Nari & Milani Celebrate I'LL HOUSE U Ep. 250!

Apr 06, 2016
Nari & Milani Celebrate I'LL HOUSE U Ep. 250!
By: Nari & Milani
Born in 2011, I'LL HOUSE U is our weekly radio show. We get to listen to a lot of good music and talented DJs, so it’s fun to be able to feature them in a weekly mix. The Tiësto Club Life radio channel on SiriusXM plays the show every week in the US and we have lots of stations broadcasting it across the world as well! You can also find our show on Soundcloud and iTunes.
About the Show
The name I’LL HOUSE U comes from the fact that we have grown up with house music and to this day, house music continues to be important for us. This show contains a Nari & Milani selection of the finest music, our latest updates, tracks, and remixes. Radio is important to us both! We share the same passion for radio and both worked in radio together.
Every track we come up with seems to infect DJs and fans alike. At the end of the day, making music is an art. It must speak to everyone, and it’s not always easy to do this. We use the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Skype a lot. Right now, it is the easiest way for us to work since everyone travels and is spread all over the world. If we want to do collaborations, we have to do it this way. We usually spend about four days working on I’LL HOUSE U and we download about 250/300 tracks to play on our show every week.
Thank you to all of our fans, we are thankful for all of your support and big love. We are proud to share our Italian music, but there is no denying that Italy as a nation is very far behind. There are a lot of new and experimental sounds, which, while great, have been hard to sell to the crowds of Italy. We remain adamant in trying to contribute to the electronic music revolution in Italy, though. Over time, we decided to add young producers with unpublished or promo tracks into the show, in addition to the big names, because we want to try to help these young producers.
We think the young producers need to try to do something new and search for a lot of inspiration to be the base. Finding music from the 60s and 70s and learning the base is also a good way to go.
We’re very active on social media. We feel like it’s the perfect way to interact with fans. For example, by the amounts of likes from people and by reading their comments, you can tell which types of videos, music, photos, and games fans want you to do more, which is fun! That way, fans help you grow.
How the Show has Changed Over Time
The format has always been a mix of 60 minutes, but we always try to add details and funny jingles. At the beginning, we put the jingles that we were sending our fans. There will be changes in the future, and there will be a refresh on the show. We’ll have a bootleg or promo of the week, and maybe even a track of the past...stay tuned!!!
Episode 250

250 - it's a nice milestone! with the 300th episode, we could really create something new - a contest or event, for sure. In this episode, we love Michael Feiner - Mantra (Axwell Cut). It’s an awesome track!
The Drums
Today our track with Hiisak, The Drums, is out on Susumi Records. The Drums is a powerful, bassline-driven tune with some exotic details. It is very groovy!!! The track is in perfect Sosumi style.
Sosumi launched a great platform with an important message - that quality dance music does not have to cost you any money. Join the campaign and help us spread the word!

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 #Artist - Title (Remix)
Full tracklist info available at Nari & Milani - I'll House U The Program 250 2016-04-04
Oliver Heldens ft. The Rumors - Ghost [HELDEEP]
alonnn234 (2.6k)
111x 2x 1x
Fraanklyn - FrEqueNCy [SOSUMI (FREE)]
alonnn234 (2.6k)
117x 1x 1x
alonnn234 (2.6k)
76x 1x 2x
Steff Da Campo - Get Busy [HELDEEP]
alonnn234 (2.6k)
85x 1x 1x
Klosman & Damien N-Drix - Bzzz [GURU]
alonnn234 (2.6k)
66x 1x 1x
Apashe ft. Lena - Skeleton Dance [KANNIBALEN]
alonnn234 (2.6k)
10x 2x 1x
TUJAMO - Drop That Low (When I Dip) [SPINNIN']
alonnn234 (2.6k)
278x 2x 2x
Cristian Marchi - Ambulance [MOTIVO]
alonnn234 (2.6k)
6x 0x 0x
Benny Benassi - Beardo [ULTRA]
alonnn234 (2.6k)
13x 1x 1x
Michael Feiner - Mantra (Axwell Cut) [AXTONE]
alonnn234 (2.6k)
366x 2x 1x
Execute - Miracles [FLAMINGO]
alonnn234 (2.6k)
69x 1x 1x
John Christian & Arin Tone - House Of God [FREEWAY]
alonnn234 (2.6k)
48x 1x 2x
KANDY ft. Rodrigo Howell - Derailed [HYSTERIA (SPINNIN')]
alonnn234 (2.6k)
29x 2x 1x
D.O.D - Taking You Back (Afrojack Edit) [WALL]
alonnn234 (2.6k)
385x 1x 1x
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