One On One With House Icon Bob Sinclar

Apr 19, 2017
One On One With House Icon Bob Sinclar
Bob Sinclar is a man who needs no introduction; he simply eats, sleeps, and breathes quality house music. We were honored to catch up with him as he gears up for a big summer. Enjoy a deep look at how he values creating a culture with his music, his iconic Paris By Night events at Pacha Ibiza, and some of his favorite producers at the moment.
Your radio show has been tracklisted for the entirety of 1001Tracklists’ existence – not many DJs can say that. How special is it to you to have created an iconic show that has set the standard for quality house music for all that time?
First of all, I want to thank the entire team of 1001Tracklists for believing in my work, it’s a great honor to be a part of the family. My radio shows since 1997 have been very important for me to share my music with the world. It's a great opportunity to play all of my favorite music at that moment. I never lie with my music, there is always the right balance between classics and new up and coming talents. I let my music and the culture it creates talk for me.

How do you feel the meaning of having a radio show as a DJ has changed over time?
To have a quality radio show – it’s like having a residency in a high profile club in Ibiza, it’s both a privilege and an award. You need to be respected as an artist for what you've done and respected as an artist for your part in the music culture. It means a lot for your DJ resume, as the show is a major window into your world.

We really enjoyed catching you at the Axtone pool party in Miami and it looked like you were having a great time with friends past and present. Can you talk a little about the special vibe at that event?
I really have a profound friendship and genuine admiration for Axwell, he is a real artist. We have made music and a lot of parties together over the years because of our passion for the same music and it has always been a high for me. Step by step Axtone have created a strong label profile and I was honored to be a part of the team for that event. The Delano Hotel was the perfect location and the perfect size to organize that event – we could really play feel good house music.

Some of the artists playing that event may be a good indicator, but whose music is currently inspiring you at the moment?
I don’t really focus on one artist in particular. I give my music a little bit of nostalgia to try to create a timeless song. I want it to be club oriented, but with music that is personal to me. I constantly listen to classics from Stevie Wonder to Frank Sinatra, from Michael jackson to Toto, just to try to understand the feelings of legendary music.

We know you were influential in helping Michael Calfan’s growth. Are there any other young guys at the moment who you are working closely with or any that we should be on the lookout for?
Yes I love looking after new talents and giving them advice and Michael was one of them. Since 1994 with my label, Yellow Productions, I’ve produced guys like Dimitri from Paris, Kid Loco, Salome de Bahia and many more. Today I’ll highlight a new artist named Erik Hagleton, who I’ve worked with for many years. His music is more underground so it’s a bit harder for him to explode as fast as Michael did, but I try to push him as much as I can in every direction. He made such an amazing remix of Basement Jaxx – “Jump and Shout,” a dance floor killer (Check out Sinclar dropping the track below).

Looking into your club sets, what are two must play artists for you and why?
The two producers I love at the moment are Prok & Fitch from the UK and The Cube Guys from Italy. Both of them produce the perfect tech house music for my DJ sets. They love “house” and always introduce the right vibes. The music and vocals in their music always finds the perfect combination between efficiency and elegance. Keep up the good work guys!

We know playing Pacha in Ibiza holds a special place in your heart – what can you tell us about your plans for Ibiza and the Paris By Night events this summer?
This year I am a resident at Pacha again and it’s a great honor. I will play there for 20 weeks in a row alongside the best DJs on the planet from Armand Van Helden to 2 Many Djs to Tom Staar to Louie Vega and many more talented artists. The creme de la creme of the house music producers will play there with me.
My party is Paris By Night, a burlesque reflection of my imagination. I have the best performers of Paris coming every Saturday to create human art while I play house music. I want the crowd to be excited by what they see and not only the DJs playing music. I want to involve them in my dreams and share my energy with them. Only this combination of talent and Pacha Ibiza can create this amazing chemistry and welcome in the most beautiful house music cabaret in the world.

Can you tell us about any productions you are working on at the moment?
I am ready for summer at Pacha Ibiza and around Europe as I have almost three singles ready for this year, but I can't talk about them yet, as I want to keep them a surprise! I am always looking for the right chemistry in music and am excited to play the tracks this summer. I hope you will like them as much as I do!
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