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Polish Stars Skytech & TWISTERZ Team Up

Mar 19, 2020
Polish Stars Skytech & TWISTERZ Team Up
Skytech & TWISTERZ join forces for a collab entitled “Not Alone,” out now on R3HAB’s CYB3RPVNK imprint. The guys discuss what it was like coming together on a track as two of Poland’s rising stars and give some insight into what the scene is like back home. 
Hey guys, thanks for joining us today. How is 2020 going so far for each of you?
Skytech: Thanks for having us! It’s been going pretty well with both releases and shows. Looking forward to the whole virus outbreak situation coming to an end. It’s terrible to see it getting bigger and bigger, but hopefully everything is going to be back to its regular rhythm very soon.
When did you guys first meet, and how did you come to work on “Not Alone” together? What was the production process like? 
TWISTERZ: We met around one year ago for the first time, but we had known each other before – we would play Skytech’s tracks and he would play ours in his sets. We decided to do something together around 4-5 months ago, which started by sharing ideas and picking good ones to start with. Skytech works in Ableton and we use FL Studio, so we bounced some stems back and forth until a specific direction crystallized! After that we came to Poznań and met with Mat in the studio, where we recorded the vocals and finished production of “Not Alone.” Skytech is the most creative producer we’ve ever met and has a lot of experience, and additionally he is a very nice person :)
How has it been getting to play “Not Alone” in your sets? Has it changed at all since you first started playing it? 
Skytech: Oh yes, we did tweak some stuff after the first road tests. We definitely wanted to bring the energy level of the drop to the max, and that required some extra hours for polishing. The crowd received the idea very well, I always said on a mic that it’s a collab between me and TWISTERZ and that had them even more excited. I think the boys also announced that during their shows. Polish club music fans definitely enjoy when the two different Polish acts go into the studio together and let their two musical worlds meet. We have had many great records made that way and “Not Alone” is one of them.
What have the reactions been like? 
TWISTERZ: Something like, “Woaah! Awesome.” We could read from people’s faces and their smiles that they’re totally digging it. 
What do you think is the biggest strength of the other production wise? 
TWISTERZ: Sharing experience. More brains = more ideas and learning from the other producers, cause everyone is working in a different way!
Skytech: I’d definitely say that the Twisterz boys have a very good sense of what works well in a club setting. I also dig their sound design. 
As you're both Polish, can you shed some light into what the scene is like there? 
Skytech: Everybody knows that Poland has some crazy fans. The club scene is rising and we have some cool festivals too. It’s hard to point at a specific genre that would be leading in Polish clubs (I’m not considering Disco Polo in this equation :P).
TWISTERZ: We have a lot of EDM fans here, but not exclusively. Polish clubs are increasingly inviting international artists and more festivals are being organised here every year. We’re not at our prime yet, but in general we think it’s getting better day by day.
You guys are both racking up major DJ support on all of your releases, with this one receiving big time early support. How does it feel to have the support of some of the world's biggest artists? 
TWISTERZ: It’s always good to see when other DJs/producers like your record, but much better is when they are playing it in their sets. Their support gives us the motivation to work more and more.
Skytech: It’s very important to have this sort of feedback. When the DJs pick your record over others, that means you’re doing a good job. 
And lastly, what has you excited as we head into the spring and summer months?
Skytech: Of course right now we’re all focused on making it through this horrible time of coronavirus outbreak, but hopefully that will end eventually and we will be all able to go back and do our shows. It’s a good time to focus on the studio work right now and get prepared to go back out there and play some exclusive material.
TWISTERZ: We can’t wait for the festival season, which will hopefully happen. We really love to DJ and play our favourite music including our upcoming stuff.

You can stream or download "Not Alone" on your platform of choice today! 
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