Apr 25, 2017

NERVO & Quintino Team Up On "Lost In You"

Longtime friends NERVO and Quintino finally teamed up for their first official collaboration, “Lost In You.” Released on Spinnin’ Records, the catchy tune is sure to be a crossover hit and is a clear demonstration of the class of producers and musicians where all three belong. Enjoy an inside look into the heartbreak themed story behind the song, their fun music video, and their exciting plans for 2017!
Going way back, do you remember the first time you guys met and what your first impression of the other was?
NERVO: We first met Quintino around 6 or 7 years ago. We were being booked on the same festival circuit and so we would keep bumping into each other. After a few seasons, and a few too many green room parties :) we became good friends. Quintino is such a genuine lovely guy. He’s always smiling, he works very hard, is humble and is always good to everyone around him – these are all such great qualities! 
Quintino: Pff that's a hard one, we met so long ago. The girls are just so nice, even when I just met them for the first time, it felt like we were long time friends.
How has your friendship developed since then and what led you guys to do a collaboration for the first time?
NERVO: Doing a collab with Quintino has only brought us closer. We have been speaking about working together for a long time so we’re thrilled we finally did it!  
Quintino: I've been playing with the girls for a long time and whenever we have the same shows we always end up together on stage having just a great time. We always wanted to work together and now we finally have “Lost in You.”
Quinten, this is a bit of different sound for you – can you talk a little bit about what it was like producing a more radio friendly track?
Quintino: Well if you look over a larger period you will see that in 2016 I started a new path. I release music for the clubs and festivals like “Baldadig” and “Underground” which are releases more in line with what people are used to from me, but I also released the GO HARDER EPs, which while focused on the clubs and festivals, they also give me room to experiment and try new stuff. In addition I also have music which focuses on radio and portals like Spotify – two very important ways to reach your fans. Last year I released “Freak” & “Can’t Fight It,” in that line and “Lost in You” is following that path as well.
Liv + Mim, can you talk about the initial inspiration and songwriting process behind the vocals?
NERVO: The lyrics and melody were inspired by a breakup. We sent the demo vocals to Quinten as we weren’t happy with our track and we couldn’t find any singer to re-record the vocals. Quinten liked the original vocals and breathed new life into the track. After a bit of back and forth over email we finished it. It was a super easy process especially considering that we are based in London, Quinny is based in Holland and we all travel so much. Quintino was great to work with. Such a talent!
Quinten, what was it like working NERVO’s vocals? What do you like most about their voices?
Quintino: It was just a pleasure working with the girls. Because we know each other so well, we were on the same page with the track from the beginning. I just really liked the vocal because of the feeling and I think everyone has been in that relationship where it feels like they are the only one putting in all the effort.  
What was it like working on the music video for the track in Miami?
NERVO: The video was shot in Miami with one of our favourite directors from Finland, Jaakko Manninem. The video features a famous Dutch personality (Twan) and it was shot around our NERVOnation party during Miami Music Week. We also get some carpool karaoke scenes in there with us and Quintino which were heaps of fun to shoot :) 
Quintino: It was really fun to shoot the video, and it gave me the chance to bring my close friend Twan into the video. Shooting the video was actually hard because when shooting in Miami you expect nice weather and sun, but that day the weather was really bad and it was raining. Nonetheless Jaakko the director did an amazing job, he changed the script on the spot and actually used the rain to make the video better. So can’t wait to show it to everyone!
You guys have been at a few shows together both in Miami and since Miami. We know it’s definitely a change of pace, but have you had a chance to play “Lost In You” live?
NERVO: Yes we actually did another NERVONation show in the mountains of Solden, Austria together earlier this month and have had the opportunity to play it there together as well as recently in our own club show sets. The response has been amazing from the fans and we look forward to a club mix coming soon as well as some remixes that we will continue to play!
Quintino: I actually haven’t played the song yet, but I'm working on a special mix for the club – it’s almost done so can’t wait to let you guys hear it!
What’s something you guys are looking forward to in the next month?
NERVO: We took the beginning of 2017 to work on new music and have been developing a few ideas that we’re super psyched about so our goal is to finish these ideas over the next couple of months (hopefully before the European summer starts!). We will be launching our label – GOT ME BABY! Records so we hope to sign a lot of great music in 2017. We have our residencies in Ibiza and Vegas and we’re loving throwing our NERVOnation parties around the world. We’re scheduled to play Tomorrowland mainstage both weekends. Overall we are set and super excited for another big year of touring with a lot of great festivals and club shows and super excited to bring people our new music. 
Quintino: I just bought a new studio and office space, and we are almost finished with the construction. With the new studio there will be more music than ever. We just finished the new GO HARDER EP which will be released in the coming months, and I'm working on some huge collabs, but can’t reveal them yet. I'm also working on my show, there will be new visuals for example. And last but not least, I'm hoping to finalize my new merch this summer, so a lot of exciting things are coming!
“Lost In You” is available to buy/stream on your platform of choice today.
Connect with NERVO: Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with Quintino: Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter
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