Connecting With Trance Legends Kyau & Albert

Jan 26, 2017
Connecting With Trance Legends Kyau & Albert
Earlier this month, we caught up with trance icons Kyau & Albert after a rare open to close set. The duo’s energy was palpable all night and they were embracing the opportunity to play through a mix of newer trance and classics. After hearing some of their top 2016 tracks, "Memory Lane" and "Sleeping Lions," the duo talked to us about what went into them.
What was it like playing open to close?
Ralph Kyau: Although we’ve done it a couple of times recently, we really don’t play open to close very often. I think it was our manager’s idea. They requested us and he asked if they were interested in open to close and they were really interested.
Steven Albert: On the one hand, it’s really cool because you can play a lot of tracks that you don’t usually play, but on the other side, it’s also really exhausting.
Ralph Kyau: But I prefer longer sets to one hour sets because one hour sets are very compressed.
In addition to the album, you guys put out some big tracks this past year. Do you have a favorite release from 2016?
Ralph Kyau: That’s really hard to say. I think the most successful track was “Memory Lane.”
Steven Albert: For me, it was probably “Memory Lane.”
How did that track come about?
Steven Albert: It’s just that when you’re in the studio and you’re making music, suddenly it comes out. It’s not that you’re walking around and seeing something.
Ralph Kyau: You never plan to do a track. You do demos or ideas constantly.
Steven Albert: Tracks don’t come when you don’t work at them. It happens in the studio.  
When did you guys realize that you were onto something?
Ralph Kyau: Initially we thought it was strong and offered it to Anjunabeats because they were asking us if we had something new. Then they said they wanted to release it.
Steven Albert: But of course with every track that you do, you always think it’s the best one you’ve ever made. It’s really hard to predict, so you just need to do what you like and there’s a chance it becomes big.
Ralph Kyau: Even in retrospect, if you have a track that’s kind of old, you think, “Wow that’s really cool.” But in the moment when it’s finished, you never really know how it will work.
Let’s go onto one more track. Can you talk about making “Sleeping Lions”?
Ralph Kyau: It’s with an English singer who is living in Germany and we met him through our publishing company.
Steven Albert: It was really good to work with them because they have a different way of songwriting and thinking.
Ralph Kyau: Basically he was not into trance at all. He’s more dubstep/trap.
So how did you get him to work with trance?
Steven Albert: We had the key to the studio, so we made it trancey. [laughs]
Ralph Kyau: Initially he wasn’t sure if the track was good or bad, but we told him to trust us.
How would you describe how you fit into the present day trance scene?
Steven Albert: I think that we’ve been in the business for a long time, so people who are following trance have probably heard of us. Also recently I have the feeling that trance is getting more popular, even the faster trance. We’re feeling the energy and really enjoying it.
What does 2017 hold in store for you guys?
Steven Albert: A new album later this year!
Enjoy the recent Anjunabeats Worldwide episode courtesy of Kyau & Albert here.
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