RAE Remixes RAE

Feb 16, 2017
RAE Remixes RAE
RAE is a multi-talented artist who excels in singing, songwriting, and producing. Her DJ sets often feature her singing her own vocals, and “That Feeling” is a big tune that she belts out over top the instrumental. Get to know more about RAE and enjoy her commentary on the DJ Mix of “That Feeling,” a darker tune primed for peak time at the clubs.
Can you tell us about the original release of “That Feeling”? How did this track come about?
I wrote the song a good while ago; it’s always been about the feel good vocal with a classic house vibe. I did several mixes of it, and it was one of those I kept going back and forth on. Mandal & Forbes loved it and came in on it, so we got in the studio together and finally nailed it.
What can you tell us about the DJ Mix and why you chose to release this in addition to the original mix? How does it compare to the original version?
I wanted to flip the song, give it my own stamp and open up appeal to a different crowd. It’s always fun remixing my own songs. I can have fun with it and I loved taking it onto the dark side. The original mix is really uplifting; this mix is moody – it fits peak time club. It suits my sets perfectly and people seem to be feeling it.
When did you decided you were going to make two versions of “That Feeling”? Which did you finish first?
We did the original some time ago. It’s been waiting in the wings, whereas the remix I did fairly recently to suit my DJ sets.
Have you played both versions out in your DJ sets or do you prefer one to the other? What have the reactions been like when you’ve played “That Feeling” out?
Yes, the original works with the more commercial mixed crowds. I played it and sang it live on NYE in Kuala Lumpur and it was the biggest tune of the night even without people knowing it. The VIP mix works with the house heads. It's got that old-school vibe about it and the vocal really stands out with the stark contrast – nice impact.
Can you talk about your overall approach to your productions and the variety of roles that you play in terms of singer, songwriter, producer, etc.?
I get into different moods. If I'm producing or remixing I tend to go on lockdown in my studio, get provisions in and zone in heavy – I need my club head on. With my singing and writing it's a totally different mood to be in – sometimes emotional, intense, and sometimes they all come together beautifully. I'm singing, writing and producing as I’m feeling it and bringing it all together.
What’s it like performing when you’re DJing and singing at the same time? Do you do this for all of your performances?
Almost every set I’ve played I have also performed. It's my USP, I love it when it takes the crowd by surprise. I go from locked into the mix to picking up the mic and smashing out a big powerhouse vocal, and it’s fun using my own voice as an effect. No need for acapellas, but when I play a DJ set I still really enjoy getting lost in the tunes and my mixing.
What do the next couple of months hold in store for you?
Right now I’m heading to Ibiza to work on music, do some live radio and play at Pacha. Then Dubai, and back to London for some shows on home turf. Then we’re close to opening parties and summertime where I’ll be busy juggling touring, studio and writing with a bit of other life somewhere in the mix...

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