A Producer's Guide To NoFace Records

Aug 05, 2019
A Producer's Guide To NoFace Records
We caught up with electronic music entrepreneurs Max Vangeli (Producer & DJ) and Denis Hiller (Label Manager & Tech Entrepreneur) who own and operate NoFace Records. With millions of streams, lots of new artist signings, and ADE 2019 around the corner, it was the perfect time to sit down with the guys and learn more about NoFace Records and how producers worldwide can get involved.
Max, let’s start with you. Earlier this year you dropped a moving tribute to Avicii, “I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye” on NoFace Records. The track recently hit 2 million streams on Spotify. What can you tell us about this project?
Max Vangeli: It was a very special project for me because I knew Tim for many years and the contribution he gave us is simply incredible. It was heartbreaking news and I wanted to do something special for him and his fans. The response has been overwhelming and received with lots of love.
Denis, the label has some really great sounding tracks coming out from producers ranging from new guys to legends. What can you tell us about the imprint, your next releases, which genres you guys are into, and how to get signed with NoFace?
Denis Hiller: Love those questions! Our mission is to spread electronic music like wildfire. We don’t discriminate based on genres, send us heat to demos@nofacerecords.com. Max is our A&R which is perfect because he obviously has a great ear for this stuff. The rest of our team focuses on content, running the music studio (we have an in-house music studio), artist relations, and so on. 

We have an international catalogue of tracks building up. I'd like to mention “Rapt” by an artist named Mawsua. This track is absolute fire, very island vibey but big at the same time. He’s based here in the Dominican Republic. We have a big vocal release out of India by Rave & Crave + Julia Bliss called “Don't Give Up.” A track called "Your Love" by GLN, a very unique Italian producer that I’m really stoked about. Axel Blaze & Nora B have a collab with a summer feel to it called “My Summer Starts Tonight.” They’re also based in Italy. Finally, I’d like to point out a collab by Max Vangeli featuring Sergio Echenique & Snenie called “Golden Rings.” They’re two extremely talented singers based here in the Dominican Republic.
Max, any other signings that you’d like to mention? 
Max Vangeli: For sure, ZAK - “Anarchy” is super dope underground record with a big room presence. He’s a Miami boy! Love the Florida crowd. GOSH CRASH & MNTPNSR - “Silk Way” is a proper banger with an amazing melody. Those guys are super talented and based out of Kazakhstan, and this record is a perfect balance of festival and party music. I actually have an aunt who lives over there, really good people. To wrap it up, there’s Artsy Moods - “Carousel” which is a proper banger with a really catchy vocal hook line.
Max, it looks like you guys and the label have turned the Dominincan Republic into somewhat of a homebase. We hear you found love over there! What’s it like living and working in the DR?
Max Vangeli: It’s honestly incredible because the overall vibe here is magical. Found my soulmate, she’s a special one. Life on the island makes you really appreciate life more and honestly, Denis and I are just happy to have a new home! The label needed that island life to grow in the direction we both envisioned it.
Denis, you guys are coming to ADE this year, so what are you hoping to get out of the conference this year?
Denis Hiller: Three things. First I’d like to collect USBs and demos from as many producers as I can, it’s mind blowing how much undiscovered talent there is at Amsterdam Dance Event honestly. I can’t stress enough how important it is for us internally to give new talent the time of day. Second, catch up with old friends and make new ones. Third, take in the vibe of Amsterdam, it’s a unique city and I’ve always had a blast over there!
Max, same question, what’s your plan for Amsterdam Dance Event 2019? Also outside of your own imprint, what are some other labels you appreciate?
Max Vangeli: Honestly, the plan is to reconnect with amazing people and new ones of course! We love all music genres and when it comes to labels, I think we have mutual respect for them all. Of course, I have to give a shout out to my boys at Armada for helping us get off the ground. As many of you know, Armada was big part of NoFace! As far as others I love, Defected with that classic house, Spinnin’ has always been great and let’s not forget Monstercat, Big Beat, Toolroom… Mark Knight’s been rocking it for years. CR2 has been on my list, Laidback Luke’s Mixmash, so many others. This industry is one big family honestly, it’s teamwork.
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