Paul Mayson's Back & Poised For A Huge Year

Apr 06, 2021
Paul Mayson's Back & Poised For A Huge Year
Freshly signed to Sony Music and back with his first release in a couple of years, “Believe” marks a triumphant return for Paul Mayson. There’s plenty more to come from him in 2021 and beyond, and we were really excited to discuss his remake of Cher’s iconic track together with Saint Sinner and much more!
Hi Paul, thanks for joining us today! While life is still not quite back to normal, what have been some of your highlights so far this year?
Thanks for having me! It’s been such a strange period for everyone and I’ve really missed live music and our club culture so much. The positive for me was that even though I’ve just been working on new music at home, I really fell in love with dance music again. It’s exciting to be able to explore freely and it did bring me a lot of good things. I signed a new record deal with Sony Music and I’ve got so much new music coming up now. It’s really exciting and it really feels like the start of something new. 
Let's jump right into your brand new release, “Believe.” It's your first single release in two years and a massive one to come back with. How does it feel to have released this one after the longer break? 
It’s just so special to finally release a new record again. I almost forgot how it felt, even though I’ve been working on music all the time and was also writing and producing for other artists during the past two years. It just feels incredible to put this new one out into the world and I’m overwhelmed by all of the messages and the support. 
How did you come to work with Saint Sinner on this one and what was it like working with her? 
I’ve known her for years actually and have always been a big fan of hers. And the record she released with Tycho was incredible. We worked on multiple songs throughout the years and “Believe” was the one that we decided to put out together. It’s really exciting because we both have completely different backgrounds – it’s a really unusual combination and that’s what I love about it. I’m always trying to push my boundaries and do something different and exciting. 
Take us through the production – what was it like remaking Cher's classic and how did you build the production around the vocal? 
I’ve always been very passionate about sampling. It’s how I started making electronic music and it’s also how electronic music and club culture itself started. The original by Cher has such an unstoppable energy. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s just an iconic song. It gives people a feeling of empowerment and freedom, which is also what dance music and club culture are about for me. I’ve always felt very inspired by how house music and club culture started. How it quite simply gave people a feeling of freedom and happiness. I wanted to create a version of the song that feels new but still retains a bit of that classic feeling. Which is also why I love using a lot of drum machine samples and timeless elements. 
Can you tell us about any particularly strong memories you have of Cher's original? Do you remember the first time that you heard it? 
I was at this intimate club party where all of a sudden the Cher record came on and it completely changed the energy of the entire room. The song just has a special feeling, it’s unstoppable. That’s also when I decided to start working on the record. I asked Saint Sinner to record the vocals and it all came together quite nicely. We went on to officially clear the song and now here we are!
You're now signed with Sony Music as well. What has the experience been like so far working with their team? 
The team at Sony Music is just incredible, it’s been a great journey so far. It actually feels really weird to sign a major record deal while we’re still in this pandemic because you don’t really get to see the people you’re working with on a daily basis a lot. Zoom calls just aren’t the same, so I can’t wait to start spending some more face time with everyone at the label as well as the rest of my team. 
What's up next for you? Any plans for the rest of 2021? 
I just released “Believe” which is a really exciting way to kick things off for me! It really is the start of a new era for me and I’ve got so much music and other exciting news coming up. I’ve had a lot of time to work in the studio throughout the last two years and I finally get to share it all with the world now, which feels great. I also cannot wait to start touring again!
You can stream or download Paul Mayson & Saint Sinner - "Believe" on your platform of choice today! 
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