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Promise Land Celebrate "X-Press" Success

Dec 07, 2016
Promise Land Celebrate "X-Press" Success
Promise Land have enjoyed an incredible year of releases, most notably with “X-Press” laying claim to the most supported track of 2016. Enjoy the duo's thoughts about the track as well their perspective from such a big year, and be sure to check out their video celebrating “X-Press” success.
How does it feel for “X-Press” to be the #1 most supported track by DJs for 2016?
It's an amazing feeling! Every producer knows how difficult it is to make this happen. Inspiration is essential. And when you have it, you have to seize the moment. Having the support of DJs more ‘important’ in the world makes us very proud; it means that the idea was the right one!
What was the initial inspiration for “X-Press”? How does the first sketches of it compare to what it is today?
We had started working on a new groove, and then we felt we needed something special to put on it. We heard a very interesting loop and we decided to work on it, and after some editing we mixed it into the groove. We thought it was perfect and sounded different from other things. “X-Press” is a unique style and mood.
Can you tell us about the video you made to celebrate the success of “X-Press”?
We decided to do a short video to celebrate the success of “X-Press” containing some of our footage and other images/videos of some DJs that supported the track. We wanted to celebrate “X-Press” and this video is our way to say thank you to all those who have loved this track.
You’ve also had several other massive tracks in 2016 including “Scratchin'” with Daddy’s Groove and “Rebound” on Doorn Records as well as “Pressure” with Matt Nash on Staar Traxx. Did you guys have a feeling you were in for such a big year?
After “X-Press,” we knew we had done something different, but still we did not have this feeling; we realized it only after releasing the other tracks. We had great support in the festivals and on radio shows, and we have received videos from the kids around the world on our various social media. This is another aspect that we love in our work, to see the interest and participation of the public that follows us.
Your latest track, “WHOOMP” on Flamingo Records, is also killing it [artist support]. Can you tell us about this track and how this one came to life?
After our latest release we wanted to do something a little softer and change the sound a bit. We had this sound idea that gave us the inspiration to start “Whoomp.” We like to experiment.
How do you think you guys will build off the success of your tracks this year?
After “X-Press,” interest for our music has grown more and more. We have received several requests for collaborations and many labels have contacted us to get our new music. We can absolutely say that this is for us one of the most important things in this work.
What’s next for you guys looking ahead to 2017?
We are working on some new projects now, and we have a new collaboration with Dannic and another one with New_ID. We have an upcoming tour dates in India and South Africa, a big tour in China and several festivals in Europe in the summer.
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