Ferreck Dawn & Rene Amesz - 'Lord'

May 20, 2016
Ferreck Dawn & Rene Amesz - 'Lord'


 Ferreck Dawn & Rene Amesz have teamed up to release their new track ‘Lord’.  Ahead of the track's release on May 30th on Spinnin' Deep, Ferreck took some time to tell the story of the collaboration.



Coming to Work with Rene Amesz
I’ve been a fan of Rene’s work for about twelve years already. When I was younger I worked in a record store selling vinyl and whenever a track came out from Rene I was always really happy and excited. I started visiting events where he was playing and every time I listened to his music or sets, I thought “How was he doing it?” It’s very cool for me to ten years later do a collaboration with a guy I’ve been a fan of for such a long time.
The collaboration developed slowly but surely. I did a couple of tracks on Sander Kleinenberg’s label and he was also part of the label so that way we got to talking and became friends. We spoke about doing a collaboration a couple times, but it took us about a year to finally finish this track. We were never in the studio together, we always just sent stuff back and forth. The ideas we were sending back and forth didn’t really work out until I sent him the vocal on Lord. He then came up with a beat idea, sent it to me and I added a number of elements to it. After that we went back & forth until it was finished.
Rene’s Imprint on the Track
If you listen to Rene’s tracks, he has a very distinct sound in the groove and the beats. I hear it immediately and know it’s Rene. I added percussion, synth shots and vocal cuts but the groove itself is clearly Rene.
The Vocal
I’d just been looking around on YouTube for the vocal. It can be super boring when you spend five hours just clicking. But when I found it I thought it could be cool, I think it’s from around 1940, it’s got a bit of a southern American, New Orleans kind of vibe to it.
I really like soul, Motown, and R&B. With every track I do you can kind of hear that. I feel that African American singers usually have more soul and emotion in their voice. I just really love the way they sing and it fits really well with house music so it’s a good combination. Because I’m not religious, I don’t really care what the lyrics in Lord mean. It’s the emotion of them. Also for me, because I’m not a native English speaker, it’s more about the way the lyrics are sung than what they are actually saying.
Using Lord In My Sets
When I play it out, it works really well. The vocal does the trick. The break, it builds up, it’s a bit long. The words keep repeating and at a certain point you feel like, “Aw man, it should be coming right now” and when it comes I feel relief like, “Ah, there it is!” I like the track, it does the trick.
Fellow Artist Support
Sam Feldt is one of my close friends so it’s kind of remarkable that he played it because it’s very different than what he normally plays. We had some beers this past Saturday and we were talking about Lord, when he told me he put it in his radio show. I looked at him like “What? It's very different from what you usually use for the radioshow” but I was super happy to have the support.

The track also got sent to a lot of underground DJs - Green Velvet, Richie Ahmed, Disciples, all those guys - who have also reacted very positively to it. You have a very mixed group of people, from Oliver Heldens and Sam to Richie and Green Velvet supporting it so that’s a really cool thing. I’m hoping the track will be a crossover between underground and commercial and that it fits both types of DJs.
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