’s a collab and it’s fun.
You’re having another huge year constantly churning out top quality productions, so what are some of the keys to your consistent production success?
Being on tour and seeing so many other talents performing definitely helps a lot to always stay on the edge of musical evolution. I personally really love to explore different cultures and I get a lot of inspiration while on a simple trip somewhere. It’s magic, there are many ways you can express yourself with music. In my case I always work in blocks, in between the big tours it’s always good to spend some days in the studio and work on the next couple of releases. With such a busy touring schedule, I do sometimes wish there was more time to jam and get inspired with other DJ mates.

The artist support on your tracks is no joke either! It seems each release of yours is consistently charting on the site.
It’s an amazing thing, to be sincere, to be able to reach such a great pool of talents with my music and productions, especially the fact that my music gets spins from artists from the more underground and darker world to the club heroes and as well on the big mainstages of the world DJs.

All I Know” will go down as one of the biggest tracks of the year. Can you take us through the production process for that track?
It’s crazy, we are at nearly 5 million streams on Spotify and growing each day. I got so much great feedback from AAA DJs from all over the place. This year is my 25th year that I’m spinning as EDX and I wanted this year to be very diverse on all of my releases. This is why I searched way back in my history for the more industrial sounds, actually the early days when I started to play house music. I'm a huge fan of Detroit’s Carl Craig and I simply love the 808 and 909 feel on “All I Know.”  

You’ve done another Acapulco At Night remix recently of HAEVN’s “Finding Out More.” What does having that title of a remix signify sound wise for you?
“Finding Out More” is simply a great song and the vibe gives me goosebumps each time. I started this 'remix naming thing' back in 2007, it’s now over 10 years and I kept going till now; I try to connect the remix titles with the vibe of each track and city. I'm so happy I was finally able to travel to Acapulco this year for a show, a truly beautiful place on planet Earth and of course I forgot to drink red wine in Acapulco.

We just heard one of your new tunes, “Bloom,” on Hexagon Radio. What can you tell us about that track?
I thought you always first listen to NoXcuses each morning haha! With “Bloom” I tried simply to make a record that is simple, more minimally structured, summer-y with a catchy and very easy melody. Looks like I was lucky and the DJ support says that I nailed it. Let’s watch out for the damage “Bloom” can provide on each dancefloor... :-)

You’re playing Tomorrowland Weekend 2 this year. What does being a part of that festival and appearing on the Spinnin’ Sessions stage mean to you?
It’s summer, it’s time for festival season! I am very happy I am getting so much love from the Tomorrowland crew this year. I play Ibiza for them at Ushuaïa a couple of times and a pretty good set time the second Friday in Belgium which I am really looking forward to. I know people from all over the world travel to all of these festivals and it’s great to meet all of the people each festival season.
Any other big events or releases this summer that you are particularly excited about?
We just released my 2nd album (only available in Germany/Switzerland/Austria) and we are already #1 on iTunes in Switzerland with a lot of support from all outlets at the moment. Release day was a special day for me, it’s an amazing feeling and there a few still unreleased records I am looking forward to premiering to the world out there. “Voyage” [Enormous Tunes] was the kick off, “Bloom” [Spinnin’ Deep] is the one now, “Daybreak” [PinkStar Records] is one of my favourites and a vocal tune called “We Can’t Give Up” is following in September on Spinnin’ Deep and will warm up each EDX lover’s heart. Lots of touring and a great time with my crew on the road.
EDX hits Tomorrowland Weekend Two on Friday, July 28th from 19:30-20:30 on the Spinnin’ Sessions stage. 
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