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Laidback Luke Talks New Ralvero Collab "XOXO"

Feb 20, 2017
Laidback Luke Talks New Ralvero Collab "XOXO"
Today marks the release of Laidback Luke & Ralvero’s standout collaboration “XOXO.” Featuring the beautiful vocals of Ina, the big time club track producers delivered a standout crossover hit with a deeper message: creating a Movement of Love. Laidback Luke joined us to discuss working with Ralvero, looking deeper at the evolution of “XOXO” and where the release fits in the bigger picture of his music in 2017. Also enjoy a snapshot of some Movement of Love moments in Luke’s life and his big plans for Mixmash Miami this year!
Do you remember the first time you met Ralvero? What was your first impression of him?
I don’t even remember! What I know about him is that I played his tracks a lot and that I’ve always enjoyed his productions. One of my best friends used to do his management so he’s always been a name that was popping by.
How did you guys come to collaborate on “XOXO”?
We released his previous track “Run Wild” on my label and that was one of my favorite tracks that we put out last year. He sent us “XOXO” as a demo, called “Never Gonna Fade Away.” I put it on in the house and my wife instantly yelled from the living room, “What is this?!” I felt it was a real big track that I wanted to be a part of.
Can you talk about the initial inspiration and sketch behind the music for the track?
Last year has been a year for me releasing mainly club bangers. That’s what I’m best at. I still have this big dream of scoring one big crossover hit once in my life. This year, I’m going a little poppier to see if I can get a bit more radio attention.
The lyrics and song take on a deep meaning as you try and create a movement of love. Can you talk some about the songwriting process and working with Ina?
I worked with Ina during Amsterdam Dance Event and she’s so talented! Ina is a team, consisting of her and Markus, who’s the songwriter. They always come up with honest, deep and catchy lyrics.
How do you think you’ve built the final production to complement the meaning and message of the song?
When Ralvero sent it over, it was quite a hard-hitting song, aimed for the dancefloor. The floor is great but I feel a song like this should work on radio too. The message in the track is one that’s meant for everyone and in this era we live in right now, we should do our best to spread the word of love.
Do you see this track making its way into your live sets?
Funny enough it was never meant for that, but I actually started playing it out this weekend and holy wow! I never expected it to work so well!
Can you share a recent Movement of Love moment you’ve had in your life?
I’ve had many of them! Being a family guy, the love for your child is the biggest unconditional love you’ll know in this lifetime. It feels the same as the love for your girlfriend, or wife, but without the physical attraction. It’s the love you should have for yourself, yet we would never adore ourselves that way. I do have big moments of love whenever I finish playing the best set of the year. I always note those. The biggest festival sets I do, or the set with the best vibe and, the love is there too coming off the decks. The love for the art, the music and the memories we just created as a group of people partying together as one.
What does the run up to Miami hold in store for you and the Mixmash crew?
It’s looking like a very busy week! I’m back with my Mixmash Pool Party, but we’re moving to a bigger location now. Back with my Super You&Me party as well. I’ll be teaching Kung Fu as well, and this year, I’m coming straight out of the World Championships of Kung Fu in Hong Kong so hopefully I’m bringing back some medals! 
You can download/stream "XOXO" on your platform of choice today! And if you want to catch the guys performing “XOXO” live be sure to grab your tickets to the Mixmash Miami party, this year at Nikki Beach!!  
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