On The Rise: MN10

Jul 31, 2018
On The Rise: MN10
MN10 is an up and coming Belgian artist who had the unique opportunity to perform at Tomorrowland Weekend 1. He’s just dropped a super fresh summer release titled “Lost,” and there couldn’t be a better time to get to know the new talent!
Cyril, pleasure to have you on board with us, could you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a bit more about your history with the MN10 project?
It's a pleasure for me too – thank you for having me! I am MN10, a 24 year old DJ and producer from Belgium.
Thus far, I’ve released three productions with my MN10 project. The first was “Mooglee” which was released around one year ago in July. It’s a track that I made to take the crowd to another level and definitely more of one I would consider a “DJ Tool.” It had awesome vocals from MC Shurakano (from Syndicate Of Law) who is the same guy who made the famous countdown vocal that a lot of international DJs use in their sets!

The second release was titled “Game Over.” It's a track I made really just for fun and I released during Miami Music Week in March of this year. It's a fusion between hip-hop and trap music and I made it with a rapper from Florida so the timing of release was perfect!

Now, it's time for my third release, “Lost”! I am very, very proud of this tune because it embodies the summer! It’s meant to be listened to anywhere and everywhere – club or festival, on the beach or in a bar – really everywhere!

Talk to us some more about the inspiration behind your new single “Lost.” What made you want to make a track with more commercial and radio appeal?
You know, I really just want to make the music that I love to hear. That's why the three songs I’ve released at the moment are absolutely different – each represents my passion and inspiration at that time! Currently I am focused on more commercial tunes and you can hear that in “Lost.” While I want to reach a larger and more general audience, I will not stop producing big room music like my “Mooglee” project, so going forward I’ll have two kinds of releases.

What was it like for you to working on a bit of a different production with a new sound?
I really loved working on this one! I think it's the first track I made that makes me generally happy when I listen to it.

How’d the vocal factor in and what do you like most about it?
I love the vocal, it’s very cool and sensual. I actually found her on an online platform and it was a natural fit!

Can you highlight another of your productions, and why it stands out to you?
Sure! The next track I would like to release is called “Just You.” It's another more commercial EDM tune I finished a few months before “Lost.” It's a love song with some catchy vocals. Once you listen to it once, you’ll have it stuck in your head all day long! So as you can imagine, I am very excited to release that one!

Who are some of your inspirations both as a producer, but also as an overall artist?
There are a lot of artists who inspire me, but I love the stage performances of Axwell & Ingrosso and the productions of guys like Calvin Harris, Martin Solveig, and The Chainsmokers.

On Sunday of Weekend 1 at Tomorrowland, you had the unique chance to perform! Although it was a smaller stage, we’re sure the experience was still incredible! Can you tell us some more about that?
Yes I did and the experience was absolutely magic!! It was on the Sound Of Tomorrow stage, and it was at the end of the weekend so everyone was hot! Maybe it's just a small stage, but like a lot of DJs, it's a dream to play at Tomorrowland, and I had the chance to realize it! I certainly hope it won’t be the last time.
Can you tell us about some of your short term and long term goals for MN10? Where would you like to be positioned one year from today in the middle of summer season?
In the long run, I’d like to continue to produce a lot of new tracks exploring both a more commercial and big room sound, and I really hope that in one year, more people will love me for the work I make – that’s the ultimate dream for a producer! There is nothing better than to see people from all over the world love the music that you produce and dance to it.
You can buy or stream your copy of MN10 - "Lost" on your platform of choice today!
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