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Robbie Rivera Brings Juicy To Armada

Nov 17, 2016
Robbie Rivera Brings Juicy To Armada
Last week’s announcement that Armada Music and Robbie Rivera have started their extensive partnership signals the next step in the growth of his Juicy Music and Juicy Traxx imprints. Sitting under the wing of Armada Music, Rivera is excited to embark on the journey and goes on to state, “This partnership will take Juicy Music to the next level with new releases, videos and events.” The first Juicy Music release since the partnership, “Your Silent Face,” is a  deep house production from Robbie Rivera in collaboration with legendary UK band New Order. Rivera joined us to discuss his latest track, bringing his Juicy imprints to Armada, and what the future holds!

How did you come to work with New Order?
I have been a fan since the 80s and I listen to their music when I am on the road. Their song “Your Silent Face” is one of my favorites and the melody always sticks in my head. After reproducing the chords and bass, I recreated the track with my Juicy sound. I presented the work to their publishers and they agreed on a collaboration, which was a dream come true.

How is working with a band different from collaborating with a fellow music producer/DJ?
It’s different because I am thinking of creating a mix that both the band and my fans will be happy with. Remembering New Order fans will be listening to this, I decided to use the main melody a lot. In the same way, new fans will be properly introduced to New Order.

What was the inspiration for "Your Silent Face"?
I was taking off on a flight from Miami to Barcelona and was listening to my road trip playlist on my Spotify channel when the tune popped up. The melody is just so uplifting and dreamy. I get inspired a lot in airplanes.

How excited are you to bring your Juicy labels to Armada? What makes partnering with Armada the right moves for you and Juicy?
My label was one of the first on Beatport and iTunes and we have released over 500 singles. The world has changed and I wanted to partner up with a company to help my company grow. What I like about Armada is that they are very nice people and were so excited to partner up with me. The fact that they respect my work and label is important to me so I think we will both benefit from the new venture.

How is this track a good representation of what to expect from Juicy now that you've joined forces with Armada?
We plan to release commercial dance tracks and underground singles. With the power that Armada brings, Juicy Music releases have more access to radio spins for example. The New Order single shows you that we can release from a variety of artist types, from up and coming artists to established, legendary ones.

What can you tell us about some of the artists who have recently released or will be releasing on Juicy?
We have released music from David Guetta to Todd Terry in the past and now we have so many new artists sending us demos. Look out for new tracks from artists from the US, Italy, Spain, India, Asia and more. I don’t stick to trends, I believe in quality dance music so I take risks.

What does the rest of this year and early 2017 hold in store for you and Juicy?
I am releasing my first commercial dance/pop track called "Stardust" featuring vocalist Linney. This will be my first attempt to get back into dance radio. It’s a great song and groove so I am excited about this. I also have an underground track called “Revenge” where you will see how I don’t care about trends. This one is pure me. I will be collaborating with Benny Camaro from Italy on this tribal house track that will blow you away. We are also releasing tracks from Discoplex, NXNY, Dero and my new compilation called Welcome To My House Party featuring tracks from Juicy Music and Armada.
You can always find the latest music from Robbie Rivera in his weekly The Juicy Show radio shows [mixes and tracklists here].
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