Matt Nash & Delayers Hit A Home "Run"

Oct 10, 2017
Matt Nash & Delayers Hit A Home "Run"
Shortly into Axwell’s headlining set on the Axtone Stage at Tomorrowland this year, he unleashed a massive mashup including his hit “I Found You” as well as some distinctive and beautiful chords from an unknown track. From there the ID was out and once you heard the full track, you couldn’t but be left with a big smile on your face. Matt Nash & Delayers had crafted the outstanding “Run” and all that was left was to enjoy the release. The DJ support has been huge and the track currently sits in the Top 10 in our Overall Track Chart. We caught up with both Matt Nash and Delayers to get an inside look at their hit collaboration!
Do you remember the first track from one another that really left a big impression on you?
Matt Nash: If I'm honest, I hadn’t actually heard of the guys up until we met, but I’m very happy that we did.
Delayers: Of course, it was “Starlight.” We literally fell in love with that one from the first play! And we still know all of the lyrics!

What brought you guys together to work on “Run”?
Matt Nash: We met each other in Miami this year, where they told me that they had an idea that they wanted to work on together.
Delayers: Exactly. We’d always wanted to work with Matt, but since our style is usually a bit stronger than his, we decided to make a demo that was more in line with his sound – happy it was one he couldn’t say no to!
Can you take us through the production process for the track going from initial inspiration to final tweaks? Do you feel like you guys realized your initial vision of the track?
Matt Nash: As mentioned the production started with Delayers sending me over ther initial idea. I then developed the track further adding some sounds, tweaking a lot of details and finally recording my vocals over the track.
Delayers: To go a bit more in depth on the above, we did the melodic riff and a first demo of the drop, but it wasn’t powerful enough. Matt really provided the magic, tweaking every sound and giving the track what it needed to be really catchy.
How does “Run” slot into each of your sets? What's the reception been like?
Matt Nash: It’s the perfect closer! The reception has been amazing, it really stands out in a set.
Delayers: Agreed. We usually play “Run” as a last track, so everyone is left with those cool and emotional chords.

What does it mean to you guys to release on Axtone? What was the experience like having Axwell premiere the track at Tomorrowland?
Matt Nash: I’ve always enjoyed working with Axtone, especially since I had my first big break with “Starlight” on the label. Axwell is definitely a big inspiration of mine so it’s always great to have his support on a track.
Delayers: C’mon guys... it’s every producer’s dream to release a track on Axtone! When we finally got the agreement, we almost cried. And then when Axwell played “Run” at Tomorrowland, we did cry.

Looking deeper into your own sets at the moment, what are two must play tracks?
Matt Nash: Sebjak – “Yeah”! Always kills it for me. Huge toms and big rave leads, always tears the place apart. Also, HI-LO & Alok – “Alien Technology” gets massive reactions for me live.
Delayers: We’d say Tony Romera – “Fire inside” and our collab “Bass Code” with SLVR.
What has you excited for ADE and this fall? Any big plans that you can share with us?
Matt Nash: ADE is always a great vibe. I love that you have so many people from around the world all in one place to enjoy dance music. I’m really looking forward to the shows I have and also talking music with producer friends who I don’t see regularly.
Delayers: So we are playing a few different shows – the Nameless Showcase, Bingo Players & Friends and then we might make an appearance at one amazing party where we are going to premiere one of our next big collabs!
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