1001Tracklists Spotlight: Slow Magic

Jul 22, 2019
1001Tracklists Spotlight: Slow Magic
The iconically masked Slow Magic joins us today to celebrate his first original release of 2019 and the first installment of his double-single project, “Dreams Pt. 1.” Featuring a lyrically driven A-side and instrumental B-side, we take a deep dive into his otherworldly and unique sounds with his Spotlight Mix & Interview.
Hi mate, thanks for joining us today! How’s your year been going so far?
Hello! It has been great so far. Flying by too fast though.
For someone who hasn’t heard your music or is unfamiliar with your background, how would you describe your music?
I would say my music overall tries to capture a feeling of escape and freedom in a playful kind of way. It’s electronic music, but it has organic elements in it too. 
Your first original release of 2019 “Dreams Pt. 1” just dropped last Friday! What story or concept are you trying to tell? How did the songs on the release come about?
I wanted to create a world that is reminiscent of having a dream and the feelings associated with that. The feeling between being awake and being asleep. “Dreams Pt. 1” also represents aspirations and lofty goals that we all strive for.
What was the inspiration behind releasing an EP as a double-single format, with a lyrically driven A-side and instrumental B-side?
“Dreams” will be a 3 part series releasing from now through the end of the year. I wanted to include a song that pushes the boundaries of what Slow Magic may have been in the past by incorporating more vocals and even some pop music ideas while staying true to my roots and including an instrumental track too.
What are the most important qualities that you look for when choosing an artist or a vocalist to work with? 
I don’t have a list of criteria or anything like that, I’m pretty open. The vocal or voice has to jump out and grab me, from there it’s always an easy decision. When I first heard Julianne Hope’s voice for “Daydream” I immediately knew it would fit perfectly.
What are three highlight tracks included in your Spotlight Mix today and why do they stand out to you?
Ah this is a tough question to narrow it down.
1. DJ Seinfeld – “U Hold Me Without Touch.” This has to be my favorite song right now, the drums hit me hard and I can’t stop listening to them
2.Slow Magic – “Closer” (VIP) x Clams Casino – “I’m God.” This is a staple of my new show lately and it’s my favorite part of the night to play it. A song like “I’m God” is so emotional and I love sharing that with people.
3. Instupendo – “Long Live.” Free A$AP. 
And lastly, is there anything that you’re excited about in the upcoming months that you’d like to tell our readers about?
I’m really excited to release new masks to the public! It’s been a while since we have sold the first ones and I love seeing people out in the crowd with their own light up masks.
You can buy/stream the Dreams Pt. 1 EP on your platform of choice today! https://awal.lnk.to/DreamsPt1
Connect with Slow Magic: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Full tracklist info available at Slow Magic - 1001Tracklists Spotlight Mix 2019-07-22
Slow Magic - Girls (VIP)
jam7cv (34.5k)
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Bladee X Mechatok - All I Want [YEAR0001]
jam7cv (34.5k)
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Slow Magic ft. Julianne Hope - Daydream [IMAGINARY FRIENDS]
jam7cv (34.5k)
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Post-Foetus - Kiki
jam7cv (34.5k)
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Tourist - Hearts [MONDAY]
jam7cv (34.5k)
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Slow Magic - Waited 4 U (VIP) [DOWNTOWN]
jam7cv (34.5k)
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DJ Seinfeld - U Hold Me Without Touch
jam7cv (34.5k)
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Slow Magic - When It Rains But The Sun Is Out Too [IMAGINARY FRIENDS]
jam7cv (34.5k)
1 Save
San Holo - Lost Lately [BITBIRD]
jam7cv (34.5k)
35 Save
Yung Lean - Smirnoff Ice [YEAR0001]
jam7cv (34.5k)
1 Save
Ryan Hemsworth - Machine Manners [SECRET SONGS]
jam7cv (34.5k)
2 Save
Slow Magic - Closer (VIP)
jam7cv (34.5k)
1 Pre-Save
Clams Casino - I'm God [FREE]
jam7cv (34.5k)
12 Save
Slow Magic - Drum (Metal Version)
jam7cv (34.5k)
1 Pre-Save
Little Snake - If U Don't Knoh [RENRAKU]
jam7cv (34.5k)
3 Pre-Save
Instupendo - Long Live.
jam7cv (34.5k)
2 Pre-Save