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Daddy's Groove - Genesis 131 - Presented by 1001tracklists

Apr 14, 2016
Daddy's Groove - Genesis 131 - Presented by 1001tracklists
It's our pleasure to present the latest Genesis show from Daddy's Groove. It's a groovy one, for sure. Read what Carlo and Peppe have to say about the episode while you listen!
Do you have a clear goal or objective with your radio show?
Of course - entertaining all the fans with the music we consider interesting.
How has the show evolved over time?
The show has always been the mirror of what we produce and spin during the gigs, so it reflects the evolving sound we try to achieve through our studio/live experience.
How do you select tracks for Genesis each week?
By listening all the material sent by our friends and fans and deep scanning the web looking for some cool stuff out there.
How long do you usually work on your radio show each week?
Usually a couple of days, scheduling is taken at the moment we find the right music.
How do you weigh playing your own songs versus playing the songs of other artists?
It's simple: if we produce something interesting and fresh, we're proud to share it through the radio show in the same way we do it for other artists' music.
Do you have a favorite edition of Genesis?
Yes, the ones that we usually share during the Miami Music Week!

What are the similarities and differences between your live sets and your radio show?
The live sets are obviously oriented to "rock da house" in that particular moment, inspired by the moment itself. The radio shows are "suited" also for a simple listening environment, so you'll find also music we like but we won't play during DJ sets.

Any tricks with your radio show?
The trick is about having the right music: once you have it, the passion does the rest so there's no "rule" to follow at all.
Can you describe what moods or activities you feel the mix is best suited for?
If you're passionate about our music and musical tastes, everytime you need it...we can help! :)

Are there any artists or tracks from this week’s episode that you want to highlight? If so, why?
Yes, there is our new ID that of course we really love because it is exactly what we like to play in the live set at the moment and also the new track from MEG & NERAK for the same reason!
If there’s a story behind how any of these tracks made it into the show, can you share it with us?
There's a long story about our track Back To '94 - it's made of almost infinite edits, mixing and recording sessions through Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Naples and London trying to find the magic, sleepless nights caused by the music loop always bangin' in our head (we bet this happens to every producer as well!), a real journey through emotions who led us to feel very proud of our baby!
What can we expect from Daddy's Groove and the Genesis Radio Show in the future?
We're actually changing something about our "sound." The scene has unfortunately flattened too much in our opinion, so expect something fresh and different comparing to what we did in the past three years.

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 #Artist - Title (Remix)
Full tracklist info available at Daddy's Groove - Genesis 131 2016-04-14
Cirez D - Glow [MOUSEVILLE]
TDanN (7.9k)
78 Save
Steve Angello - Knas (Rebelmode 2015 Tech Edit) [FREE/SIZE]
pedjaaaa (9)
15 Pre-Save
TDanN (7.9k)
152 Save
Bob Sinclar - Someone Who Needs Me [SPINNIN' DEEP]
TDanN (7.9k)
323 Save
Eric Prydz ft. Tom Cane - Generate [PRYDA]
TDanN (7.9k)
490 Save
ID - Meet Her At The Love Parade
TDanN (7.9k)
Wiwek & Gregor Salto ft. Stush - How It Goes [SPINNIN']
TDanN (7.9k)
83 Save
Chocolate Puma & Firebeatz ft. BISHØP - Lullaby [SPINNIN']
TDanN (7.9k)
126 Save
Daddy's Groove & Mindshake ft. Kris Kiss - WOW! [DOORN (SPINNIN')]
TDanN (7.9k)
244 Save
Daddy's Groove ft. Steve Biko - Tribe [DOORN (SPINNIN')]
Vertex (61.7k)
148 Save
Daddy's Groove ft. Cimo Frankel - Back To 94 [SPINNIN']
TDanN (7.9k)
74 Save
Tom Swoon & Mosimann ft. Ilang - I'm Leaving [ARMADA ZOUK]
TDanN (7.9k)
65 Save
CHARMES ft. Da Professor - Ready [MUSICAL FREEDOM]
TDanN (7.9k)
138 Save
Djs From Mars - We Play Loud [BIG FISH]
TDanN (7.9k)
10 Pre-Save
Dirty South & Mark Knight - Stopover [TOOLROOM]
TDanN (7.9k)
23 Save
Tristan Garner & Gregori Klosman - Bounce [XTRALIFE]
TDanN (7.9k)
130 Pre-Save