Joris Voorn: Closing Down Summer & Festivals

Sep 14, 2016
Joris Voorn: Closing Down Summer & Festivals
This year Ibiza techno party ANTS made its first appearance in the United States at Electric Zoo. Joris Voorn had the distinct honor of headlining the stage. Prior to his closing set we had the privilege of speaking with Joris Voorn about his music, summer, and the quickly approaching ADE.
Can you talk about your recent Michael De Hey - “You Feel Alive” remix?
It's actually a track from a friend of mine. He sent us the music and I thought it sounded great, but I asked him to just send me the parts so I could make the mix better which is something I've done lots of times for tracks on my label. And then I started moving things around and liked the track so much that I started adding to it and it became more and more of a remix. Maybe not in the classical sense of a remix, but in the end it was so different that we decided to just release it as a remix.
What music do you have upcoming?
There's plenty of stuff coming up - in fact that there are so many IDs in my sets! It's always good to play a lot of tracks and check how they sound. If I make something in the studio or even on the plane on the way here I can just play it right away and no one will know it.
Can we expect the same from your set tonight?
There will definitely be a few tracks tonight that no one will know.
What are the biggest differences in how you approach a 90 minute festival closing set tonight versus your six hour set from a few days ago?
It's totally different. I've played for [UNITED] ANTS many times and I've played here in New York many times. It looks amazing again. It’s very different than playing a six hour set. Because it's quite small and intimate, I’m just going to see what works. I usually play Ushuaïa in Ibiza for Ants which is more like a mainstage. You have a bigger audience so you have to play bigger.
What have been your highlights from this summer?
Oh my goodness, I can't even remember, there have been so many highlights! A lot of closing of festivals. A whole lot of them actually, which has been fun.
What's it like closing so many festivals?
It's kind of a challenge to keep the people entertained because they've been there a long, long time. I closed last night in El Paso too (Sun City Music Festival). You have to step up and take it up a notch. Sometimes, when I play in Spain for instance, it's all banging techno. It's pretty intense and solid so I can really bring out a different me than when I play somewhere like a dark nightclub. It's something I really enjoy as well.
What does the rest of the year hold for you?
Summer's not finished yet. I always think summer ends at the beginning of October because that's when Ibiza finishes and the club shows start, so this month is a hybrid between club shows and festivals. After that, Amsterdam Dance Event is coming!
What does your event in conjunction with Awakenings hold?
The Awakenings crew are great friends and I've been playing for them for like 13-14 years. It's at the Gashouder, the same place it always is. Lots of great artists - I curated the lineup together with Awakenings. We have Kölsch, Apollonia, Truncate, and more. It'll be a good one.
While the Awakenings event is already sold out, you can catch Joris doing an extended set during his own special show. More information coming soon, but for now check out the event page:
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