Funk Machine's Exclusive Mix

Dec 25, 2017
Funk Machine's Exclusive Mix
As we enter the last week of the year, we’re thrilled to showcase a talented trio who we’re sure you will be hearing big things from soon. Funk Machine have enjoyed a game changing year, planting seeds both obvious to the eye and behind the scenes, as they ramp things up for a massive 2018. The talented Russians have now become fully intertwined with Fedde Le Grand and his management team and their signature release “House Drop” on Darklight Recordings is a testament to the great things that they can accomplish together. Read on and enjoy some in-depth, honest commentary from the guys about the “House Drop” release, signing with Fedde’s management team and shaping their future.
How did you approach your Exclusive Mix and how does your track selection compare to what you would play currently in a club set?
Well of course we wanted to showcase as much of our own music as possible in this mix, but to be honest, we try to do the same in our DJ sets. We really love DJing and right now we are making the transition from being based more in the studio to playing more shows. Since we don’t have a massive amount of gigs yet, we try to test out as many productions as we can when DJing, but we always want to make sure we don’t lose the focus of the crowd. So people coming to our shows can always expect to hear some of the hit songs! Also because we are relentless in the studio, we make sure we play a lot of our own bootlegs, but we always make sure that the set doesn’t sound too eclectic!

Can you highlight three tracks included in the mix and why they stand out to you?
Blinders – “Snakecharmer.” Amazing groove, a lot of interesting ideas inside, works great on both big stages and smaller clubs.

Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa – “Scared To Be Lonely” (Brooks Remix). We really love the vibe of this one – beautiful breakdown and energetic drops. Really powerful and atmospheric track.

Fedde Le Grand & Ida Corr – “Let Me Think About It” (Celebration Mix). Outstanding upgrade of the classic. This mix fits the radio perfectly, but also will destroy the big music festivals like Ultra, Tomorrowland, etc.

It was almost one year ago when you first played “House Drop.” Can you talk about having patience to find the right home for the track, as the reception has been massive since signing and releasing on Darklight!
To be honest, we produced this track especially for Fedde’s Darklight label as he was the first DJ to support our “Japafunk” track on big stages and events like Ultra and Tomorrowland. As is the case for all producers out there, it can be a bit hard to wait until the right opportunity for your music comes by, but we are sure glad we did with “House Drop”! Sometimes it’s hard to say no to labels as we just started rolling out our releases, but we knew the track suited Darklight well with its hard grooving drop and 80s funk breakdown! Fedde Le Grand is one of the few DJs that plays and produces tracks that still have that club energy, but feel like proper house music! We try to learn as much as possible from him while incorporating our own style at the same time!

Can you take us through the production process for this track?
The “House Drop” track  came together quickly. If you know what you want to make and how the track must sound, it won’t take too long to get a satisfying result that will also work great on the floor! It helped that Funk Machine expanded and added a third member, so now our workflow and output is amazing! There’s always a member of the group making music.

The production of “House Drop” started with just one simple guitar sample that we found in a library. We started to add more layers to the production, and created a complete melody. Regarding the buildup – we decided to make a nice transition from funk to EDM, as there aren’t alot of tracks that combine real funk with hard rolling club grooves, that also can be played on a big stage! The contrast between both makes the track drop even harder.

We create our drums ourselves and slowly but surely hope to be recognized by our own sound and mixdowns. When it comes to creating drum sounds, we are big fans of the “Geist” plugin, so definitely go and check that out! We mix and master all of our tracks ourselves [yes ;)]. Nearly all mixes are done in the box using OZONE, which keeps expanding as a plugin and just really works for us!!
What’s the reception been like when you have played the track live? How did it go down at the Darklight ADE event?
At Amsterdam Dance Event, it was kind of shocking (in a good way)!! Definitely the biggest moment of 2017 for us! Fedde’s Darklight Sessions event in Amsterdam was super sold out and packed. A lot of guests DJs dropped by and played before “House Drop” got played (for example Nicky Romero, Dannic, and also Croatia Squad, Watermät and Leroy Styles were part of this year’s lineup). During Fedde’s back to back set with Oliver Heldens, we got on stage, the MC announces us and the track, and the crowd exploded! We are really happy both that an icon like Fedde Le Grand supported us in that way and that we signed with his management team. Not only can we learn a lot from them and create big opportunities, but they are also a really cool group of people!

Which of the “Fun Lovin” remixes released on Revealed Recordings in November do you think is your favorite, and why?
They are all really cool and different! Dropgun and Quintino’s remixes really do damage on the dancefloor. Michael Feiner’s remix brings you back to that old school house feeling! All of the guys did an amazing job and we are happy that Revealed decided to release them!

As you mentioned earlier, this year you’ve signed with Fedde Le Grand’s management team and we’ve seen the pictures of you with Fedde in the studio. Can you talk about your excitement at this new chapter in your careers? What have you liked most about working closely with Fedde thus far?
Hanging out with Fedde was super super cool! We quickly made a connection as we found out Fedde is a really hard worker in the studio, just like us – he doesn’t mess around! He often has a clear vision of what he likes AND what will work on the floor. We both work in Logic X, so we started working on a few ideas together. The main reason we initially visited was just to meet Fedde and the whole team and to find out how we could work together (logistically it was a concern as we are in Russia and the team in the Netherlands). If all goes well we will be returning to Holland for a month soon to follow up on our studio sessions, have some meetings and finalize our release schedule for 2018.
We also found out that Fedde is a charismatic, laidback, and respectful guy outside of the studio. Never too tired to share his experiences of the dance industry, and besides that he loves to share great food! He even introduced us to the magical “fricandell speciaal” – Dutch people know what we are talking about!

How’s 2018 shaping up? What are two goals that you hope to achieve next year?
2018 is looking great already! We finished up on a lot of tracks that we think will work really well and are now in contact with the (known) big labels as 5 of our records are going to be released in the first quarter of 2018 already. We cannot tell you too much about them, as deals are being finalized as we speak, but we will update when all is finalized. Also we are focusing on a few tracks for the Japanese market and have a few crossover tracks ready to go.

Besides lots of studio time, we will be traveling more, often to the Netherlands, and of course should be having a lot more gigs! One of the things that we definitely can cross of our list is a full feature on 1001Tracklists! We are really happy that you guys have been supporting us from the beginning!!

We hope that we able to create such great music that the international industry will recognize it enough to invite us to the big festivals. But for us the most important thing is that we can pay our bills while doing what we love the most: Creating great tracks and making people happy! A big shoutout to all of you who support and love Funk Machine, we appreciate it more than you can imagine!
Japaroll & Funk Machine – “House Drop” is available to buy or stream on your platform of choice today!
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Faruk Sabanci & Funk Machine - House Party [METANOIA/FREE]
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Funk Machine - Jazzo [BMD Ψ FRIENDS]
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Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters Theme
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Lee Carter & Zomby Catz - Retro (O.B & Mikael Weermets Rework) [FMR]
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Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa - Scared To Be Lonely (Brooks Remix) [STMPD]
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Taku-Hero & Funk Machine - Fun Lovin [REVEALED]
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Funk Machine & Party Killers - Ready To Go [SOSUMI (FREE)]
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Bombs Away - Bullet Proof [CENTRAL STATION]
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EXODUS & Ivan Miranda - Drum And Beats [DARKLIGHT (ARMADA)]
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Party Killers - Move (Digital Junkiez & Dirtywork Remix) [FMR]
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Lee Carter vs. JapaRoLL & Funk Machine - Move That Body (Michael Brun Mix) [KID COCONUT]
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Fedde Le Grand & Ida Corr - Let Me Think About It (Celebration Mix) [DARKLIGHT (ARMADA)]
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Sam Feldt & Hook N Sling vs. Pacman - Wooble Eyes (Funk Machine Mashup)
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