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Buzz Low: Rapidly Catching On

Jul 15, 2019
Buzz Low: Rapidly Catching On
Buzz Low has rapidly emerged onto the scene after catching the attention of Afrojack and the Wall Recordings team in the Global Remix Battle I. In addition to winning the competition, he’s gotten to work closely with Afrojack and has some exciting new music and gigs on the way. We dove into his background and the story behind his remix competition, so read on to learn all about it! 
Hi Bas, thanks for joining us today! How's your year been going so far? 
2019 so far has been pretty good, especially since I signed with LDH Europe. I am now working on new music everyday in the studio so a lot of cool songs are coming.
For readers who are unfamiliar with you, can you provide some background into where you're from, when you started producing, and the types of music that you like to make? 
My name is Bas Lefeber and I am a Dutch DJ and producer. I started producing when I was around 14 years old and started taking it more seriously when I started studying at the Herman Brood Academie three years ago. I produce tech house and dance pop. I really like artists such as Chris Lake, Fisher, MK and Jax Jones.
Can you talk to us about what it was like winning the Global Remix Battle I? What was it like deciding to participate, making the remix, and then ultimately finding out that you won? 
I heard about the remix contest via a teacher from school (shoutout to Jeroenski) and when I submitted my remix I got an email back about a week later asking if I wanted to come by the office of LDH Europe in Rotterdam, that felt pretty unreal and really amazing. Then I started working in the studio at LDH Europe a few days a week for a couple of months and after a few months I was officially signed to LDH Europe.
What advice would you give to an aspiring producer who enters a remix competition? 
Make sure that your remix has something special in it so it stands out compared to the other remixes, because with a remix contest you of course have a lot of competition and only one can be the best.
How has your relationship grown with Afrojack and the Wall Recordings team since you won the competition?
I have seen Nick a few times at his home so I could work there and so that he could help me with feedback instantly. That is really awesome and so helpful, his feedback is really good and in the few times I’ve met him I’ve already learned so much. And for the Wall Recordings team, I am working in the studio at the LDH Europe office everyday now so when we have to discuss anything it is really easy and fast which is awesome.
You're also getting to play alongside Afrojack at Starbeach in Greece. Can you tell us about your excitement level for that? 
Can’t describe that in words.. I was at Starbeach myself as a visitor two years ago hoping I could play there one day and now two years later I am. A dream coming true, so excited for it!
We hear that you have some new music on the way. Anything that you can tease for us? 
I have two new club songs which will be released on Friday!
And lastly, is there anything upcoming in the remaining summer months that has you particularly excited? 
Yes! I have a really cool remix of an awesome song which I like a lot that will be released this summer. But I can't reveal anything more just yet.
Stay tuned for the new Buzz Low's new single dropping this Friday! 
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