KOCHAM Breaking Through In 2021

Feb 16, 2021
KOCHAM Breaking Through In 2021
KOCHAM, the solo project from French producer Jim Zerga who’s half of Lumberjack, is off to an amazing start this year after he’s used lockdown to revive the project. Unbounded by genre and label confinements, KOCHAM gives Jim the freedom to develop a deep and melodic house sound that goes in whatever creative direction he’s feeling. His new track “Get Down” together with Jimmy Kyle has been racking up loads of DJ support. Jim joins us to discuss KOCHAM, balancing the project with Lumberjack, and the excitement to come. 
Hi Jim, thanks for joining us today! As half of Lumberjack, you've now embarked on your own project as well with KOCHAM. What made you want to start this project? 
Hi, bonjour, cześć. It's all about making music without being stressed by major label expectations, complications, management or disagreements. It’s about being FREE. As we are now locked down, I decided to launch ‘Party Is Not Over’ as a movement and I decided to officially start KOCHAM.
What are the sounds that KOCHAM stands for as a producer and DJ? 
With Lumberjack, it’s mostly about festivals, BIG sound, all in black. KOCHAM is about colors, sunset, cocktails and happy music (from Chicago house to deep house and melodic house). KOCHAM isn’t a signature sound, KOCHAM is a MOOD. I can produce what I want, when I want. Nobody can tell me what I should or shouldn't do.
Let's jump into your new release, a collaboration with Jimmy Kyle titled “Get Down.” How did this track come about and how did you come together to work with Jimmy on it? 
Unintended! Jimmy and I are friends, and it’s all about having a good studio night spent together last summer! Good vibes only.
“Get Down” has already received some amazing DJ support from the likes of David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Dannic, Jewelz & Sparks and many more artists. What's it like seeing your track receive support from these artists? 
Unintended too. I just sent the track to my label manager at Play Two, and we released it thinking that it could do well on the streaming platforms. But I’ve been really surprised with how well it’s done with DJs. In French we say, “When you don’t expect it, it works!” I think people feel the vibe from this track. I hope that this will only be the beginning!
What's next for KOCHAM with the music that you're working on? Any upcoming releases that you can tell us about? 
I probably have more than 11 releases coming up, some remixes and many reworks as free downloads because music is for sharing! It’s only the beginning, but I can tell you that I have a BIG collaboration coming up this summer on a BIG label.
Can you take us back all the way to the start of your career – what made you want to pursue a career in music and what was it like for you when you were first starting out? 
15 years ago, young and passionate, I started creating music on Reason 3. I got my first residency and I can tell you... these were some of the best moments of my life! Then came the first gigs, I got some artistic direction, and then I created Lumberjack with my G Chris.
But as the years passed by, I lost my main goal of doing music for the passion. We haven’t lived our best lives in the music industry for the past year, but this break has allowed us to recharge our batteries and rethink priorities! That’s why I started KOCHAM!
How will you balance your time for both KOCHAM and Lumberjack going forward?
Lumberjack is about big clubs and festivals, and I’m waiting for the reopening. But we are doing some feedback sessions and livestreams in the meantime!
But… If you guys have two hours to waste at the gym every day, then I think I have time to fit KOCHAM into my life right? Haha.
And lastly, what are two goals that you have for yourself for this year? 
It’s not what I would have thought to say one day, but… I want to find my world without masks! I miss the sweating, screaming (and drunk) crowd. But if I had to make two goals: first, having one GIG before the end of the year (it’s crazy to say that). And second, working on a collaboration with Vintage Culture.
You can grab "Get Down" as a free download today! https://hypeddit.com/track/bfayry 
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