Harrison Launches Outlaw Records

Mar 05, 2018
Harrison Launches Outlaw Records
Last week Harrison started an exciting new chapter in his career with the debut release on his label Outlaw Records. As he describes, “Outlaw Records is my way of stepping out of my sound and exploring a new path with my music. For me now, I want to put focus on my own songwriting and musical visions with my own label… The music I’m making today feels more like the Harrison sound I’ve always wanted to create.” To celebrate, we took a deep look at “Blinding My Vision” and Harrison’s future plans!
Congrats on the launch of Outlaw Records Harrison, a major accomplishment! How long has having your own label been a goal for you? What do you think was a turning point to making it a reality?
Having my own label was definitely something I always thought about! The ability to be able to release my own music freely, as well as helping other people to get their music heard has always been a dream of mine. I love the feeling when you listen to something new or unique that you instantly fall in love with. The turning point for me was to gain the ability to put music out there without any other labels or A&Rs making myself, and other artists, jump through hoops.

The label kicks things off with a massive solo record “Blinding My Vision.” What made that track the right one to launch the label?
I definitely feel like this song was the way I wanted to go with my label. I found myself listening to this track for months, so I knew it was the one. I get a really super cool feeling when I play this record and I really hope everybody loves it as much as I do. I really do believe in it and I feel like it’s an amazing launch track for Outlaw Records.

Specifically for “Blinding My Vision,” can you take us through the production process?
Well the production process was pretty simple really, like with most of my records I started with the drum pattern. Getting the drums working together is the base of any great record and so creating that groove makes the process of writing that much easier. Once the drums were in, it was then down to creating a memorable hook with the lead melody, layering different elements creating a full sound, to then finally recording my vocals on there. Once the vocals were in, I mixed the record making sure every channel had space to breathe.

It seems like a main drive of the label will be your return to focusing on songwriting and a more song based approach to your music. Could you talk about that a little more?
This will be the first time I’m able to make what I want to! Because I will no longer be told by labels or artists what I should be making, I will definitely be focusing heavily on the productions and songwriting to make them more unique than any of the other tracks I’ve ever done in the past. Obviously I’ll continue incorporating the Harrison vocal that helps me stand apart, and I’ll be making things that I’m very proud of.

What are your plans going forward for live performances? Are you planning on doing a more live type show with full singing and/or how will the Outlaw releases translate into your DJ sets?
I can definitely see the Harrison show going more live eventually, but for now I will be keeping it to the same kind of style as what The Chainsmokers do, a bit of both. I’ve taken my live sets and incorporated live vocals at huge clubs like Ministry Of Sound, but I for sure want to see it evolve.

What can you tell us about some of the label’s next releases? Will it be all Harrison solo material?
So my next release is called “2 White Lies” and it features Kill The Buzz. It’s super unique and I’m really excited about this one! You’re the first people I’ve told!

Are there any other artists out there that you are drawing inspiration from for your own music and the direction of the label or is this a mostly internal drive?
I don’t really try to copy other artists, its more internal for sure. I just want to run a label and make music how I think it should go; putting the music first with a major effort in promotions, rather than churning out loads of releases in that quantity over quality sense.
What are two goals that you have for yourself and the label in 2018?
I want go on a world tour again and get new music out every month, with a music video, for the rest of 2018.
Harrison – Blinding My Vision is available to buy/stream on your platform of choice today! 
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