Discover: Vessbroz

Sep 10, 2019
Discover: Vessbroz
Today we’re excited to bring you our interview with the talented Vessbroz. Made up of brothers Armia and Arsham, the duo have enjoyed a year focused totally on their music. With a Billboard Top 40 hit under their belt, they’ve grown in their productions since and 2019 still promises their biggest releases to date! Enjoy a look inside their special bond, workflow, and project!
Guys, thanks for joining us today! How’s your year been going thus far? What have been a few highlight moments?
Thanks for having us, this has been an amazing year for us so far. We 100 percent focused on our productions and the results have been amazing. We had six original releases including our festival hit “Alarm” which reached #37 in the Beatport Big Boom Top 100 Chart as well as going number 5 Top Big Room releases in June.

Another big success was when our summer vibe tune “Somebody” reached #12 on the iTunes Dance Chart. And the best news is our biggest release of the year has yet to come!
Can you introduce your Vessbroz project to those who may not be familiar? How long have you guys been a duo, how has the project developed over time, and where are you hoping to take the project in the future?
Well, we’ve been a duo since we were born because we are brothers. We’ve had this dream since we were teenagers, but it didn’t come to life until 2014, when we finally decided to pursue our dream. We started to learn how to develop our skills both in production and live shows. We started to learn things in an academy and my younger brother Arsham went to university to study sound and music. He graduated last year.
Honestly though, we learned most of our skills through self-study with online tutorials and YouTube videos.  Our first big breakthrough was when we signed our first album with Sony Music and one of our songs went into the US Billboard Top 40 Mainstream Chart for seven weeks. Since then, things started to fall into place. 
We have many plans and goals for the future that we hope to achieve one by one. The biggest of those dreams would have to be to receive a Grammy Award one day.
Can you tell us some more about each of your individual backgrounds in music production, DJing, and just general electronic music love and how it plays into your project today?
My younger brother Arsham always wanted to become a DJ since he was 10 years old. For me (Armia), I just wanted to make music. But after we started our career, he has come to enjoy the production side as much as I enjoy DJing in front of crowds. In fact, it is one of our biggest joys to spin together, we have so much fun behind the decks!
In production, I am more geared towards songwriting and my brother takes my idea and develops it into something mature and more market ready. We are exactly opposite from each other in that sense, I hate to work on small details and I like to move forward fast, but my brother is the one who pays attention to all of the fine details and likes to spend more time tweaking those. I think this difference is one of the main keys for our success because each of us adds different value to our songs.
As you mentioned, “Alarm” was a major release for you this summer. Talk to us some more about how that collaboration came to be and some of your favorite elements. 
That was a fun project to work on. At first Raw Jaw reach out to us for a collaboration and once we had a foundation, we reached out to another talented producer from the Netherlands, Matt Alvarez, to add his ideas. After a few times back and forth with him, “Alarm” was created. 
Our favorite part is the lead sounds on the drop and how the two different sounds respond to each other. It’s a very popular call and response technique that rocks the dance floor in many EDM songs.  
Can you highlight your favourite Vessbroz production to date and why it stands out?
I think that is the hardest question to ask any music producer! We love all of our songs like how a mom loves her babies... but to pick one, I’d choose “Nothing” because it went Top 40 and changed the game for us. It really gave us the opportunity to become the full-time music producers and DJs.
From our new songs, “Alarm” because it really stands out in our DJ sets.
We’re sure you guys have quite a special dynamic and we wanted to get some insight there. Can you each highlight the other’s biggest strength?
Arsham: Armia is so passionate and focused to achieve his goals and he is a hardworking guy.  
Armia: Arsham’s mental strength and drive is so impressive. If he thinks or wants something, somehow, he will get it for sure.
Looking deeper into your DJ sets at the moment, what are three must play artists, and why?
Armin van Buuren. His songs always lift the crowd up, and to us, he knows better than anyone how to make a crowd pleasing anthem.
David Guetta's songs always offer something special, and as a classic, we love his song "Clap Your Hands." 
Of course the Fisher masterpieces too. “Losing It” is just brilliant.
What else has you excited as we head towards the end of summer season? 
Our next release is with one of the biggest EDM labels on the planet! Can’t wait to tell you more about that soon. Also, we are going to shoot three music videos over the course of 14 weeks beginning this month.
Another exciting project for us is an emotional song which we did together with an amazing producer, Mark Voss, and a great vocalist from the United States, Ilyass. 
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