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CID's Exclusive Mix & "Secrets"

Feb 03, 2017
CID's Exclusive Mix & "Secrets"



Every time we catch up with CID, his profile has continued to grow since the last time. His music has consistently been singled out, supported, and praised by some of the biggest artists in the industry. 2016 was no different, with his big tracks “No!,” “Sweet Memories,” and “Together” helping to land him at #13 in our 2016 Top 100 Producers. He kicks off 2017 in a big way with the release today of “Secrets.” A catchy vocal house track ft. Conrad Sewell, it’s sure to be making its way to a dancefloor near you. He joined us to celebrate the new track by crafting an Exclusive Mix and taking a look at his productions and direction for 2017 in his story.



Can you highlight three tracks in your mix and what makes the tracks and artists stand out?
1. Chris Lorenzo ft. Sonny Fodera – “Afterparty.” These are two of my favorite producers out of the UK right now and it’s cool to see them on a track together. Chris Lorenzo has been pushing the UK bass sound for a while and he always comes up with unique sound design in his productions that is always super fresh.

2. CamelPhat – “Lizard King.” Another one of my favorite acts out of the UK right now. They’ve consistently been putting out amazing tracks that always find their way into my techier sets.

3. Zonderling – “Tunnel Vision” (Don Diablo Extended Edit). This track is just massive! Zonderling have really figured out a way to make their music stand out while still having a unique identifiable sound. I think in a time when it’s so easy to copy other people’s sound, it’s cool to see someone coming out with something that sounds original.

Over the last few months, you’ve gotten to play some nice shows on a mini tour with Chris Lake, Insomniac Countdown, and NYE with Kaskade. What else have you been up to?
I ended last year playing some amazing shows and it really inspired me to get back in the studio. In between weeks of touring it’s easy to start ideas, but it gets kind of hard to finish music. I started this year locked in the studio with my focus being on getting as many of those ideas finished so we can start planning all of the releases for the rest of the year.


Let’s talk “Secrets” – what was the initial inspiration and sketch like?
I've been doing a lot more songwriting from scratch lately, but for “Secrets,” it was a vocal idea that was sent to me. Originally the vocal was at a much slower tempo so I really sped it up and arranged it in a way that would fit my style. After that I started messing with new chords and sounds under the vocal. The distorted chords in the break was the first thing I laid down and I knew I had something special.

Can you talk a little bit about your involvement in the songwriting process and working with Conrad Sewell on the track?
For this song, the original vocals were really slow, so I had to speed them up a lot. Sometimes when you do that it can sound a little wacky because of natural vibrato sounding really fast. Luckily, when Conrad was onboard to sing the song, we were able to record them already at the faster tempo. I have wanted to collaborate with Conrad for a while and I thought this would be the perfect song for us to work on together. Coincidentally he was in New York for a show when I asked and we were able to get in the studio and record it. He's incredibly talented and his vocal performance really brought out the emotion of the song.

What’s the reception been like when you’ve played the track out in your live sets?
Usually I like to test out my music before the release, but for “Secrets” I wanted to keep a little mystery around it leading up to the release. I’ve snuck it into a few sets though, and the reaction has been amazing. I’m really looking forward to playing this in all of my sets now that it’s out!

The artist support on your tracks is no joke, and the initial reception to “Secrets” is no different with an A list of artist support already (Don Diablo, Oliver Heldens, Martin Garrix, Tiësto). At this point, is there any artist supporting your music that surprises you or is particularly meaningful?
I’m just grateful to see all of these guys who I looked up to as a fan supporting my music. It’s hard to single anyone out, but I really pay close attention to what’s happening in the UK and anytime I hear Danny Howard or Pete Tong play one of my songs or say my name on BBC Radio 1 it’s a really awesome feeling.

Can you talk about your remix with Galantis of “Pillow Fight”? How did you guys take that track in a new direction?
I love the Galantis guys – they’ve really become like brothers. We did a bunch of touring together this past year and we talked about doing some stuff together. For the “Pillow Fight” Remix, they approached me to do a more club oriented version with them for their sets. They wanted to still keep the essence of their original, but have more beefed up build-ups and drops.

As your profile continues to grow, what are some of your goals for 2017? How has the vision for CID changed since last year?
For 2017 I’m still going to be releasing club tracks, but I’ve also been working on some more song driven music. I had some success with club tracks this past year, but I’ve really been feeling creative writing on original songs. Don't get me wrong though, it will all still have my sound, and my aim is to always make music that works in a club and in my sets.

We know you’ve been working on lots of new music – any other tracks you can tell us about?
I’ve really taken a break from collaborations for a little as I’m really focused on releasing a solo EP. I do have a couple of surprises coming later this year with some featured vocalists that I can’t wait to announce!


CID ft. Conrad Sewell – “Secrets” is now available to buy or stream today!


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