Karasso Rings The Alarm

May 27, 2020
Karasso Rings The Alarm
We were delighted to catch up with Israeli producer Omri Karasso, who’s fresh off his breakthrough release on Generation Smash. Known for his festival ready sound, Karasso’s “Ring The Alarm” is sure to shake living rooms around the world. 
Hey Omri, thanks for joining us today. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers? How long have you been producing and DJing and what has the evolution of your career been like through your eyes? 
Hey! Thanks for having me with you today! It's wonderful to be here. My name is Karasso (aka Omri Karasso) and I’m a 29 year old DJ & producer from Israel. I started DJing when I was 16 years old at some small parties in the town that I grew up in, and as I grew older I started to DJ in clubs all over Israel.
My evolution as a producer started when I first watched the Tomorrowland 2011 aftermovie. The feeling that I had all over my body definitely was the first and most important step of my career. After that I started to mess around with DAWs and begin taking my productions to the next level.
Can you tell us about the artists who inspired you to get into music production? Who are you drawing influence from today?
Over the years I got exposed to many different genres of music which are influencing my productions today such as rock, hip hop, house and even ethnic music. But If we are looking at the inspiration for my EDM productions, it is definitely Avicii, Hardwell, Swedish House Mafia & DVLM. In my eyes, the combination of genres is the key to success.
Last June you released a festival remix of “Old Town Road” that received some great support! What do you like about the original, and what made you want to remix it? How did you approach the remix?
“Old Town Road” is kind of a milestone for me as a producer. I can say that it’s the first production that I was really satisfied with and had a really good feeling about. When I first heard the original song, I thought that the combination of trap & country music was brilliant and I said to myself that this is going to be a massive hit and I have to take it into the dancefloors.
When I approached the remix, I wanted to keep the main part of the original song as simple as I could and I wanted to give it a festival break feeling that the crowd will be able to sing along with. This is why I chose the buildup and drop to be most of the energetic part of the remix.
And now you have your first major release just out on Generation Smash with “Ring The Alarm.” How does it feel to have the support of DVLM and the Smash The House team? Tell us about the moment you learned that they wanted to sign the track.
As you said, “Ring The Alarm” is my first major release, and the feeling is amazing! Having the recognition from two of the biggest artists in the industry is something that I've worked so hard for and in the end it paid off!
The moment I found out that Smash The House wanted to sign the track was huge for me, I was so excited that I had to read the email over and over. The feeling when you work so hard to get all of the pieces of the puzzle together with success is unforgettable!
Can you talk about how you approached “Ring The Alarm”? What was the initial idea and how did you take it through the production process?
The idea for “Ring The Alarm” was born the second I heard the vocals, which I knew was going to be the makings of a massive track. With the vocals I knew that I already had a theme for the track, so I started to build the break around it with the alarm sound and the elements which are familiar with my style of productions. For the drop I used an existing drop that I had from an unfinished track so I just had to make the adjustment to make it fit with the break and combine them all together.
What's next for you production wise? Anything upcoming that you can tell us about? 
For now, I’ll keep working hard to finish some more productions that I started over the Corona Virus break. I do have something that is upcoming, but this is all I can say for now ;)
If you could collaborate with any living artist, in any genre, who would you choose?
This is the hardest question that you can ask an artist, but If I have to choose I'll go with two bands that during my childhood I don’t think that I spent one day without listening to their songs: Red Hot Chili Peppers and Linkin Park.
And lastly, while things are really tough with the virus crisis, what's something positive that is pushing you through and keeping you motivated and excited?
The only thing that I can say about it is that we all need to think positive and everything is eventually coming to an end, including the virus. Soon we will all come back to the dancefloors and festival stages.
You can stream or download "Ring The Alarm" on your platform of choice today! https://orcd.co/ring_the_alarm
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