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Bobby Duque Is Back

Apr 14, 2020
Bobby Duque Is Back
Today we’re joined by Bobby Duque who’s had a busy run of originals and remixes, with a ton more on the way! He’s got a very diverse musical background and taste, which shows in his productions. We discuss the latest from Bobby, which is his just released remix of Monäva’s “Playing With Fire.” 
Hey Bobby, thanks for joining us today. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers? 
What's up, I'm Bobby Duque. I'm a producer, live performing musician, and touring artist, currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Who were some of the early musical inspirations that made you want to get started with producing and DJing? Who are some of the artists that you're closely following at the moment? 
I grew up in the 90s, so some of my earliest inspirations were bands like Linkin Park, Blink 182, The Used, Green Day, and so many others. As I grew up, so did my musical interests. I started listening to heavier music, some good ole emo music and started playing in bands when I was 14 in Los Angeles. When I was 17, I went to Musicians Institute in Hollywood where I learned the very basics of recording and engineering. 
Right now, I'm inspired by a lot of music, but probably some of my favorites are Jon Bellion, 21 Pilots, Panic! At the Disco and a lot of other random artists. I know that I make a lot of electronic and bass style music, but I happen to have a soft spot for good pop music. 
I also mix and master a lot of electronic music for other artists, so listening to more chill stuff on my off time is an especially nice break away from the day to day of listening to growls and bass on loop haha. 
You've changed your name around previously. Can you talk about that and tell us about some of your earlier projects and also what you're doing now as Bobby Duque? 
Yes, I used the name BOB-O for about a year, which is a nickname that some friends and family already called me. Maybe it was an attempt to try to run away from my past and previous projects? I was in a different headspace when I created the name. It took me a year of going by a new name to realize that there was nothing to run from and that I should embrace who I already was and just use my own name, Bobby Duque. 
Can you shed some light on your experience playing with bands and how that lends itself to your diverse interest in genres? 
I played in bands in my mid-teens and early twenties, usually playing guitar or being a lead singer. Playing live instruments on stage has always played a big role in my life. 
I feel like my stage presence and performance directly derives from my years playing in bands and knowing that if the band isn't going crazy and energetic on stage, the crowd isn't going to be as engaged or energy is going to be very one-directional. 
You've got a remix upcoming on FVYDID for Monäva's “Playing With Fire.” Can you talk about what you like about the original and how you wanted to approach this remix and put your twist on it? 
I heard the original of this tune and really liked the vocal. Once I got the acappella and got to work on the tune, it seemed like time just flew. Within a few hours, I had a working idea of the song and by the next day, I made a couple of tweaks and then the remix was done. 
I don't generally finish songs or remixes that fast, In fact, I've got tunes I've been sitting on for years that aren't finished (which is sad to say). My favorite and best songs I work on come out the quickest and with the most ease. I feel like when inspiration hits, things just move super quickly.  
We hear that you're related to Sonny Moore aka Skrillex. Can you tell us about that? 
Yeah, we are biologically related, brothers, but we didn't spend much time growing up together. We were raised in separate families, but we both ended up pursuing the universal language of music. We've never worked together musically. He's always done his own thing, and I've just done mine. 
Though I'm very proud of what he's accomplished and the movement he's made in the industry, I've never had any intentions of piggybacking off of any of that. I've always wanted my work to speak for itself. 
Earlier this year you released two tracks, “Kill Me” with Orphin and “Habits & Control” with JackEL and Merdix Antwinette. Can you tell us about each of these tracks and what it was like working with the collaborators on both? 
Yes, the track “Kill Me” that I did with Orphin. He is one of my best friends and an amazing vocalist Alex Gresham. He's also a great up and coming producer. He sent me the main vocal idea one day and then we went back and forth with stems until the song felt right. He's singing the verses, and I pop my voice in everyone once in a while for the “Kill Me” hook. 
On “Habits & Control,” the song was supposed to be a remix for Merdix Antwinette (Gigi Cesare), but after we all heard everything come together, we made a unanimous decision to use my remix as the original. I was fortunate enough to work in the studio with Gigi & JackEL on this one and some other tunes. Great up and coming artist and singer! 
What sort of collaborations can we expect from Bobby Duque soon?  
Well, right now, I'm sitting on a lot of music. I've had the opportunity to work with some great vocalists, songwriters, rappers, producers, and musicians, even some that I grew up idolizing, which is super awesome to think about. 
A lot of these tunes are DONE or close to done, and I'll be finishing tons during this period of quarantine. So be on the lookout on my social media (@BobbyDuque) for release dates coming soon!
You can stream Bobby's remix of "Playing With Fire" on your platform of choice today! 
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