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Bob Sinclar Talks "Til The Sun Rise Up"

Sep 18, 2017
Bob Sinclar Talks "Til The Sun Rise Up"

Bob Sinclar is back at it again, this time with a slice of feel good house music featuring the incredible vocals of Akon. His latest masterpiece, “Til The Sun Rise Up,” was just released on Spinnin’ and has been tried and tested by Sinclar this year during his Paris By Night Residency at Pacha. We caught up with Sinclar to take a deep look at the track and his summer.
How did you link up to work with Akon on “Til The Sun Rise Up”?
We had a common friend who arranged an amazing meet up for us in Cannes during the film festival. He’s a really pure and genuinely talented guy. I’ve wanted to work with him so badly because I just love his vibes.

Can you take us through the production process for the track starting from the initial inspiration?
You know what, after six years of noisey EDM, I thought it was the perfect time to come back with the acoustic and organic sounds of my instrumentals. I wanted to create a pure ‘Bob Sinclar’ track: guitar, whistle hook and an amazing Caribbean African vocal. I sent the instrumental to Akon and he loved it. When he came back to me to sketch out the vocal I was really impressed with the vibes that he gave the song. He cut the vocals in his studio, then sent them back to me so I could finish up the production.
How has the track been working for you live?
I’ve been playing it out in my DJ sets for the past three months and it’s a massive club banger. I hope DJs around the world love it as well!            

What makes Akon's vocal special to you? How does it compare to some of the other star vocalists you have worked with previously?
He has a very special, unique vocal signature that’s instantly recognizable to millions! He’s perfect for my vibe, his melodies are very sexy with amazing lyrics that have great meaning. For me, he’s different because when he sings, we all know that it’s him. In art this is the sign of the biggest talents.             

What do you think have been two of your biggest tracks in your club sets this summer?
Definitely Camelphat – “Cola” and Watermat – “Don't Stop” (Bob Sinclar & The Cube Guys Remix).

How was this year's Paris By Night residency? How do you view this year at Pacha compared to years past? [Be sure to check out a recent full set above, tracklist here.]
As you mentioned this year again I’m a resident at Pacha with my ‘Paris By Night’ party which is a huge honour. I play there for 21 weeks total from the start of the season to the close, and bring some of the best house DJs on the planet like Basement Jaxx, Too Many DJs, Masters at Work, David Morales, and many more.
This summer was unreal because after two seasons there, the artists all know the vibe of the night and I can feel how excited they are to come and be a part of it. The clubbers this year are also really hungry to experience new sensations, and Paris By Night feeds them a high level of burlesque shows in combination with house music. I bring the best performers from Paris every Saturday to help me create this visual, human, artistic painting while I’m playing house music as I always want the crowd to be excited by what they see. It’s not only a DJ playing music, I’m bringing them into my dreams and sharing my energy with them. Only this combination of talent and Pacha Ibiza can create this energy. Welcome to the most beautiful house music cabaret in the world.

Can you highlight a favorite show or two of the summer and what makes them stand out?
During the summer we have two Italian oriented nights and we all know that Ibiza is half Italian at heart. With my Italian DJ friends Benny Benassi, Daddy’s Groove, The Cube Guys and Albertino, those two nights we killed Ibiza. Also when Basement Jaxx are playing there’s always a massive energy. Especially when they arrive on stage with this amazing, new, exciting wired mashup of different burlesque music – people love it.          

What has you excited as we head into the fall?
My new single “Til The Sun Rise Up” is out and we’ll be here to bring people into the Summer of Love through the winter. We’re going to do a special Paris By Night party at ADE on Thursday, October 19th and of course more music is coming!           
Bob Sinclar ft. Akon – “Til The Sun Rise Up” is available to buy/stream on your platform of choice today! 
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