Arty Maximizes His Creative Artistic Potential

Aug 04, 2016
Arty Maximizes His Creative Artistic Potential
Arty has been busy this year with a packed touring schedule and releases on Anjunabeats and Revealed. We caught up with Arty at his show last weekend at Echostage in Washington, D.C. to discuss two of his latest releases, "Follow The Light" with Andrew Bayer and "Distorted Love." Arty also told us about the direction in which plans to take his music, allowing him to maximize his creative artistic potential.  
How did your collaboration “Follow The Light” with Andrew Bayer come to be?
In the past we had messaged back and forth saying things like, “Your music is amazing.” I respect him so much as an artist; he’s one of the guys pioneering the trance scene. He has a unique sound that is pretty significant and super fresh. He’s so forward thinking and I personally love his vision. I have so much respect for him.
I played with Audien back to back at an Above & Beyond show in Miami earlier this year. Andrew was in the trailer backstage and he was like, “It’s so good to see you” and so on. I think it was mutual and he was like, “Do you want to do a collab?” I was like, “Fuck yeah. I’m down. It would be amazing to come up with something new and fresh.”
What was the production process like for "Follow The Light"?
It was quite a process. It took us almost two months to finish it. We both were traveling. Andrew was doing the Anjunabeats tour and didn’t have much time at home in his studio. I’m a little easier as I just need my laptop. He initially sent me this idea which was like a minute and a half long. Once I heard it, I loved it and knew exactly where we needed to take it. I did the breakdown and then after that he did the drop for the second part. We both did a lot of mixing and mastering and came up with “Follow The Light.”
Is it hard for you to road test a trance track like “Follow The Light”?
With “Follow The Light” it was definitely harder than some of my other tracks. There are not as many shows for me to test it because it’s such a big track. I would play it in smaller clubs, but it’s hard for me to understand people’s reactions. It’s more of a festival track where people feel super united, they hear the big chords, and they go nuts.
We didn’t really need that much road testing with this track though. I trust Andrew and he believes in me, so whatever we came up with, we knew it would be good. It’s much easier to do the track in cooperation and know that if you have mistakes in your mix, it’s okay because there are two of you. Also, he works with Logic and I work with FL Studio, so the track bounced many times back and forth as a result of the different programs.
What was the inspiration for “Distorted Love”?
That was random. After I played in Panama I had some time off and stayed on a small island to clear my mind and relax. I was in my hotel room just singing something in my head and then thought, “Damn, that’s fucking cool. This is actually pretty interesting.” I immediately opened my laptop. You have to know some things about FL Studio to understand the inspiration and production process. Slicing down and slicing up with the synthesizers is really easy using the built-in synthesizers that FL Studio has. And with the third party plugins it’s kind of a pain in the ass because it’s so easy to drag the sound down or up. So for the sake of convenience, I used Sytrus, the built-in synthesizer. The whole track was built using Sytrus as the main thing and I ended up just using all the built-in plugins for actually making the sounds. Sytrus is really fun to play with. There are still a lot of tweaks and things you can do to get the sound kind of cool and there is a lot of distortion on the track which is why it’s called “Distorted Love.”
Where do you think your music is going to go from here?
I’m working on some songs that are really different from what I’ve done before. One track is 120 BPM, another is 100 BPM, and another is 90 BPM. They have a pop structure, I’m not sure if it’s going to be pop music or not, but I don’t care about that. I’m just trying different things. I don’t want to commit myself to any genres or anything like that. Now I clearly see that I can explore so many genres. I did it before, but now I feel like I can 100% go for whatever I want and not worry about a certain BPM range. It’s so inspiring. I think in 2016, trance music still has its community, EDM has its community, but it’s not about that anymore. So many things in this world can influence you. You don’t have to limit yourself. If you love trance, then go for it and you can make trance for the rest of your life. If you love house, you can play house for the rest of your life. But I never committed myself to make trance for the rest of my life. I never made that commitment because I feel like I’m capable of doing so much more than just one genre. To be honest, in the last two years I’ve never been a big fan of pop music itself, but so many artists have taken the pop music to a new level now that it’s become so quality and inspiring as well. Everything that Skrillex did with the Justin Bieber album is just mind blowing and so unique. You are never going to listen to that stuff anywhere else, so why not get inspired from that?
You can check Arty's tour schedule to find his next show that is closest to you. We look forward to catching him at Imagine Music Festival at the end of the month.
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