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Aug 17, 2020

John Summit's Exclusive Mix

There may be no hotter producer in all of dance music than John Summit. The Chicago native has been on an absolute tear over the past year, cementing himself as a key figure alongside Lee Foss on Repopulate Mars, and this summer he’s been reaching even greater heights. His June release on Defected, “Deep End,” went to the top of the 1001Tracklists Top Overall Tracks chart as well as the #1 overall position on Beatport! With loads of fresh productions on the way (and big IDs in the mix) there was no better time to celebrate with John!
John, thanks for joining us to celebrate your smash hit “Deep End” and the tear you’ve been on with your productions. Thinking back on the year, can you highlight a few of your favorite release moments?
The Stimulate EP with Repopulate Mars was a big moment for me as it was my first three track EP and really cemented my relationship with the label. All three records were pure underground cuts that do great in the club.
“Bass Go” with Gene Farris was a super fun one too, as he was always a DJ I would see in Chicago even before I started playing out myself.
Also, my single “Forgotten One” was huge as that was my first Beatport Overall Top 10 single, and was definitely my favorite track to play out before the clubs closed. 
We’d be remiss if we didn’t start out asking you about “Deep End.” You hit the #1 Top Overall Track position on the website last month and have been near the top of the charts for almost a month! What do you think makes the record so accessible to a diverse array of DJs?
The goal with each of my tracks has always been to maintain an underground edge, while also incorporating a catchy element (whether it be a vocal or synthline) that if taken out will pretty much result in a club record. I always aim to use infectious vocals that help give my tracks a bit of crossover appeal – and also, who doesn’t love a catchy hook? So I feel like all of the ingredients on “Deep End” made the track a great fit for almost any DJ’s crate, whether you’re a touring/club DJ or just streaming from home.
Was there any artist’s support on the record that was especially meaningful to you?
Basically every one of the BBC Radio 1 plays! Getting named Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune was one of the craziest moments for me so far. Hearing him say my name on the radio always gives me goosebumps haha.
On Beatport you also went to the top of the charts for both House and the Overall Top 100. When you produced the record, did you have any feeling as to how successful it may be?
I knew it right away honestly! Even posted a clip to all of my social pages of me in the studio making the track that night since I felt it immediately. The clip went pretty viral from the start too which helped confirm the record was going to be big. 
Looking closer at your Exclusive Mix, can you highlight three other tracks or artists included and what makes them stand out to you?
Malone & Monoky who made the track “She Lyin’” that is such a vibe – really love the vocals by Ali Story. Both of them have been doing great work and I expect a lot from them over the next few months.
Gettoblaster’s track “The Ground” is such a badass roller – I’m always a major fan of well-used repetitive vocals like that and I can’t wait to rip it in a club someday.
Also, Torren Foot’s remix of Eat’s Everything’s “Honey” is absolutely massive too – I love when remixes end up taking a record to the next level. 
Your collaborations with Dead Space have been consistent throughout your career, with highlights from “Kudu” to “Impactor” to most recently “Dreams.” What do you like most about working together and what’s the magic behind your collaborations?
Steven (Dead Space) was a large influence of mine early on and I learned a lot from him during our collaborations. Whenever we get on a record together I always know it’s gonna be a bomb because we both love making tracks that produce those peak moments inside the club.
You’re on a roll with your music and on social media you’re always having fun and putting out good energy. Can you tell us a little about how you’ve approached finding positivity and creating uplifting momentum during this difficult COVID-19 period?
Honestly, this is such an overall shitty situation, so the least I can do is try to make the most of it! Entertaining myself doing things like shotgunning white claws really keeps me going, although the hangovers have been a bit unfortunate from time to time haha.
And lastly, anything else coming up for the end of the summer that has your particularly excited?
In a couple weeks my collaboration with Lee Foss and Hayley May “Summertime Chi” will be coming out! Lee has been someone I looked up to ever since I began DJing house music, so it was really a dream come true to get on a record together recently. With the track being about our hometown of Chicago it ended up working out perfectly.
You can pre-order John Summit & Lee Foss's  upcoming collaboration "Summertime Chi" today! https://www.beatport.com/track/summertime-chi-original-mix/14038450
Connect with John Summit: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
short link 1001.tl/5r7dyb
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Malone & Monoky She Lyin' Artwork
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Gettoblaster & MADVILLA The Ground Artwork
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Lee Foss & John Summit & Hayley May Summertime Chi Artwork
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