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Mike Williams: On Track In 2017

Feb 13, 2017
Mike Williams: On Track In 2017
For Mike Williams, 2017 is off to a fast start – the rising Dutch star has moved to Amsterdam, launched his new radio show, Mike Williams On Track, released hit single “Bambini,” and continued playing big shows across the globe. We caught up with him to discuss all of that and more! Enjoy the most recent episode of Mike Williams On Track as you get to know all of his happenings this year and be sure to check out the tracklist below!
You recently started your own weekly radio show, Mike Williams On Track. How’s that been going so far?  
Yes! It’s going great! I have already received some cool reactions on it and I really enjoy making the mix every week. It takes a lot of time, but it’s worth it!
Can you talk a little about the track selection process for the shows and what the objective for each episode?  
Each episode I try to combine tracks from the big artists together with young producers that send me tracks. My goal is that when people listen to the mix, they won’t hear the difference between the quality of the tracks! There are some really talented guys on this planet haha!
You’ve also been including lots of IDs which definitely excites our readers and listeners! Any artists or tracks that you want to highlight from some of the first episodes?  
I always try to put one or two IDs in my mix because that makes it kind of special. There’s a guy called Roses, he doesn’t have a lot of followers and always sends me music and I really like it!
Bambini” has been really well received by both artists and fans. Can you talk about the reaction to that track in your eyes?
I never expected to get so many great responses on that track. For me it wasn’t really an important release at first, but when I finished the whole project and the video clip came online, it received a lot of views and plays in no time! Amazing☺
What was the inspiration and production process like for that track?  
I wanted to make a happy melodic track, and I searched for a vocal for a long time and didn’t succeed. I’m still thinking about releasing it again with a vocal, but I still haven’t found one that fits…
It looks like Tiësto premiered the track at Ultra Japan [tracklist]! What was that like?  
Amazing! To be honest I didn’t know he played it until I saw a video on YouTube!
Can you talk about how your relationship with Tijs continues to grow?  
It’s really nice to have contact with someone who has such great experience in this scene. We always try to keep in touch, even though we have our own schedules, but I can always send him tracks or ask for advice, which is really helpful!
You just moved to Amsterdam now, right? What was the motivation for that move and will you build yourself a studio there?  
Yes that’s right! I really wanted my own place and to build my own studio. It was a great start of 2017. I’m still working on building my studio and I think it’s going to look great!
What’s it like having your sister on tour with you helping to video your tour life?  
It’s great! It’s really nice to have someone next to me who I completely trust. And of course we know each other very well and she does an amazing job! A couple of months ago we decided to start with ‘On Tour With Mike Williams’ on my YouTube channel and the reactions are amazing. Next video is going online soon!
What’s it like for you playing in Asia? How would you describe the crowds?
Asia is crazy! I really love to go there every time. The crowds are incredible and they have so much energy! It’s really funny walking on the streets there; everyone is looking at us because of my height. Sometimes it can feel a bit weird!
Any plans that you can share with us leading up to Miami this year?
You can definitely find me in Miami this year! Can’t wait for that. We’re still waiting for the last details so unfortunately I can’t announce the shows I’m going to do yet, but it’s going to be amazing just like last year☺ 
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Full tracklist info available at Mike Williams - On Track 005 2017-02-11
Spirix ft. Xuitcasecity - Runaway [SPINNIN' PREMIUM]
Zinderlong (76k)
9 Save
Gramercy - Changes (Curbi Remix) [ARMADA]
Zinderlong (76k)
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Mike Williams - Bambini [MUSICAL FREEDOM]
Zinderlong (76k)
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Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You (Jack Wins Remix) [FREE/ASYLUM]
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78 Pre-Save
WICKD ft. Maria Lennefors - Collide [FANTIK]
bananadoris (4)
7 Save
DubVision - Geht's Noch [MUSICAL FREEDOM]
Zinderlong (76k)
117 Save
Our Psych & Clarx - Vox [LYD (FUTURE HOUSE MUSIC)]
Zinderlong (76k)
28 Save
Truth x Lies - City Lights [TROPIKULT]
BassHouseMusic (55)
8 Pre-Save
The Chainsmokers ft. Emily Warren - Paris (Laurence Remix) [DISRUPTOR (SONY)]
WubWub (275)
1 Pre-Save
Alesso ft. Kinnda - Falling [VIRGIN EMI (UMG)]
Zinderlong (76k)
127 Save
Mistro TS - Promise
rzarpnik (7.6k)
1 Pre-Save
Riton ft. Kah-Lo - Rinse & Repeat [RITONTIME]
Zinderlong (76k)
465 Save
Mike Williams - Sweet & Sour [MUSICAL FREEDOM]
Zinderlong (76k)
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Inpetto - Million Miles (Andy Bianchini Remix) [MIXMASH]
Zinderlong (76k)
11 Pre-Save
Delayers & Vush - Woody [MAXXIMIZE (SPINNIN')]
Zinderlong (76k)
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Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber & MØ - Cold Water (STVCKS Remix) [MAD DECENT]
Zinderlong (76k)
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Don Diablo - Cutting Shapes [HEXAGON]
Zinderlong (76k)
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Shakecraft & Sirrah ft. Kinimono - Bad Behaviour [SPINNIN' DEEP]
Zinderlong (76k)
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