[Premiere] Shane 54 Ft. Jenny Jordan – Paradise (Maddix Remix)

Dec 08, 2016
[Premiere] Shane 54 Ft. Jenny Jordan – Paradise (Maddix Remix)
We are excited to bring you the premiere of Maddix’s remix of Shane 54’s new single “Paradise” featuring Jenny Jordan. Taking a trance track to big room is no easy task, but Maddix has done so flawlessly and both guys joined us to share their thoughts on the remix.

Shane’s Thoughts
How did you select Maddix to be one of the remixers for “Paradise”?
I always hated those remix packs where you have four remixes that sound exactly the same and don’t explore the song in different genres. That's the point in remixing – to have someone else's totally different view on your music. I am lucky to have fans in different genres so I reached out to those who knew those far better than I am. Maddix's name kept coming up, and his sound is really fat and juicy. I reached out, and a week later I had a remix that was just perfect.
What makes his remix stand out to you?
“Paradise” is a very hard song to remix, as it was written in a specific way with pretty unusual chord changes, that can be tricky to deal with in certain genres. That is certainly true to big room, and Maddix's solution was great. It is one of those big room tracks that I can totally listen to, sounds fat and juicy, and gives a layer to the song I didn't know existed. I love this remix!
Maddix’s Thoughts
What was the first thing that stood out to you when you listened to “Paradise” the first few times?
The first thing I noticed was the trancey vibe and I really liked the vocals. I immediately knew I could transform it into a heavier drop so it could be played by different DJs as well!
What elements of the original did you know you wanted to preserve?
Since I don't often work with vocals, whenever I get one I just load it in and start working from scratch. Trying to look for new chords that might fit to give it a whole new atmosphere. This doesn't always work of course, but I like to make it as much of my own as I can. The minimum is to preserve the vocal so people can of course recognize that!
How do you think you’ve taken the remix and made the track your own?
I grabbed only the vocal and started working. Since I'm mostly known for my heavy club tracks that is what I transformed this one into as well, but this time with a nice vocal breakdown so people can sing along!
Shane 54 ft. Jenny Jordan – "Paradise" and the official remixes will be released tomorrow. In addition, Shane 54 will be performing his debut solo show tomorrow in Los Angeles at Exchange LA with BT and Late Night Alumni. Tickets are available here.
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