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Ferreck Dawn Talks From Deep Till Dawn

Jun 15, 2016
Ferreck Dawn Talks From Deep Till Dawn

Ferreck Dawn just released the June edition of his From Deep Till Dawn radio show. He took some time to talk with us about creating the shows, collaborating with other artists, and his inspirations. He also highlights a few tracks in this month's mix which includes his recently released track with Rene Amesz, "Lord." You can find the story behind that track here.
From Deep Till Dawn Radio Show
The show is a good way to reach out to people and hope that they listen to what I’m doing and understand what I’m all about.
Creating Each Episode
For me it’s a pretty lengthy process. I’m not fast with the show; it takes me about two days to finish it. Finding the tracks in the right order takes me a day and mixing takes me another day.
Selecting Tracks
It’s a lot of promos. Your Army sends a lot of stuff. Biweekly I go through Beatport. I have a lot of friends who send stuff too, so I try and mix it up a little bit and use some of each.
Similarities and Differences with my Live Sets
It depends on the gig. But with the radio show I try and start off real slow and build up with deep house and then get to a little bit more techy or rough house. When you play out live, you just feel what the crowd wants and then vary more than I do with the radio show. Ideally the show would be a mix going from deep house until dawn.
Highlighting Tracks in this Month's Show
I really like the first track, it’s a huge minimal techno classic made by Steve Bug called Traffic Signs - "The Big Fake." I love the vibe in that track, works very well on the dance floor! The second track is massive as well, a great Janet Jackson remix by one of my favorite producers, Shadow Child. You’ll also hear two bootlegs by fellow Dutchmen Roog and Dennis Quin that work well on the dancefloor.
Tracks Doing Well in my Live Shows
Tracks from this month's show that do well in my sets are the new Sonny Fodera - "Over This," the Armand van Helden remix of Lee Walker’s "Freak Like Me" and the two Low Steppa tracks in this mix, "About Time" with Martin Ikin and the Low Steppa remix of Ryan Blyth - "Trust Me." :)
The name of the show refers to the progression of the music and to another thing. I used to be a hardcore/hardstyle DJ when I was younger. I DJ’d all that kind of music for about five years and only produced one hardstyle track, but that was it for me. My DJ name was Dusk at the time; I don’t know why I came up with it. About ten years ago I decided I was done with that music, so I thought I would do a 180 and came to Dawn. Ferreck is another way of saying my Dutch name. So Ferreck Dawn and From Deep Till Dawn work well.
Collaborating with Other Big Artists (Redondo, Franky Rizardo, etc.)
It kind of just happens. I visit a lot of places in Holland, you drink a couple of beers together and then someone says, “Hey we should do a collab together.” The cool thing is most of the time when you do a collab together you really get to know someone because you spend hours in the studio. For instance, with Franky I loved his work, and he loved "Too Deep," so I asked him to do one. We started hanging out and now we are good friends. It evolved from the first studio session. It’s really cool that even though you finish a track, you become friends and see each other at all kinds of gigs. I don’t like to be on my own all the time, it’s just more fun being two guys in the studio rather than just one!
Joe Stone & Ferreck Dawn - "Man Enough" Vocal Inspiration
It’s definitely not the words, it’s the way Toni Braxton sings it, and it fits really well on a four quarter beat. That’s the main inspiration. My attention goes to the melody as opposed to the words.
Follow Up Joe Stone Collaboration
We finished the collab. I’m really happy we have the follow up to "Man Enough." I’m really happy we have a second track. I think the biggest strength Joe brought to the collaboration was his work on the keys. I usually just learn by doing, but he was in a cover band before he was DJing and he is really gifted on the keyboard.
Early Influences
I really like stuff from D’Angelo and Ray Charles. I like Freddy Mercury for the performance aspect. As a producer I’m a big fan of Quincy Jones/Michael Jackson albums, Dr. Dre, Darkchild and Pharrell. A lot of R&B, hip hop, or motown producers influenced me a lot!
Most Inspirational Show
I went to Sensation in 2001 when I was 16. At that show, the DJ was in the center of the Ajax football stadium. Playing that show was Marco V, DJ Jean, and Rank 1. Marco V was really hard at the time so I really liked him. That show was the one where I thought, “This is it, I want to do this.”
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