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Hannah Wants' "Lift Off" Exclusive Mix

Feb 22, 2021
Hannah Wants' "Lift Off" Exclusive Mix
Today we’re lifting off with Hannah Wants as she celebrates her latest single on Ultra Music. “Lift Off” features a delightful vocal from Nathan Nicholson that Wants has weaved into an addicting house groove and is an exciting signal of her music to come on the label. Read on to get a closer look at the track, life since moving to Ibiza, and some favorite show memories, and make sure to turn it loud for her Exclusive Mix which was recorded live from LAB11 in Birmingham and features heaps of unreleased goodies!
Hannah, thanks so much for joining us to celebrate “Lift Off”! We’re excited to dive right in! How did you and Nathan Nicholson come together to work on the collaboration?
Thank you for having me involved! I recently signed a publishing deal with Ultra and one of many bonuses that comes with the deal is gaining access to a whole host of producers and vocalists to work with. I received a large folder of Nathan’s acappellas and when I heard “Lift Off” I knew it was the one, my brain immediately started ticking with ideas.

Take us through the production. What did the initial sketch sound like, how did the vocal fit, and what were some of the biggest changes to get us to the final track that we hear today?
Nathan’s acappella came ready with the piano lead and so a lot was already there in terms of initial sketch and vibe ideas. The vocal arrangement was the biggest challenge (a good challenge) and the element that changed the most throughout the production process. I think the arrangement in the break changed about five or six times before I was really happy, it’s crazy how much the vibe can change with such small and subtle adjustments. Other than that “Lift Off” was just one of those tracks that just really flowed in the studio.

You seem to have found a really good home on Ultra. What do you like most about working with their team and can you share anything about your plans together?
They’re really great to work with, always forthcoming with new toplines from a range of talented artists and the scope to work either remotely, in online sessions or at one of their many studios around the world is a great help! I’ll be releasing another single and a four or five track EP with Ultra throughout this year and I’m so just excited for everyone to hear all of this new and extra music I’ve been able to work on because of the COVID madness that brought my touring schedule to a halt.

Building from this first release, where are you feeling musically right now after almost a year without live shows? What are the sounds Hannah Wants stands for as both a DJ and producer in 2021?
I actually featured on Callum Hughes’ podcast last night and got talking about this very subject. If I’m honest with myself, pre-COVID madness I’d been guilty of trying to fit a certain mould with my music, trying too hard to cater a sound for the dance floor, and whilst I’ve known you should always stay true and authentic to you, on reflection that genuinely hadn’t been the case. Taking time away from clubs and not having the dance floor as a main focus has really allowed me to experiment and explore different sounds and make what I believe to be by far the best music I’ve ever made which is authentic to myself as an artist. I make and DJ house music, but get ready for releases and sets featuring a variety of sub genres under that umbrella.

Can you talk to us some more about your move to Ibiza? What is winter on the island like for you?
I was playing with my son (dog) in the garden one wet, cold Monday morning at home in England and saw someone post on Instagram about Ibiza and I just had one of those lightbulb moments. 2020 was a shit show for pretty much all of us, but last year was an extremely tough year for me on a personal level and as the COVID situation was worsening in that when we thought, planned and had hoped we’d be back in clubs together kept getting pushed back and further back I knew I had to take action to put me in the best place possible to heal, live and work. It was mission ‘get to Ibiza’ and six weeks after my lightbulb moment I was here. I’ve been coming to the island for ten years, but had actually never experienced it in the winter, it’s just beautiful. My inspiration and motivation is at an all time high and I’m really enjoying seeing the other, more spiritual, side of the island.

Talk to us about how you approached crafting your Exclusive Mix. How would the track selection compare to what you may play live if there were shows right now?
It kinda wouldn’t. I recorded this set in one of my favourite clubs in the world, Lab 11 in Birmingham, and so it felt right to get into the feels and many memories I have of playing there. This is definitely a club focused set and I just really wish and pray we’re back dancing together again real soon.

Looking closer at your Exclusive Mix, can you highlight three tracks included and why they stand out to you?
Sure but can I be greedy and pick three of mine please, two of which are exclusives?

1. So “Lift Off” is my brand new release, one that I feel signifies a new and exciting chapter in terms of my music releases.
2. “Oh Really” is a track I’ve been sitting on for over a year now and have actually played to crowds in clubs so I’m super excited for this release, it’s coming out next month in March via Armada.
3. Aaaaand lastly a track that has no release details yet as it’s super new is “Call Me Beautiful (To My Face).” This is a prime example of music that time out from the club circuit has allowed me to explore – such a big piano riff would never have featured in my productions pre-COVID. It features a snippet of a classic vocal and I can’t wait for this one to see a release, it’s hopefully gonna be dropping later this year!
We’re sure you’re missing live shows just as much as we are. So reflecting for a minute, what were two of your favourite shows of all time and why?
I’m missing them so much my heart hurts, I miss that connection on the dance floor more than anything.

Two favourite shows… my first time playing at Hideout Festival in Croatia. My friends had been going and asking me to go for years, but I refused because I just wasn't gonna go if I wasn’t DJing because it was a dream festival and goal of mine as a DJ. SO… the year I got booked was a huge moment for me. The venue was packed and people were jumping over walls because security had stopped all entry, it was such a vibe and to this day Hideout is a firm festival favourite of mine.

And it’s not ‘one show’ exactly, but every time I put on my What Hannah Wants UK & IRE tour I always like to end the tour playing in my home city of Birmingham simply because it means a lot to me to play there and it’s a guaranteed 10/10 vibe. The venues, the crowd, it’s just a DJ's dream and so many of my best memories will be here in Birmingham.

We heard that this year you’re planning a rebrand of your Etiquette imprint. What can you tell us about some of your plans for the label?
Oh my gosh yes, you heard correct! I learned a LOT from my first couple of years as a record label owner – I learned what I want to do and don’t want want to do – and I wanted to up the levels with a rebrand, relaunch and real fine tuning of music releases moving forward. It was time to level up. We took a few months out from releasing and worked super hard on new branding and our designer killed it! Expect refined solid house music releases from both established and up and coming producers, I’m really proud of what we’re about to start pushing out!

And as we look ahead, what’s keeping you excited, motivated, and creative as an artist during this time?
Living in Ibiza is definitely keeping me excited and motivated, it’s such serene settings. Ibiza is the ideal place for me to be right now whilst the world wakes back up in terms of clubbing and events. For now a lot of my energy lies in making music, Etiquette, and planning and prepping for my return to the world of touring and aside from ‘career’ work. I’m enjoying healing and growing on a personal level with all types of shit like working out, micro dosing with mushrooms, yoga, sound healing, reading, learning about crystals, etc. etc. When I get back on the road I want to be in the best shape and position possible mentally, physically, spiritually and ready to ride the next wave of Hannah Wants.
You can download/stream Hannah Wants - "Lift Off" on your platform of choice today!
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