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Sep 27, 2016

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano - "Don't Make Me Wait"

In “Don’t Make Me Wait” Dutch duo Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano have delivered a proper peak time club track as a follow-up to last year’s massive “Horny Bounce” on Armada. We caught up with Sunnery & Ryan to discuss “Don’t Make Me Wait.”
This track was formerly known as “Azzido By Night,’’ and it looks like you guys have been playing it for a while. Can you talk about the process of the track getting to where it is now in its final released form?
We are known for that sexy tribal house sound, but over the years we slowly evolved to a more club/techy progressive sound. This new track kind of fits that description. We tried to give it that techy club vibe combined with some vocals and melodic drops. We worked on it a while and are really pleased with the final product.
You’ve previously mentioned how hearing your tracks on a proper sound system makes you realize things you wanted to change about your tracks, are there any specific changes you can recall with this track?
It is definitely important to road test your tracks! That way you can see the crowd’s reaction and experiment a little to get to the best result! With this track we did that as well, that’s why we’ve been playing it for so long as you previously mentioned. It’s difficult to sum up all the changes we’ve made because sometimes they’ve been really subtle, but at least the end result has been worth it.
What was the inspiration to make an acid house track?
We draw inspiration from many things, the weirdest things actually. You never know when inspiration is going to hit! As we said before, we tried to move more towards the club/techy progressive sound so recently we’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from that genre! The aim for this track was to make something in that direction. But in practice the ideas kind of flow out of us at times you don’t expect it and then we hit the studio as soon as possible.
How do you think the vocal sample adds to the track and vibe?
Vocals are definitely important to reinforce the vibe we’re trying to create with the track. With this track we added the vocals last minute and they really ended up flowing with the song.
This track has some big support already – Kryder, Dannic, Nicky Romero, Steve Angello, among others – Is there anyone supporting your music you find particularly meaningful or surprising?
We appreciate everyone’s support, whether it comes from big names, new names or from the fans! You can never really expect the impact a track is going to have, so no matter how many releases you’ve had, we think that will always stay a surprise. But no matter what, any support you get should never be taken for granted, so all of it is very meaningful.
Do you guys have a favorite memory or moment of a show where you dropped ‘’Don’t Make Me Wait’’?
The first time you drop a track is always very special, even though it is still in the test phase, it’s just very exciting! But when we played it at our sold out Sexy By Nature show at Bloomingdale (a beachclub in Holland) and the crowd went crazy, we looked at each other and went like, “Wow! This is insane.” So that was a special moment for us.
How did this track come to get signed on Armada?
We’ve released before on Armada, so we’re no strangers to the label. But yeah, Armin heard the track and loved it. So he called us telling us he wanted to sign the track and we immediately thought, “Let’s do this!”
What does it mean to you guys to release on Armada? Is this the preface to something bigger, maybe your own sub-label?
Of course releasing on Armada is amazing! When you start as a DJ, releasing on labels such as Armada is something you can only dream about! Whether it’s the preface of something bigger, who knows, we still have a lot of plans! Stick around and see!
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