Protocol Radio 200!

Jun 15, 2016
Protocol Radio 200!

Get the story behind Protocol Radio from the Protocol team as you enjoy the milestone 200th episode! 

Congratulations on the 200th episode! How special is it to have reached this milestone?
Very special. It’s crazy to think what we have pulled off in just four years. The reach we have with this show is insane. The show is now syndicated to more than 115 radio stations on FM worldwide. And recently we started Protocol Finest with a monthly selection of Protocol Radio tracks on Spotify and Apple Music! So we really have been able to spread the Protocol sound all around the world because of our weekly radio show.
From the label’s perspective, what does Protocol Radio mean to you guys?
As a label it is one of the most valuable assets of our business AND our identity. It really serves as a vehicle for our music. It gives us a chance to premiere songs, highlight Nicky Romero and Protocol related matters and define our Protocol sound.
But as we reach out to more than 50 million listeners a week the show generates tons of reactions. It’s great hearing what the community thinks and has to say about the show and the sound that Protocol represents. It really impacts so many lives. All these reactions mean a lot to us and are a real drive for both Nicky and the entire Protocol team.
How has the show changed and/or stayed the same since the first episode?
The show has definitely evolved over the years. We engage with the audience a lot more nowadays like #AskNicky, where people can fire some questions on social media and they will be answered during the show or #TextNicky where you can send a text to Nicky. Also we overhauled our artwork a few times and started using state of the art video loops. 
We also made some changes as Nicky likes making the radio shows a lot and he really wanted to do more live radio shows. So that’s what we did with #100 & #150 (both on The new Protocol studios will also boast a fully fledged radio studio so expect more live radio shows in the future.
Can you discuss who is involved in the making of each episode?
There are actually quite a lot people involved in making each episode. Nicky is working very closely with his Protocol team to make sure he has the finest and latest tracks. They also make sure each episode is finished on time. When Nicky finishes an episode it gets immediately sent to the guys from “The Radio Department” for distribution. They are doing an amazing job in this, making sure that Protocol Radio is broadcasted in 109 countries all over the world.
In general, how are tracks selected for each episode? How long does the track selection process take? How are the Protocol Spotlight, Promo Submission, and Throwback Tracks picked?
As you can probably imagine, Nicky is receiving a lot of demos and promos on a daily basis. He “Spotlights” the track he likes the most that week. The Protocol Spotlight is basically an extension of our “Protocol Spotlight” playlist (available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) that is curated by the artist who released most recently on Protocol.
Besides the promos Nicky receives from friends, colleagues and other labels, many people are also submitting their promos via He handpicks the best promo submitted via our website and features it in the “Promo Submission” section. With so many tracks released everyday, some people already forgot about the beauties released years ago. Therefore we decided to create the “Throwback Track,” which highlights some of Nicky’s personal favorite, but older tracks.
Are there any tips/suggestions you would like to share with aspiring producers submitting promos?
We notice that a lot of young producers are technically very skilled. We hear a lot of great tracks with a true Protocol sound. But we can’t stress enough how important it is to be super original!
We make use of a cool voting system which gets refreshed every week. Just make sure all of your friends and family are voting for your demo submission and maybe your track will get aired worldwide!
How do some of the tracks in this episode represent what the Protocol Recordings label is about?
This episode features also lot of special track edits by Nicky, such as the "Tomorrowland Edit” of “I Could Be The One.” It shows that Nicky always tries to surprise his fans by keeping it original. Also the people who were actually at the festival will recognize the special edits on the Protocol Radio show and hopefully they will relive the special moment!
Are any of these tracks of special significance or milestone tracks that have particular meaning?
Nicky always makes his own edits of tracks he feels like playing in his sets. Most of those tracks aren’t on the radio at all in order to make his sets a bit more exclusive. For the 200th episode he decided to play those mashups that people usually don’t hear on Protocol Radio. Also, the throwback track in this episode could only be one track and that was of course Protocol’s first release “WTF?!” by Nicky Romero & ZROQ! At the end of the show Nicky reveals what this track (still) means to him...
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 #Artist - Title (Remix)
Full tracklist info available at Nicky Romero - Protocol Radio 200 (Special Episode) 2016-06-09
Nicky Romero & Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano & Fast Eddie vs. Clavin Harris & John Newman - Sound Of The Underground vs. Blame (Nicky Romero Mashup)
TDanN (7.9k)
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Kenneth G ft. Ilang - We Are One [ARMADA TRICE]
TDanN (7.9k)
32 Save
John Christian & Arin Tone & Corey James vs. Avicii & Nicky Romero vs. Galantis & Tom & Jame - Collage vs. I Could Be The One vs. No Money (Nicky Romero Mashup) [LE7ELS / PROTOCOL / BIG BEAT]
TDanN (7.9k)
Avicii & Nicky Romero ft. Noonie Bao - I Could Be The One [LE7ELS]
John Christian & Arin Tone & Corey James - Collage [PROTOCOL]
Galantis - No Money (Tom & Jame Bootleg) [BIG BEAT (ATLANTIC)]
Corey James & Teamworx ft. Kobi The Alien vs. Sander van Doorn - Make The Crowd Go Alone (Nicky Romero Mashup)
TDanN (7.9k)
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Protocol Spotlight
Nicky Romero ft. Eric Lumiere - The Moment (Novell) [PROTOCOL]
TDanN (7.9k)
99 Save
Coldplay & Audien vs. John Christian & Tripl - Adventure Of A Lifetime vs. Glance To The Future (Nicky Romero Mashup)
TDanN (7.9k)
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David Guetta feat. Sia & Fetty Wap vs. Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash - Bang My Head vs. Reload (Nicky Romero Mashup) [REFUNE / WHAT A MUSIC]
TDanN (7.9k)
Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash ft. John Martin - Reload [REFUNE]
David Guetta - Bang My Head ft. Sia & Fetty Wap [WHAT A MUSIC]
Thomas Newson & MAKJ vs. Tiësto & KSHMR ft. Vassy - Black vs. Secrets (Nicky Romero Mashup) [PROTOCOL / MUSICAL FREEDOM]
TDanN (7.9k)
Thomas Newson & MAKJ - Black [PROTOCOL]
Tiësto & KSHMR ft. VASSY - Secrets (Acappella) [MUSICAL FREEDOM]
Dirty South ft. ANIMA! - All Of Us [PHAZING]
TDanN (7.9k)
73 Save
Nicky Romero & Vicetone vs. Armin Van Buuren feat. Mr. Probz - Let Me Feel vs. Another You (Nicky Romero Mashup) [PROTOCOL / ARMADA]
TDanN (7.9k)
Nicky Romero & Vicetone ft. When We Are Wild - Let Me Feel [PROTOCOL]
Armin van Buuren ft. Mr. Probz - Another You [ARMADA]
Promo Submission
TDanN (7.9k)
53 Save
Arno Cost ft. River - Coming Alive (Jimny Remix) [PROTOCOL]
TDanN (7.9k)
5 Save
World Premiere
Florian Picasso - Final Call (VIP Mix) [PROTOCOL]
TDanN (7.9k)
14 Save
Throwback Track
Nicky Romero ft. ZROQ - WTF [PROTOCOL]
TDanN (7.9k)
236 Save