Cuebrick's Exclusive Mix

May 12, 2016
Cuebrick's Exclusive Mix
Cuebrick brings the chill summer vibes in our latest Exclusive Mix. Listen and read about Cuebrick, a German DJ who has two radio shows and a massive summer of festival touring ahead.

This mix
I just wanted to give people 60 minutes of good music ;). I went through all the promo mails, SoundCloud accounts, and blogs to search for my favorite tunes. But the final decision for selecting tracks is always made while mixing. I included my new single Safe with Apek, Linney & Breathe Carolina!
Getting Started With Music
I started going into clubs really early. I had an older friend who let me borrow his ID so I started going to clubs when I was 15. I also looked a little bit older, so everyone thought I was 18 or 19. I’m living in Mannheim, Germany, which was a really good city for drum & bass, so I started to get into the drum & bass thing really early. DJ HYDE, DJ Zinc, and all those scene legends. I started clubbing to this kind of music. Immediately after I started clubbing, I bought some turntables and started to DJ. This was the strongest influence for me.
I started DJing with drum & bass, but quickly came into this melodic stuff. Then, I came to house music. A friend of mine came to me and told me to look into Fedde Le Grand, David Guetta - early David Guetta, like The World Is Mine, then deadmau5.
My Sound
I think my sound is progressive. Most tracks that I’ve made are progressive house because I love vocals and melodic stuff. I think this kind of music brings out the most emotion.
I chose the name for the show just by thinking about what sounds good, and it’s an alliteration - Cuebrick’s Conference. Sounded like a good name for it.
It’s a lot of work, but I get demos from the important labels. I spend two weeks listening to demos. Then I sort everything out that I like and put it in the mix. The cool thing is that I have many DJs sending me stuff personally. I not only get music from Armada, Spinnin’, and other labels, but I get stuff from DJs personally and that’s cool because it’s earlier than labels would give it to you. Sometimes it’s bootlegs that will never get released.
I spend about 20 hours on demo listening and mixing. It’s a lot of work. I also have a big radio show in Germany for one of the biggest German radio stations, bigFM. It has something like 2.4 million listeners per day. My radio show is called bigFM NitroX and it’s aired every Friday from 20:45-01:50. Therefore, I have to listen to a lot of music, and I’m able to combine the work for both shows. So, 20 hours is okay because I get two shows out of it.
The goal in doing a radio show is always bringing people good music and the music that I love. I have to be very diverse. I play from deep or more groovy stuff into progressive into electro and then into trancey stuff. I’m always looking to have good diversity, but also keep everything with my style. If it’s a deep track, it’s very melodic and has vocals. Same with a trance track. I try to combine all of these different types of tracks in one mix.
Radio Show vs. Live Sets
If you’re doing a radio show, you always play tracks that are brand new. If you DJ, you mix new tracks with older tracks. If I play a two hour set, I really love to have five tracks which are one or two years old, or even older.
Production That I’m Most Proud Of
This is really, really difficult. I think every time I get a new production out, I always get the feeling that I’m getting a little better. The latest ones - Safe and In The Dark with Jochem Miller which I released on Armada one month ago - these two I am really proud of because when I’m hearing a track that’s one or two years old, I like them a lot, but I’m always thinking that my new stuff is better technically. You always improve your mixing skills, so newer productions are always sounding more professional than older ones.
But I like Moments a lot because people wrote me a lot about this one and how much they like it. It’s cool cause the vocal was sung by a friend of mine and I did some of the writing. It has some good plays on SoundCloud and Spotify, which is cool.
Cuebrick & APEK feat. Linney - Safe (Breathe Carolina Edit)
It has a very long history. It started at ADE 2015 in October. I got in contact with Breathe Carolina over Twitter, but I don’t know why (laughs). I only know that I got in touch with them,  and sent some projects to them. They responded saying they have a good friend called APEK who lived next to them and they wanted to all make a track together. For this track, we had three or four different drop ideas, and then came into this very chord based progressive sound because for us, it was really unique. For the vocals, Linney is a really good friend of APEK and Breathe Carolina, so it was something of a whole friendship thing.
I played it out at Winterworld this year and I will play it at Mayday this Saturday in front of tens of thousands of people. I’m opening the Mainstage and really looking forward to playing there. I will play it more towards the end of my set because it has some elements of tragedy in it, which is cool if you’re set is coming to an end, then it’s a good feeling for it.


Looking Ahead
I’m playing a lot of big festivals in Germany. I’m really honored to play Nature One, which is the biggest festival in Germany. I’m going to play Parookaville, Mayday, One Love, Street Parade Zurich, SonneMondSterne, Open Beatz Festival, Elements Festival, and so one. I’m touring from one big festival to another this summer, which is really cool because it’s the first year that I have so many big bookings.

Production-wise, I’m working on a lot of new stuff. There will be a follow up single with Jochem Miller and I’m working on some other tracks with different styles. I’m working on one track right now that’s progressive, but a little slower. I’m always trying to diversify my style and bring the music forward. Right now I’m experimenting with lower BPM stuff.

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Full tracklist info available at Cuebrick - 1001Tracklists Exclusive Mix 2016-05-12
Sleepy Tom ft. Tonye - Seeing Double [SPINNIN' DEEP]
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Madison Mars - Ready Or Not [HEXAGON]
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Phats & Small - Turn Around (Hey What's Wrong With You) (CALVO Remix) [ARMADA]
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Heart FX - Thinking Of You (Roulsen Remix) [FLAMINGO]
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Noah Neiman & We Are Rome ft. Corey Ferrugia - Paradise (Extended Mix) [IN MY OPINION]
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Arston - On & On (Extended Mix) [ARMADA TRICE]
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Cuebrick & APEK ft. Linney - Safe (Breathe Carolina Edit) [ENHANCED]
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Armin van Buuren ft. BullySongs - Freefall (Manse Remix) [ARMADA]
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Jochen Miller & Cuebrick - In The Dark [ARMADA TRICE]
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WildOnes ft. David Julien - Nobody But You (Extended Mix) [ENHANCED]
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Cuebrick & Le Shuuk - Reality [KONTOR]
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Calvin Harris vs. Kaskade vs. Tove Lo vs. Cuebrick - Deep Talk (Trademark Bootleg)
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Lucas & Steve - Can't Get Enough [SPINNIN' DEEP]
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R3HAB & Quintino - Freak (Joe Stone Remix) [SPINNIN' REMIXES]
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Dr. Shiver vs. Marc Typ ft. Christina Skaar - Love For Life (Extended Mix) [ART&MUSIC (FREE)]
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